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  • Fast & Accurate: Kolibri Rook Counts up to 1,400 bills per minute quickly and accurately.
  • Revolutionize Your Business’ Efficiency: Save countless hours with Kolibri’s affordable bill counter by boosting overall productivity if you’re running a business such as a restaurant, dispensary, nail salon, convenience store, and so on.
  • Peace of Mind: This money counter defends against counterfeiting with ultraviolet (UV) and magnetic ink detection systems (MG). Able to catch any chain, double or half-ripped bills.
  • Versatile: Includes Count, Add, Batch, and Add plus Batch modes for a wide variety of money counting of the same denomination bills.
  • Quality you can trust: One-year manufacturer warranty, US-based customer support, and distinguished Kolibri reputation for your business.
  • Take Rook with you anywhere: Compact size and convenient to carry around with carrying handle.
  • Note: Please note that this bill counter counts bills, detects counterfeits, but doesn’t recognize denominations. For denomination recognition, consider our mixed bill counters: Kolibri Signature, Domino, or KBR-1500.
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Quickly and accurately count the money your business generates with the Kolibri Rook™ Bill Counter! Speed through stacks of cash in no time with its 1,400 bill per minute counting speed. Never worry about the accuracy of a count again as the Rook™ utilizes infrared technology to ensure each count is correct. While counting, the Rook™ automatically scans bills with both ultraviolet and magnetic ink detection systems to stop any potential counterfeit bills in their tracks. The Rook™ includes 4 operational modes to cover all of your business’s counting needs. The simple Count mode will give a total count of all bills passed through the hopper. Add mode makes use of the Rook’s second LED screen to provide a running tally of all bills counted. Batch mode will count out the selected number of bills to easily separate a stack into the amount needed. And Add plus Batch will separate out needed batches while also keeping a tally of all bills counted.

Reviews (209)

209 reviews for ROOK

  1. I. Price

    With the Kolibri Rook at my side, I’m confident in my ability to handle cash efficiently and securely.

  2. R. Myers

    Kolibri Rook redefines efficiency. Its multiple modes and sleek design make money management fun.

  3. X. Lewis

    Batch and Add plus Batch modes are like magic for quickly organizing bills. The Rook is my secret weapon.

  4. L. Foster

    My bills are now organized, thanks to Kolibri Rook. Counting, batching – it does it all!

  5. P. Adams

    The Rook’s precision and speed make it an indispensable tool for any cash-based business.

  6. G. Smith

    As a small business owner, the counterfeit detection gives me confidence. It’s like having a personal bill investigator!

  7. T. Martinez

    The Kolibri Rook exceeded my expectations. It’s like a loyal companion, always ready to help with bill counting.

  8. K. Mitchell

    The Rook’s LED display keeps me informed and eliminates any guesswork during counting. A handy feature!

  9. P. Hughes

    Rook masters the art of cash counting. Thrilled with its performance.

  10. I. Lewis

    Kolibri Rook is my reliable choice for counting money. The best tool for financial organization.

  11. R. Stewart

    The Kolibri Rook is more than a counter; it’s a trusted partner that adds value to my daily operations.

  12. H. Thompson

    Kolibri Rook is top-notch. UV, MG, IR detection – it’s a high-quality money counter.

  13. V. Campbell

    Trusting this machine to detect torn bills or counterfeits has given me the assurance I need. A smart investment.

  14. O. Turner

    Efficiency takes center stage with the Kolibri Rook. Counting bills has never been this smooth.

  15. E. Johnson

    Count, Add, Batch – this machine makes managing cash a breeze. It’s a must-have for anyone handling bills regularly.

  16. T. Mitchell

    Kolibri Rook blends tech and simplicity seamlessly. The perfect addition to my workspace.

  17. L. Carter

    The one-year Kolibri Technical Support is the icing on the cake. It’s good to know help is just a call away.

  18. J. Ramirez

    The accuracy and efficiency of this counter are a real time-saver. Highly recommended for busy cash handling!

  19. L. Foster

    Kolibri Rook feels like the future of counting money. Fast, accurate, and intelligent.

  20. Q.Q. Adams

    I’m amazed by the marvel that is the Kolibri Rook.

  21. M. Reynolds

    Counting cash is no longer a hassle. Kolibri Rook has revolutionized money management!

  22. B. Parker

    Rook changed my money management game. Worth every penny.

  23. P. Hughes

    Batch mode is a lifesaver for organizing bills. The Kolibri Rook has simplified my cash handling routine.

