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  • Effortless counting: Money counting made easy with the Kolibri Automatic Bill Counter with added Value feature. Counts at the speed of 1500 bills per minute.
  • Revolutionize Your Business’ Efficiency: Save countless hours by boosting overall productivity if you’re running a business such as a restaurant, dispensary, nail salon, convenience store, and so on.
  • Peace of mind: Protect your business with multiple integrated counterfeit detection features (UV/MG/IR/DBL/HLF/CHN) to instantly spot a fraudulent bill.
  • 1-year Warranty: Kolibri is one of the few affordable bill counters that stands behind the quality of its product. Therefore, we offer a three-year warranty to our customers, unlike our competitors’ 1-year warranty.
  • Versatile modes: Operating Modes with user-friendly interface: Auto & Manual, Count, Add, Batch, Add + Batch, Value, Add + Value.
  • Take Kolibri with you anywhere: Compact size and convenient to carry around with carrying handle.
  • Note: Please note that this bill counter counts bills, detects counterfeits, but doesn’t recognize denominations. For denomination recognition, consider our mixed bill counters: Kolibri Signature, Domino, or KBR-1500.
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If you’re looking for a reliable money counter for your home or business, you can choose the Kolibri Automatic Bill Counter with confidence. This back-loading bill counter allows you to save time and reduce counting errors by swiftly and precisely counting stacks of bills at the speed of 1500 bills per minute. Never worry about the accuracy of a count again as the Kolibri bill counter utilizes advanced technology (ultraviolet, magnetic, and infrared detection) to ensure each count is correct and to stop any suspect counterfeit bills. The large and clear LED display with the intuitive control panel and automatic mode make the Kolibri bill counter the perfect product for effortless cash counting.

Reviews (333)

333 reviews for Kolibri™

  1. lily

    good use

  2. H-man

    It’s so nice to just pop the bills from my business’s register to count instead of counting them by hand. It’s saved me at least a couple hours of productivity each month, so it has already paid for itself and then some.The only thing this machine lacks is calculating the value of the bills (I don’t trust myself to do the math in my head with other people’s money). I created a simple Excel spreadsheet on the register PC that I type the bill amounts into that flawlessly calculates the values based on this units’ tabulations.

  3. john robert orrson

    For price it never jams it counts big stacks and is accurate I can put the money through 10 tines over and over its accurate saves me a bunch of time if your a big business yeah I wouldn’t suggest a 100$ machine

  4. Pedro V.


  5. Kiara Walker

    definitely great for price

  6. Myah

    My boyfriend absolutely loved this money counter! I got it for his birthday in January and it still works wonderfully! 10/10 recommend ❤️

  7. Fabray Nicholas

    Great i like the way the money get conunt fast

  8. Daniel Benner

    This was a damn good buy for me it helps I’m counting how many bills you have.

  9. Lindsey

    Love it!! Should have bought one years ago. A great investment.

  10. Sic Swizzlestyx

    Every bill i put in fits like a glove

  11. Wojciech Kowalski

    Works fantastic, saves time and prevents mistakes.

  12. dmaxak57

    Works great saves time and errors

  13. Xin Li

    Functions perfectly.

  14. Brian Calderon

    works great

  15. Vera Ivanova

    Initially, I had my doubts due to the affordable price, but this gadget performs flawlessly. Setting it up and operating is very nice. I conducted various tests, and it was consistently precise.

  16. Jason Reisdorfer

    I was a little skeptical based on the low price, but this thing does the job perfectly. Easy to setup, easy to use. Tested it a bunch of different ways, was perfectly accurate every time.

  17. Arch

    Way better than what I expected so easy to use I highly recommended

  18. Senga

    I was in a cast on one arm and a brace on the other after an accident. This machine was a life and sanity saver. My job requires a lot of bill counting and this was perfect. Easy to load. Easy to read

  19. ralph

    I have had this for a few months, still works as it should. It has always been 100% accurate.

  20. Hiroto Sasaki

    Appreciate it.

  21. Chad

    Thanks that’s great

  22. Liam O’Brien

    Much better than anticipated, user-friendly and highly recommended.

  23. Yuri Petrov

    With one arm in a cast and the other in a brace due to an accident, this device was a real lifesaver. As my work involves a lot of bill counting, this gadget proved to be perfect. It was effortless to load and read, which helped me maintain my sanity during those trying times.