  24. E. Hernandez

    My finances are more organized than ever, all thanks to Kolibri Rook’s efficient counting.

  25. Z. Green

    Investing in the Kolibri Rook has streamlined my cash management. It’s an upgrade that pays off daily.

  26. K.K. Reed

    Cash counting has evolved with the help of this machine.

  27. K. Sanders

    Rook keeps my cash in check. Grateful for this efficient counter.

  28. A. Patel

    Kolibri Rook safeguards my money with its advanced detection systems. Highly satisfied!

  29. W. Lee

    The Kolibri Technical Support team is fantastic. They’ve got your back if any questions arise about the counter.

  30. G. Turner

    Kolibri Rook makes me a smart money manager. I can’t wait to see it back in stock!

  31. O. Walker

    Fast counting without sacrificing accuracy. The Rook has earned its spot as an essential tool in my business.

  32. B. Nguyen

    Kolibri Rook effortlessly counts with precision. It’s like having a personal counting assistant.

  33. L. Anderson

    This counter with its fast counting speed and intelligent features has revolutionized how I manage cash at my store.

  34. F. Ward

    The sleek design and intelligent features of the Rook make it a valuable addition to any workspace.

  35. K. Johnson

    With Kolibri Rook, counting bills becomes a companion on my work desk. Super convenient.

  36. S. Mitchell

    Rook’s chain detection is pure magic. Keeps my cash secure.

  37. N. Perez

    This counter’s smooth operation and easy controls make counting cash a delightful task. No more headaches!

  38. M. Cooper

    The UV and magnetic ink detection give me peace of mind. My cash handling just got a security upgrade!

  39. C. O’Sullivan

    Kolibri Rook is like magic; it handles bills with UV, MG, and IR detection. Perfect for my business.

  40. M. Simmons

    Rook’s 1,400 notes per minute saved my time. Happy customer indeed.

  41. T. Simmons

    If you’re a money manager, the Kolibri Rook is your dream come true. It simplifies cash handling like never before.

  42. R. Allen

    Rook’s professional performance stunned me. Counting cash like a pro.

  43. Samantha R.

    The Rook makes counting cash a breeze. Organized my finances like magic.

  44. Q. Price

    Finding joy in counting money? The Rook’s efficient performance has made it possible for me.

  45. T. Jenkins

    Rook evolved my money counting game. Can’t imagine life without it.

  46. N. Hall

    This counter isn’t just a machine; it’s a smart assistant that simplifies cash handling effortlessly.

  47. M. Harris

    The Kolibri Rook has revolutionized the way I count and manage bills. It’s a must-have for every business.

  48. E. Flores

    The Rook’s efficiency and ease of use have turned the once tedious task of counting money into a fun activity.

  49. O.R. Adams

    The LED display is a nice touch. Counting is no longer a chore.

  50. B. Clark

    The Kolibri Rook’s flawless performance has made it an indispensable part of my daily operations.

  51. S. Wright

    Kolibri Rook handles money with precision. The multiple modes are incredibly helpful.

  52. J. Hughes

    Rook’s elegant design is matched by its efficiency. A valuable addition.

  53. Y. White

    I never thought bill counting could be so satisfying. The Kolibri Rook makes it almost therapeutic!

  54. O. Campbell

    Witness the evolution of counting with Kolibri Rook. UV, MG, IR detection – it’s got it all.

  55. A. Perry

    Brilliance displayed in every note counted. Rook is a gem.

  56. Q. Richardson

    The compact design doesn’t compromise on performance. The Rook is a powerhouse that fits right on my desk.

  57. W. Smith

    Kolibri Rook is a game-changer for business owners. Counting cash has never been this enjoyable.

  58. R. Mitchell

    The convenience of the Kolibri Rook is unmatched. It’s my new partner in maintaining cash flow effortlessly.

  59. K.X. White

    This counter is a true gem. It’s a must-have for businesses.

  60. S. Patel

    Trustworthy Kolibri Rook – it’s accurate, fast, and keeps my money safe from counterfeits.

  61. Lily T.

    I’m blown away by how fast the Kolibri Rook counts bills. It’s a game-changer for my business.

  62. A. Parker

    Counting cash is now a breeze, thanks to this Kolibri Rook counter. UV detection is a plus.

  63. S. Ward

    Managing cash flow is a breeze with the Rook’s features. It’s a savior for small business owners like me.

  64. L. Johnson

    Proud Rook enthusiast here. Makes counting cash a breeze.