  24. Zain Malik

    I’ve owned this thing for a few months now and it’s still functioning properly. It’s been spot-on accurate since day one.

  25. Usman Ali

    Awesome device and highly precise. Required some time to master, but operates flawlessly.

  26. Craig D.

    Great machine and very accurate. Took a moment to learn how to use properly but works perfect.

  27. Fernando Silva

    Adore it. Functions superbly.

  28. Lindsay Fedke

    Love it. Works great.

  29. Gabrielle Dumont

    Many reviewers claim that it doesn’t increase, but it actually does. You just have to press the “add” button. The only catch is to adjust the bill denomination before counting to ensure accuracy. Besides occasional jams and spitting out a few bills, this product has been amazing. It significantly speeds up the drawer counting process for my cashiers compared to the traditional way. It also reduces errors, benefiting everyone. Overall, it’s a fantastic bargain.

  30. Sean C.

    A lot of reviewers are stating that it doesn’t add, but it does. There is even a button that says add that you need to push. The only caveat is that you need to make sure and change the denomination of the bills your about to count for it to work properly.So other than the occasional jam and it spitting out a few bills, this item has been fantastic. It’s helping my cashiers count down their drawers a ton faster than the old fashioned method. It’s creating less mistakes than they create for themselves as well which benefits everyone as a whole.Great deal for the $$$.

  31. The Spin Doctor

    To get the job you want, you need confidence and experience. Don’t go into a bank interview cold. Get to know your way around counting money with this amazing device.Set up only takes a moment. Find a nice sturdy table to place the device. There is a built in carry handle to make sure you don’t drop it. It drops out of the way when not in use.Plug the power cable in the back, flip the power switch, and you’re ready to count some serious money.Practice with large stacks of One’s to get the fill for it. If you forgot to go the bank to get some, head back there now. Or, if you have any friends who are exotic dancers, offer to count her money for her.The hopper holds up to 200 bills, but I preferred a more manageable stack of 100. A toggle switch goes from automatic (the default when the machine is turned on) to manual. I preferred the manual mode as it allowed me to place the bills squarely without ripping them out of my hand. Press the start switch and lean over to smell the sweet sweet smell of dirty bank note fibers flowing through the air. On a hot day, the swirling bank notes even act as a fan.A few seconds is all it takes to go through the entire stack of bills. Batch mode is useful to band the bills. It defaults to 100, but it can be adjusted in 25 increments or micro one-step adjustments. Money bands (sold separately) typically hold 100 bills and come in labeled, color coded strips. When the machine reaches the desired batch number, it pauses to allow the counted stack to be removed.During my testing, none of the bills got flagged as counterfeit. I only had the machine jam twice during hundreds of attempts, and that was due to some really nasty bills that shouldn’t even be in circulation let alone a dance club.Presort the different denominations before counting them because this machine does not differentiate between different them, nor does it sum the totals of the bills’ value. This is where those math skills you swore in 9th grade you would never use finally kick in.Counting stacks of 100 also make it easier to sum. Add TWO zeroes to the end of the denomination. If that fails you, switch to the calculator app on your phone. If that’s still too hard, make batches of 10 and only add ONE zero to the end.Some machines record the serial #. This one does not. What do you expect for $60? For $600, you can get a more expensive model, but then you won’t have any bills to test with.After each days run, unplug your machine, grab it by the handle, and give it a good cleaning with an air hose. There are multiple sensors in the machine that need to be kept clean for accurate results.For the money, this machine did a 100% accurate job and is a real time saver. I feel confident that I can now go to my bank interview and act like a pro, handling money like I was born with this machine.

  32. Den Trade

    Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Kolibri Money Counter Machine, the ultimate weapon in the battle against boredom at work! This bad boy can count up to 1,500 bills per minute, which means you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on your favorite Netflix shows while your money is being counted. Plus, with its advanced counterfeit detection, you can rest assured that no sneaky fake bills will slip through the cracks.And don’t even get me started on how easy this thing is to set up – you’ll be up and running in minutes, which means more time for coffee breaks and staring out the window.But seriously, folks, this money counter is the real deal. With its Add and Batch modes and handy LCD display, you’ll be feeling like a financial wizard in no time. And with a 3-year warranty and 25/7 US customer support, you can count on Kolibri to have your back, even when you’re knee-deep in cash. So go ahead, treat yourself to the Kolibri Money Counter Machine – your inner Scrooge McDuck will thank you.