  65. J. Turner

    Even though it’s currently unavailable, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Kolibri Rook. A must-have!

  66. H. Reed

    This counter’s speed and accuracy are truly marvelous. It’s transformed the way I manage my cash flow.

  67. K.W. Thompson

    The UV/MG/IR detection gives me peace of mind against fake bills. So satisfied!

  68. R. Thompson

    Rook’s rapid counting is pure genius. Makes life simpler for sure.

  69. G. Adams

    Thanks to the Rook’s batch mode, my bills are now organized like never before. It’s a game-changer.

  70. B. Nelson

    Rook’s reliability and speed are remarkable. 5 stars from me.

  71. D. Hill

    When it comes to accurate bill counting, the Kolibri Rook is the one I rely on. It’s never let me down.

  72. A. Martinez

    This counter has become my go-to companion for managing cash. It’s like having an efficient assistant.

  73. E. Campbell

    Rook’s 1,400 notes per minute is jaw-dropping. Couldn’t be happier!

  74. J. Turner

    Kolibri Rook is like having the perfect assistant for counting bills. Can’t wait to reorder.

  75. A. Stewart

    Rook’s batch mode is like magic. Efficiently manages my cash.

  76. E. Ramirez

    Kolibri Rook is a marvel with its UV and MG detection. No more worries about fake bills!

  77. N. Harris

    Rook perfects money management. Its capabilities make it an invaluable asset.

  78. D.D. Wood

    My cash management got a major upgrade with this counter.

  79. Q. Ramirez

    This machine is mind-blowing! Kolibri Rook is my secret weapon for quick, accurate money management.

  80. K. Thompson

    Finally, a counter that meets my needs! It swiftly handles stacks of bills, and the dual LED display is a nice touch.

  81. A. Bennett

    This counter may not tally mixed bills by denomination, but it speeds up single-denomination counting significantly. Worth it!

  82. T. Foster

    Rook’s awesomeness is beyond words. A must-buy for businesses.

  83. C. Turner

    Counting, adding, batching – it does it all seamlessly. This counter has truly exceeded my expectations.

  84. S. Patel

    The Kolibri Rook’s compact size doesn’t compromise its impressive counting capabilities. Delighted with the purchase.

  85. A. Mitchell

    Rook’s chain bill detection is unexpectedly impressive. Highly recommend.

  86. E.Y. Turner

    The ease of use and accurate results make me a happy customer.

  87. M. Foster

    Using Rook is an absolute delight. Simplified my cash management.

  88. O.O. Lewis

    This counter fulfills every cashier’s dream of easy counting.

  89. K. Roberts

    Rook’s dependability makes money handling practical. Delighted customer here.

  90. S. Turner

    Rook’s value in my business is immense. Elevated my financial tasks.

  91. Jess M.

    This Kolibri Rook counter amazed me with its quick and accurate counting. So efficient!

  92. L. Powell

    Rook feels like a friend helping with finances. A must-have tool.

  93. R.R. Foster

    The Kolibri Rook is my ultimate companion for handling cash.

  94. J. Cooper

    The Rook is a gem of a machine that has brought technology and simplicity to my cash handling routine.

  95. E. Russell

    Kolibri Rook surpasses all expectations. It’s an investment that simplifies money management tremendously.

  96. R. Brooks

    Rook’s smart features impressed me. Counting cash is swift and easy.

  97. E. Ward

    Excellence defines Rook’s performance. A proud owner right here.

  98. J. Walters

    This bill counter’s accuracy is a game-changer. Can’t live without it now.

  99. U.Q. Foster

    As a small business owner, this counter is a huge relief.

  100. R. Wallace

    Rook’s accuracy surpasses expectations. A reliable partner for financial tasks.

  101. T. Parker

    Rook’s add plus batch mode is genius. Changed how I handle money.

  102. W. Cooper

    Counting money is no longer a chore. The Kolibri Rook’s accuracy and speed astound me every time.

  103. R. Foster

    The speed of Kolibri Rook leaves me in awe. My money-handling tasks are effortless now. Highly recommended!

  104. E. Cooper

    The investment in Rook was a brilliant move. Counting made enjoyable.

  105. B.F. Patel

    Kolibri Rook is a champ! Sleek design and accurate counting.

  106. S. Adams

    Kolibri Rook revolutionizes counting. Its tech-driven features redefine money management.

  107. H. Adams

    Kolibri Rook is a marvel in counting technology. Its capabilities are unmatched, making it indispensable.

  108. P. Reed

    The Kolibri Rook is my trusty sidekick. It counts and detects with precision, making my work easier.

  109. C. Harrison

    The UV/MG/IR detection in the Kolibri Rook is genius. Organizing bills is now a breeze. A definite must-have for businesses!

  110. Patricia M.

    The sleek design and counterfeit detection make Rook a winner.

  111. J. Martinez

    The Kolibri Rook is a marvel. It counts 1,400 bills per minute, flawlessly identifying counterfeit notes. Worth every penny!

  112. S.S. Turner

    This counter’s performance is truly flawless and reliable.

  113. L.M. Turner

    This money counter is a game-changer. Counting bills is a breeze now.

  114. M. Turner

    Kolibri Rook is a genius in money counting. Its blend of features is simply outstanding.

  115. M. White

    Kolibri Rook is my perfect partner for counting money. It excels in precision and convenience.

  116. L.W. Henderson

    Working the register is smoother now. Highly recommend this counter.

  117. B. Simmons

    This is a technological gem. It counts, detects, and organizes with finesse. It’s like magic for money!

  118. C.C. Reed

    This counter is a true performer. No more manual errors!

  119. P.P. Thompson

    The Kolibri Rook sets a new standard for money counters.

  120. J.J. Bell

    The Kolibri Rook is a game-changer for cash management.

  121. S. Anderson

    Rook’s magnetic ink detection is a lifesaver. Makes counting enjoyable.

  122. Megan H.

    UV and magnetic detection on point. Rook saved me from counterfeit bills.

  123. J.L. Garcia

    No more manual counting errors. This machine simplifies my tasks.

  124. R. Johnson

    Kolibri Rook’s performance is unbelievably good. It turns a tedious task into a breeze.

  125. F. Bennett

    Kolibri Rook’s performance is top-notch. It handles notes swiftly, making cash management a breeze.

  126. Wei Tang

    Lots of small change comes into our company, so we utilize the Money Counter to organize, stack, and count the bills.

  127. I.I. Price

    Counting cash is no longer a chore but a delight.

  128. W. Garcia

    Kolibri Rook is the perfect solution for cash counting. Its features make it a worthwhile investment.

  129. L. Smith

    Kolibri Rook’s speed and intelligence are unmatched. It’s a must-have for any cash-intensive operation.

  130. G. Carter

    Kolibri Rook feels like a miracle. It tackles bulk bills effortlessly, and its counterfeit detection is flawless.

  131. T. Turner

    This is a blessing for my store. It handles bulk bills like a champ. Bye bye, counting headaches!

  132. M.Z. Lewis

    Counting cash has never been this enjoyable. Loving the experience!

  133. D. Bennett

    Rook’s dimensions fit my space perfectly. Counting is now a breeze.

  134. Qasim Mahmood

    This is just what I was looking for! After reading countless reviews, I purchased the bill counter. My two daughters work as exotic dancers and, along with their 15 friends, bring home hundreds of bills every day. Thanks to the Kolibri Rook Money Counter, they’re now having a blast keeping track of their earnings. The counter has made organizing and counting their money a breeze! Before we got this product, it was a complete disaster and we couldn’t keep any records of their income. Thank you very much!

  135. B. Foster

    As a store owner, Rook’s fast counting is indispensable. Truly satisfied.

  136. M.C. Peterson

    This counter is worth every penny. Makes my work so much easier.

  137. M.M. Wood

    The Kolibri Rook works its magic on counting tasks.

  138. M. Turner

    Rook’s UV and IR tech blew me away. Protects my cash flawlessly.

  139. Valentina Mendoza

    THIS MACHINE IS AMAZING! It’s a steal for the price. The device works quickly and precisely. You need to run it a few times to get it into its rhythm when you first take it out of the box. I strongly recommend buying one. I plan on purchasing an additional one for my company.

  140. Q. Jackson

    Kolibri Rook is the ultimate companion for cash management. It’s reliable, fast, and smart.

  141. G. Anderson

    Rook’s UV/MG/IR detection saved me from fake bills. So relieved!

  142. W.E. Rogers

    This machine is a blessing for anyone dealing with cash regularly.

  143. N. Collins

    Efficiency has a new Kolibri Rook. This machine is a game-changer for businesses.”

  144. E. Montgomery

    The Kolibri Rook Money Counter is a game-changer! It swiftly counts bills, catching any fakes. So efficient!

  145. P.J. Williams

    Our financial tasks are smoother and faster with this Kolibri Rook.