  33. Ella Petersen

    This currency counting machine is fantastic! It’s speedy and precise. I wish I had purchased it a decade ago. It’s straightforward to operate and configure.

  34. star

    I love this bill counter! Very fast and accurate. Should’ve bought it 10 years ago. Easy to use and set up.

  35. Bianca Ribeiro

    For the price, this currency calculator is fantastic. It’s a bargain – my partner adored it. A wonderful treat for yourself or any finance enthusiast.

  36. Cristian Ionescu

    Operates quickly. Wasn’t as pricey as comparable models. Batch processing is handy. Highly recommend!

  37. Maria

    This money counter is so good for the price. Its a steal, my boyfriend loved it, great gift for yourself or for a money lover.

  38. Cory Barney

    Works very fast. Didn’t cost as much as similar units. The batching is useful. Would definitely recommend!

  39. Ghulam abass

    I really satisfied with that

  40. Edward Williams

    Just as effective as pricier options

  41. Amanda K.

    Is as efficient and the more expensive brands and it’s easier to clear jams!

  42. Victor

    For what I paid I thought I’d have a few issues, I was literally able to plug it in and use it easily. It doesn’t add up cash amounts but it does give you qty of bill which made my life way easier. It easily went through 3k bills. The amount of time it saved me was well worth the cost of the counter.

  43. Greta Schneider

    No issues with it so far, works fine and doesn’t jam. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase.

  44. Tracy

    Loved this product. Works great and does jam

  45. Hee-Jin Park

    Purchased this item to assist with counting funds at our place of worship. It has proven to be precise and user-friendly. However, it appears to struggle with wrinkled banknotes. Nonetheless, it alleviates some of the stress associated with the final tally prior to depositing funds at the bank.

  46. jane

    Bought this to help count money at church. Been accurate and easy to use. Does not like crinkled bills. Takes some of the anxiety out of going to the bank for the final count.

  47. Israa El-Mahdy

    Top buy with precise tally.

  48. jesus

    Best purchase And accurate count

  49. Jesper Larsen

    A great investment for its price

  50. Robert B.


  51. Nora

    I dislike that the machine does Not totalI like that it’s fast

  52. Desislava Ivanova

    I had the impression that by investing my money, it would tally the total amount, but that’s not the case. It only calculates the number of bills deposited and verifies their authenticity.

  53. Jen

    I thought that if I put my money in it, it would add up how much I put in, it doesn’t. It adds the amount of bills are put in and if they are counterfeit.

  54. Clementine Dubois

    Serves its function.

  55. GOGETTA$700

    Serve it’s purpose

  56. Giovanna Rizzo

    Dependable machine. No jams, misreads, or value issues. Daily use for cash business.

  57. Tiffany Deville

    This machine is dependable. It never jams, misreads, or is off on value. I use it daily for our cash business.

  58. Ximena Herrera

    Does an excellent job at cleaning my brushes, really impressed with how well it works.

  59. Gerri D.

    Very nice, does a great job cleaning my brushes

  60. Miguel Angel Ruiz

    The money counter we’ve been using for our business is usually pretty speedy and efficient. However, we’ve noticed that bills occasionally get stuck when going through the machine. While this is a hassle, it’s an easy fix and hasn’t been enough to discourage us from continuing to use the counter. Overall, it’s a helpful and dependable tool that has saved us time and prevented errors when dealing with large amounts of cash.

  61. Youssef Sayed

    Machine is awesome!

  62. Lory Leal

    Awesome machine!

  63. Manuel Rodrigues

    I recently made a purchase and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. The whole process was seamless and hassle-free.

  64. josue manzano


  65. Wang Min

    I really regret not having recorded my son’s reaction, it was absolutely priceless! This gift suggestion was a complete success!

  66. DeLisa Kephart

    I wish I had video to capture the reaction from my son. It was PRICELESS.

  67. Preeti Kapoor


  68. Frantzy


  69. Ariadna Castillo

    This device tallies bills either individually or in batches, without providing an overall sum. For example, if you’re counting $20 bills, you can choose to count them in groups of 30. Nonetheless, the machine performs admirably and is impressively speedy.