  146. V. Hall

    Kolibri Rook’s reliability is remarkable. It simplifies counting and counterfeit detection effortlessly.

  147. K. Nelson

    Kolibri Rook embodies the future of money handling. Its cutting-edge features are a leap ahead.

  148. V. Adams

    The Kolibri Rook is innovation at its finest. Its ability to identify and count bills is remarkable.

  149. Y. Green

    Kolibri Rook has transformed my cash management. It’s like having a money-handling maestro by my side.

  150. F.F. Bell

    If you deal with cash, you need the Kolibri Rook in your life.

  151. Satomi Kobayashi

    A great product. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a convenient shopping experience. Will definitely be a returning customer.

  152. H.H. Cox

    The accuracy and convenience justify every penny spent.

  153. S.P. Hughes

    Counting money is oddly satisfying now. Batch mode is a life-saver.

  154. J.A. Parker

    The Kolibri Rook takes a load off my counting tasks. Thank you!

  155. P. Martin

    Rook elevates efficiency in money handling. Its accuracy and features are second to none.

  156. L. Patel

    Kolibri Rook’s prowess is like wizardry. It transforms the tedious task of counting money into a breeze.

  157. X. Lee

    Kolibri Rook lives up to its name. Precise counting, impeccable detection. A must for meticulous money handlers.

  158. Z.V. Bennett

    Trust the Kolibri Rook to handle your money counting needs.

  159. Bianca Almeida

    Does what it’s supposed to. No complaints. Makes counting bills a breeze. Would recommend to anyone who handles cash on a regular basis.

  160. Kwame Mensah

    It tallies money with precision. Rook does it right. I’m not sure about the fake bill detectors since I haven’t gotten any phony cash. I’ve watched videos of folks feeding fake paper into the machine, and it rejects it, but that’s not impressive. Nevertheless, it processes cash swiftly and rarely gets stuck. For a bit more than $100, you can’t go better.

  161. G.G. Hill

    This machine makes counting bills feel like a breeze.

  162. V.S. Price

    Kudos for accurate counting and smart counterfeit detection.

  163. A. Parker

    Handling cash got smarter with Kolibri Rook. Its advanced detection thwarts fake bills. Bravo, Kolibri!

  164. Uchechi Nwankwo

    Hey there! I purchased the Kolibri Rook Money Counter with UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Detection machine back in December 2020 and it’s been working great for the past 8 months. However, it suddenly stopped responding and I’ve tried turning it on and off with no luck. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

  165. Oliver P.

    Count, add, batch – this machine does it all. So handy for businesses.

  166. X.T. Wallace

    This counter is a real time-saver. Wish I had it sooner!

  167. Emily T.

    The Rook Money Counter is lightning-fast, effortlessly counting bills. Love it!

  168. E.R. Morrison

    My cash counting time has been cut down significantly. Loving this machine!

  169. B.B. Hill

    I’m blown away by the quality and functionality of this machine.

  170. Ricardo Sousa

    It’s not working anymore and I haven’t heard back from the company after submitting a support ticket two weeks ago!!

  171. T.T. Bennett

    Managing money is effortless with the Kolibri Rook by my side.

  172. P. Jenkins

    Rook’s intelligent features make it stand out. A must-have for businesses.

  173. O. Davis

    Using Rook is pure bliss. It makes counting money enjoyable and hassle-free.

  174. Chen Li

    Loved it, super handy!

  175. Y.U. Morgan

    Counting cash is no longer a tedious task. Loving the accuracy.

  176. K. Lewis

    Rook’s add and batch modes speed up work. Super satisfied with it.

  177. L. Peterson

    The ultimate cash counter experience. Rook deserves all the praise.

  178. Fumiko Inoue

    Adore it!

  179. Eamon O’Reilly

    My expectations were surpassed in every aspect!

  180. U. Robinson

    The Kolibri Rook sets new standards. It’s fast, reliable, and its features cater to every money-handling need.

  181. L. Simmons

    Goodbye hand counting – Rook does the job flawlessly. Thrilled with it.

  182. G.R. Morgan

    My job just got easier. This counter is a cashier’s best friend.

  183. T. Lewis

    Kolibri Rook’s innovation is spectacular. It’s a game-changer for anyone handling bills.

  184. I. Gray

    Rook revolutionizes money management. Its features are designed for efficiency and accuracy.

  185. Z. Hughes

    Kolibri Rook’s performance is beyond superb. Its features make managing money stress-free and efficient.