  70. Lesley

    This machine counts just the number of bills or in increments of a number you select but it does not give a total. So if you’re counting 20’s you can set it to count 30 bills at a time. The machine works great tho. Very fast

  71. Radonna Worrix

    Would recommend this product. Accurate and easy to use

  72. Kiara Johnson

    Easy to operate, albeit slightly cumbersome, but got the job done flawlessly.

  73. Raoul Martinez

    Easy to use maybe little bulky but worked oerfect

  74. Jakub Nowak

    Awesome item, highly recommend it with a perfect score! Functions quickly and exceptionally.

  75. Nahrawan Hanthel

    Great product, 10/10 recommend it! it works fast and great.

  76. Alejandra Martinez-Juarez

    I 10 out of 10 highly would recommend this product.

  77. Nina Petrovic

    I’ve only used mine a few times, but it’s been fantastic thus far.

  78. Excel

    I will only use mine occasionally but its been great so far

  79. Renato Da Silva

    Great bang for your buck.

  80. Che

    Good value for the cost.

  81. Ricardo

    Great product

  82. Legio jesus

    works perfectly, recommended

  83. Hiroshi Tanaka

    Took this bill counter to the Sturgis bike rally to tally my cash and it was spot-on every time. No glitches whatsoever. Just make sure your bills are organized or it might give an error, but it never got stuck for me. Not the most compact, but definitely lighter than other counters out there.

  84. Margaret Green

    I took this to Sturgis bike rally to count all my ones and it was amazingly accurate, didn’t fluke once. You definitely have to keep all the bills straight or it will error out, but never got jammed for me. Not too travel size, but easier than some of the heavier counters.

  85. J. McEachern

    its an ok product. the money gets jammed a lot

  86. Michael S. Brock

    It’s a great product, mine worked good. it just wasn’t what i thought it was. However i do however highly recommend this product it works great! It’s the best priced counter I’ve seen

  87. Olena Kovalenko

    Regardless of how organized and minimalistic I am with the bills, the counter consistently gets jammed. Even if I insert only ten crisp bills in the correct orientation, it’s a sure thing that it will jam. If we can’t receive a reimbursement, we’ll dispose of it instead of wasting desk space.

  88. The Gun Guy

    I operate PA Games of Skill rooms and use these every single day. They each count around 5000 bills a day each and I have never had a problem. Definitely worth the money.

  89. Rahul Verma

    Enjoyed the small form factor.

  90. Paul Valenzuela

    Liked the compact size.

  91. Ginger’s

    Really makes counting money and double checking your count much easier

  92. Stacey A.

    The only thing missing is the ability to decipher a different denominations.

  93. Igor Mikhaylov

    At a reasonable price, this product is impressive. It would be better if the slot for feeding bills was larger and could handle 100 bills without jamming, given that they are banded together. Nevertheless, you can still process two sets of 50 bills each without any issues. Overall, it’s a great deal, and I’m content with my purchase. Keep in mind that you can’t feed a stack of 150-300 bills and batch count 100, but that’s not a big deal.

  94. Ben DeGroot

    For the price it’s a great product. It would be nice if the feed slot was bigger and positioned/fed 100 bills better without jamming since 100 bills is in a band. However you can just run 2 batches of 50ea. with no problem but still. Again great for the price and I’m more than satisfied just know you cannot feed a stack of 150-300 and batch count 100.

  95. Sandy Curry


  96. Victoria Zambrano

    A good product

  97. Indira Naidu

    I needed a fairly cheap cash counter and the reviews were all over the place. I opted for this one and it has been trouble-free. It’s fast and effective, and rarely gets stuck like some machines. At this price, there’s no doubt that this is the machine you should get! Purchase with confidence!

  98. Michael Nelson

    I was looking for a relativity inexpensive money counting machine and reviews we’re all over the place. I settled on this one and have had absolutely no trouble with it. It’s quick and efficient and rarely jams like some machines. For the price there is no question this is the machine you want! Buy with confidence!

  99. Nawal Hussein

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. It only takes up to a hundred notes to avoid jamming, but it’s user-friendly and performs its intended function flawlessly. The cost is definitely justified.

  100. JT

    Worked great and accurate, for the price I cannot overstate how happy I am with it.

  101. Gerard

    I was shocked at how good it was. You have to put in no more then 100 bills for it not to jam. But it is easy to use and does exactly what I bought it for. Well worth the price

  102. Ahora Hill

    This has turned out to be one of our best purchases for our small business. My only feedback is it spits the money out and sometimes there’s a jam and the money tears.