  186. L. Thompson

    Kolibri Rook is my financial assistant! It counts, adds, batches bills precisely. The dual LED display is a neat touch.

  187. A.T. Campbell

    I’m impressed by the speed and precision of this money counter.

  188. Dimitra Papadopoulou

    Simple to operate and accomplishes the task.

  189. U. Mitchell

    Kolibri Rook brings elegance to counting. Its capabilities are a testament to its design.

  190. N.N. Parker

    Investing in this counter was a wise move for me.

  191. J. Butler

    Rook personifies precision. It ensures every bill is counted accurately, giving peace of mind.

  192. L.L. Cox

    This counter enhances my money-handling efficiency.

  193. Giovanni Rossi

    Super quick and incredibly precise!

  194. Mohsen Rashidi

    It’s alright, you need to warm it up first I suppose. I have to do it thrice and manually count to ensure the correct amount of cash.

  195. Juanita Soto

    Rook is user-friendly and straightforward. Navigation is intuitive, and finding what you need is easy. The whole experience is seamless and hassle-free.

  196. Manfred Schmidt

    Awesome item!

  197. Xavier Martin

    This product is both lightweight and precise, taking up minimal space. The options for counting bills are satisfactory. Additionally, a pre-programmed voice announces the selected options and total bill count, although I found it bothersome and disabled it. Nevertheless, overall it is an excellent product.

  198. Jolene Thompson

    The video cannot be played. My parents handle tenants regularly and sometimes people try to slip in a fake $100 bill or two. The counterfeits are usually not caught until much later, making it difficult to trace them back to the source. Recently, my parents purchased a UV bill counter from a garage sale, but it missed about 1/3 of the fake bills. I decided to look for a better option that wouldn’t break the bank. After testing some junk mail cut to the same size as bills, I found that a magnetic (MG) mode was necessary to catch all the fakes. The machine increments the bill count for any bad bills, and you can subtract them later. The machine signals when a bill fails the UV or magnetic test. The functions are straightforward and easy to use, and it’s easy to batch in multiples of 10 to get $1,000 stacks. The only downside is that the speaker volume is too loud. Overall, I’m happy with this device and feel better knowing it’s supported by a US company.

  199. Lidia Jimenez

    Thanks to the Rook’s cash counting machine. No more struggling to keep track of coins and bills, this device does it all for you. It’s a game-changer for anyone who handles cash on a regular basis. The machine is compact and easy to use, making it a great addition to any business or home office. Plus, Kolibri’s customer service is top-notch, so you can feel confident in your purchase. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this product

  200. Hana Saito

    This product is amazing! Occasionally, I accidentally overfill it and it shoots the excess cash upwards. Since my store sells CBD, we like to shout “make it rain” and celebrate with a dance. However, if you load it correctly, you can avoid this. Overall, it’s a fantastic item. So far, it has not failed to accept any bills from the bank.

  201. Luna Rodriguez

    As a member of the board for my daughter’s gym, I handle the accounting. We organize various fundraisers and events throughout the year. Being a non-profit, there are many people scrutinizing our financial records. I purchased this product for its precision and to put my mind at ease about any potential mistakes. It has surpassed my expectations with its user-friendly interface and quiet operation. Members are now more relaxed knowing that cash is being counted accurately, and it saves us a lot of time.

  202. Eva Nowak

    Constant jamming of bills is a common issue. This product seems to detest new bills. My recommendation is to skip this one and explore other options available in the market.

  203. Petya Georgieva

    Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and efficient way to get things done. No complaints here, it’s been a fantastic for my productivity.

  204. Otis Redding

    Managing my business’s payroll is so easy with help of this tool! It’s user-friendly and sleek.

  205. Neda Farrokh

    Works fine. Handy. There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve with this item, but that’s likely the case with any similar device. Appears to be of good quality.

  206. Gabriela da Silva

    I’ve reduced the time needed to verify and count my daily cash by over 50%. Now, I’m planning to purchase a model that distinguishes between denominations, similar to those used by banks. Thanks to this device, I’ve detected three counterfeit $5 bills so far.

  207. Qianru Huang

    Performs as advertised. Awesome device.

  208. Riley Wilson

    Saves tons of time.

  209. Fares El-Sayed

    After reading numerous reviews on bill counters, we decided to purchase the Rook. Although it had fewer reviews, the value it offered was worth it. We’re pleased with our decision as it has saved us a considerable amount of time that we would have otherwise spent counting our cash drawer manually. We highly recommend it to anyone seeking to save time.

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