  103. Pranav

    Every thing is perfect as they say

  104. Unathi Dube

    Everything is spot on, just as advertised.

  105. Carolina Martinez

    Highly recommend

  106. alex oliveira

    I recommend

  107. S. Johnson

    The quality of this unit blew me away. It is heavy and very well built. Worth every penny. I’m really impressed. Don’t even think about it just buy it! I regularly update my reviews so I’ll be back.

  108. Walter Acevedo

    very good quality, super fast shipping very good price

  109. Amani Al-Hashim

    I was able to order from the platform very quickly. The product is very good!

  110. Victoria

    Purchased this for my brother in law. He loves it

  111. Jenny C.

    I used it couple of times so far, it was simple to set up and use. Only complain was that sometimes the bills gets stick together and the machine counts it as 1 bill and sometimes the machine gets jammed when the money is not flat.

  112. Ryouta Watanabe

    For the price of $100, it’s hard to find a better option. Let me start by clarifying that this device cannot determine the denomination of a bill. It simply counts the number of pieces of paper that pass through it, and it can detect counterfeit bills. If you want to count other currencies, you’ll need to turn off the counterfeit detection feature. It’s incredibly fast and accurate, counting 100 bills in the time it takes me to count just 5. I’ve never experienced a miscount, and if I ever doubt the accuracy, it’s easy to run the bills through again to double-check.

    Loading bills can be a bit tricky, especially if they’re not flat. I recommend flattening your bills before loading them and using manual mode instead of automatic, especially for larger stacks. Automatic mode can sometimes tear bills if you load more than 150 at a time, but torn bills are only a minor inconvenience. In manual mode, I can easily load 200-300 bills without any issues, although the collection tray struggles with more than 250 (the manufacturer recommends no more than 200).

    1. Excellent value for $100
    2. Fast
    3. Accurate
    4. Batch/Add functions and manual/automatic modes
    5. Counterfeit detection
    6. Extensive settings menu with numerous options

    1. Bills may tear occasionally, especially in automatic mode
    2. Bills may occasionally pass through incorrectly, causing errors (still faster than manual counting)

    Overall, if you handle large amounts of cash daily, this device will make your life much easier. While it has a few minor inconveniences, it’s a great investment in the long run.

  113. JJ

    Id say for 100 bucks it cant be beat.Id like to start my review by making clear to anyone who thinks that this can tell what TYPE of bill it is, It can not, It doesnt know the difference between a 1, and a 100 dollar bill. (although it does detect fake bills) It only counts the amount of pieces of paper that cycles thru. As for counting other currencies, You will have to turn counterfeit detection off. it will work, but it does not detect counterfeits of anything but USD as far as I know.Very fast and very accurate, can count 100 bills in the time I can count 5. Ive never had a miscount, and if I ever question a count it takes almost no time to run it thru again to double check.It can be a bit tricky to get bills loaded in right especially if they arent fairly flat, Id recommend flattening your bills out before you load them. As well as using manual mode rather than automatic (mainly/especially for bigger stacks)If I try and load over 150 bills in automatic mode it will sometimes tear a few of the bills (however only slightly, enough where tape isnt even needed) but still, torn bills are annoying. Most anything under that works very well with little issue, though. I prefer to use it in manual mode (By hitting the A/M button), This way it doesnt automatically grab the bills as they are placed, rather you press the start button once you have loaded them properly. In manual mode I can easily load 200-300 bills into the hopper to count without much trouble, although the collection tray has trouble with over 250 (keep in mind manufacturer recommends no more than 200).|Pros|1. Great value for 100 bucks2. Quick3. Accurate5. Batch/Add functions as well as manual/automatic modes5. Counterfeit detection6. Pretty big settings menu with tons of options you can change|Cons|1. Bills rarely (but still sometimes) tear (especially in automatic loading mode)2. bills can sometimes run thru wrong causing errors (still ends up much quicker than hand counting, this is also rare)If you count hundreds/thousands of dollars a day in cash, this machine will make your life better in the long run. although it has a few inconveniences.

  114. Jon

    Didn’t know what to expect. Been using it for a week and so far everything is great. I think it was a good buy.

  115. Katerina Vasileva

    Love it, but the downside is that it frequently gets jammed.

  116. The One and Only

    This was spot on and easy to use. We were counting within 3 minutes of set up and spot on accurate!! Great value for the money!!!

  117. Grace Lee

    Gets the job done at a lower cost!

  118. tristan arnold

    Does the job for way less !

  119. Ryan

    Counts that lettuce faster than the Flash! Like something straight out of the movies! Had some occasional feeding issues but was reliable as long as your keep your stacks small enough. I always run it through 2-3 time for accuracy. I also have found that it feeds better if you insert the money at a 80-90 degrees angle. Would definitely recommend if you’re wanting a money counter without breaking the bank.

  120. Daniel Perez

    Definitely makes counting large sums of money quicker, and the fact that it can pick out counterfeit money makes my life easier too

  121. Oscar Andersen

    This was a present I got for myself. The instructions were helpful and it’s user-friendly. It’s definitely worth owning, but the only problem was that it arrived late. I stayed up late waiting for it because the delivery kept saying it was still arriving, but it didn’t come until the next day. However, they apologized and gave me a credit of $13, which was very kind of them.

  122. yvette

    This was a gift for myself it’s easy to use very helpful instructions come along. Over it’s worth having , only issue was it was late it didn’t arrive on the date and time it said I stayed up very late waiting on my package because it kept saying still arriving never did till the next day! But they apologized and gave me 13 dollar credit back I thought it very nice of them

  123. Heather Roxberry

    Everything I was looking for

  124. caridad

    Works perfectly, no errors so far

  125. Takeshi Nakamura

    I’ve purchased three units from this company and they continue to impress. Their product is fantastic, saving me valuable time and simplifying my work.

  126. dcross1968

    This is the 3rd unit I’ve owned from them. They are great. Saves time and makes my job easier.

  127. TommyGavin

    Machine works perfectly.

  128. Ella Johansson

    Amazing product! It would be even better if it counted all types of bills, but overall I’m very satisfied.

  129. Austin A

    Wish it could count all denominations but other than that it is amazing!

  130. Xavier Morales

    Operating a small business, a considerable number of my customers prefer to pay in cash. This practice greatly aids in maintaining a steady flow throughout the day.

  131. Mary from Bolingbrook

    Have a small business and many of my client’s pay cash…really helps balance the day out.

  132. Maria

    Accurate and fairly easy to operate.

  133. Kenny Milligan

    Was up and running in just minutes. Counts the Bill’s you put in in just a couple of seconds. Takes the time out of getting thr deposit ready for Monday morning after selling for the weekend.

  134. San

    Works perfectly! Never had any problems

  135. Susan

    Very easy to use, fast

  136. Jenniffer Martniez

    Very efficient!!!

  137. Derrick

    Inexpensive and fast!

  138. Yasmina El-Haddad

    So user-friendly, it shaves off loads of time. Regret not getting it half a decade earlier!

  139. Amanda Venezia

    Easy to use and saves me a ton of time. I wish I had purchased this five years ago!

  140. Hyun-Jung Lee

    I had low expectations coming in, so I couldn’t be let down. As the head of a veterans’ nonprofit, we get weekly cash donations that need counting. With arthritis, counting bills was always painful. I bought this machine to save me the pain and it does a great job. I like the “Add” feature that lets you put multiple bundles through the machine and add them all together. It’d be nice if you could input the denomination and get a total for each, but I can use a calculator. I’ve used it for weeks and thousands of bills with no jams or miscounts. For the price, you can’t go wrong with this machine.

  141. John M.

    I guess I came into this with low expectations, so I couldn’t be disappointed. I run a nonprofit for veterans and we receive cash donations every week that have to be counted. I have arthritis, so counting the bills was always painful for me. I purchased this machine to save me the pain. It does a great job of it. I like the “Add” feature that allows you to put several bundles through the machine and have it add them all together. It would be nice if you could put in the denomination and have it give you a total of each denomination, but I can use a calculator for each one. I have used this machine for several weeks and thousands of bills. I’ve never had a single jam or miscount. For the price, you can’t beat this machine.

  142. Orville Parker

    Awesome machine! Great value for the price!

  143. Dimitris Papadopoulos

    I recommend this product for anyone who enjoys managing finances and conducting business.

  144. deshond biddles

    I like it an recommend it for anyone who likes to count money an buisness use

  145. erika

    Item is of standout quality! Quality of the wrapping was exceptional. Delivery was remarkably quick.

  146. Fred B.

    Works very well. Hated to keep counting one dollar bills , makes deposits so much easier.

  147. Crystal

    Saves my hands great and easy to use

  148. Fred Daniel

    This was worth every penny. We count cash every day and this not only saves time but is totally accurate. Cuts down on counts and recounts each day.

  149. Danny Olivas

    The ONLY thing that I would change about this one, is velocity. It doesn’t make as much noise but is not as fast as other I’ve tried.

  150. Katerina Georgiou

    As small business owners, we’re impressed by the speedy performance of this machine. It’s definitely won us over.

  151. Maria Martinez

    This is so casual, I’m always on the hunt for a good deal. And this is product is just amazing

  152. Pamela Pope

    We own a small business and this machine works really fast! We love it

  153. Husam Alkurdi

    Like business

  154. Chanly Chhun

    Work really well easy to use

  155. Olivia I.

    I’m so glad I bought this machine and wish I had bought it sooner! As someone who gets paid in cash (and a lot of singles), this machine has been a true game-changer. I was surprised by how affordable it is considering its capabilities. It has been very accurate so far; the bank teller’s machine always matches the amount my machine counted.The only drawback is that programming the advanced settings isn’t intuitive, you will definitely want to hang onto the user manual!

  156. Ioana Popescu

    The device appears to be functioning adequately thus far. No grievances, just content that I ultimately acquired one.

  157. Nurse in Va.

    The machine seems to work well so far. No complaints just glad I finally purchased one

  158. Jenna Williams

    Initially, I rated this product poorly, but in all honesty, the fault was mine. I’m satisfied with my purchase. Before running it through, ensure that your cash is organized and neat. This machine counts bills, so you must have all the same denominations together, such as ones, fives, and twenties. It won’t recognize a stray twenty in a pile of ones, but it gets the job done.

  159. Terasa G

    I initially gave this a bad review but honestly it was user error. I am happy with my purchase. Money must be straightened and tidy before you run it through. It’s a bill counter meaning you need all 1’s, 5’s, 20’s etc. it will not factor a random 20 in a stack of 1’s but it does the job.

  160. DeFuniak Rob

    I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. It works flawlessly as I tested it over and over for mistakes and it was 100% accurate. Huge time saver, great features to count and bundle. It has a good weight to it and a quality built item. I would buy over and over. Highly recommend!

  161. Mahmood

    Very good item mini and practical

  162. Nikos Karamanlis

    Adore it!

  163. Maximo Hernandez

    I love it

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  165. Rania Al-Abdullah

    No comments

  166. Edward Cavin

    Very best

  167. yoel sarduy

    Very good

  168. Panos Dimitriou

    Kolibri Kolibri is great!

  169. GC

    IT does the job but it does have the tendency to jam if bills are worn. For the price it’s a very good option and saves a ton of time.

  170. Chiemi Honda

    The content couldn’t be displayed. Super simple to operate. In just a couple of minutes after unboxing, I was tallying cash. The device has some weight to it. Everything’s been smooth sailing thus far. Delighted with my purchase!

  171. Taro Yamada

    Awesome for the price and occasional cash tallying, but not suitable for expert implementation.

  172. A I.

    Very easy to use. Within two minutes of opening the box, I was counting money. Machine is heavy. So far, so good. Very happy that I bought it!

  173. Israel Monserrat

    Great for the money and ocasional money count, not for professional use

  174. Patrick C.

    Overall I’m happy with the quality of this product. It counts fast and accurate. The only complaint I would say about this machine is it’s difficult to place stacks perfectly straight in the opening before it automatically starts grabbing the money and counting. This results in a jam and you have to start over.

  175. Gabriel Davenport

    Makes some errors and has sloppy instructions on how to usebut its a good size and it does the jobi ordered twiceworth the price

  176. Brittany Arbery

    I love everything about my machine is easy to use and very efficient.

  177. DeJuan Reeder

    I liked the ease of use. Load your money and it starts counting automatically. Still playing with it.

  178. Zoya Ali

    Saves a lot of time

  179. Felipe Moreira

    The greatest thing to ever happen to me! Counting cash was getting old, but this product saves me 50% of the time it would take to purchase a replacement.

  180. lea jackson

    Best thing that could ever happen to me. I got so tired of counting money, the save me half the time I would buy another one

  181. EQ100EQ100

    This money counter does its job, it counts the amount of the money, but it doesn’t recognize the value so be aware of what are you looking for. It is a little overprice for me and sometimes it got jammed when the money is not flat.

  182. Valeria Costa

    Awesome for my little shop!

  183. Benjamin Taylor

    I loved it!

  184. Chisto hernandez

    Worth the money spent , I’m a cocktail waitress I get a lot of 1s so it makes it easy to count

  185. Qasim Ahmed

    Amazing! Affordable and accurate. Highly recommend it.

  186. Parvati Patel

    It’s been almost a month since we began using this product and, thus far, it has proven to be quite helpful. It’s particularly useful at the dealership when customers pay with cash, as it simplifies the process. The machine is incredibly user-friendly and we were able to figure it out quickly. Its size is just right, not too large, and it fits perfectly next to our desk’s computer, being only half as wide as our laptop. It’s important to note that it only counts bills, not their value, so you must group them by 1s, 10s, 20s, etc. The machine will then count how many bills are in each group, and you can simply multiply from there.

  187. P.A.Sales

    It’s been almost a month since we started using it, so far so good. It’s been a good help at the dealership when ppl are paying cash, makes life easier. Machine is very easy to use, we figured it out in no time. It’s a good size not too big and fits right next to the computer on the desk, being maybe a half wide as our laptop. Make sure when you are buying that you understand it only counts the bills, not the value, so you need to separate them in groups of 1s,10s,20s… etc.. It will count how many of them is in there and then you just multiple.

  188. John Clendaniel

    I mainly use the batch mode to count the bill for wrapping for deposits and it does a great job. Fast and accurate!

  189. therollingtiki food truck

    it’s great for my buissness therollingtiki food truck

  190. Gabriela da Silva

    Very good!

  191. Taraka

    I wish it would count the bigger bills as they are but instead they just count it as one bill. But overall not a bad product to use.

  192. Haruki Saito

    It’s brilliant

  193. Tara Singh

    Works perfectly. Reasonably priced. Arrived promptly. As advertised.

  194. Izabela Nowak

    Great product

  195. Chihiro Yamada

    I fancy my new counter!

  196. Eva Kuznetsova


  197. Rhodes Autos Inc.Rhodes Autos Inc.

    It can count 27 bills faster than iPhone can take a picture!I have tested it with several hundred bills and it produced 100% accurate results.I used several counterfeit bills that we have on hand and it detected all of them correctly! Each time it displayed the error code for fake bill and stopped counting until I removed them from the hopper.I taped two bills together and the machine correctly identified it with an error code. It stopped counting until I removed the bills from the hopper.I stuck regular pieces of paper mixed in with large amounts of real bills and it was also able to detect those and once again stopped counting until I removed them from the hopper.I wanted to see what it would take to get this machine to jam, so I inserted the bills increasingly more and more crooked. I had to insert them at almost a 60° angle to get them to jam. Anything less than that and this machine would simply straighten and count them.You should make note that this is a bill counter.It is not a bill discriminator.The difference is simple bill discriminator‘s typically run around $1500.A bill discriminator will allow you to stick a large stack of cash on it all mixed together and it will determine what the denomination is and add a total amount of money for you.A Bill counter simply counts the number of bills that you put in it.So you will need to separate your bills by denomination.Please note this is a completely new updated bill counter from their original.Their original one had earned all the bad reviews it had. I know because I had one.I was happy to see that the company took that into account and did a complete redesign fixing all of their issues and producing this machine!I am glad I gave them another chance because this is the best bill counter I’ve seen for this amount of money!This machine is very professional looking and honestly looks identical to the one my bank uses.It even comes with a dust cover to protect it as well as completing the professional look.The bottom line is it is worth every penny they’re asking and more honestly!If I needed another counting machine I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this again.If a friend or a family member needed needed a bill counting machine I would highly recommend this one to them.

  198. Ranae

    This money counter is the best one I’ve used. The bills run very smoothly and counts accurately. I’ll keep this brand on file just incase I need two machines in the office.

  199. Haruki Kobayashi

    This currency counter is top-notch! The banknotes glide effortlessly and it tallies precisely. I’ll make a note of this brand in case I require a second unit for the workplace.

  200. Sofia Vasquez

    To my surprise, upon receiving my order and opening the package, I immediately noticed a note from Kolibri detailing all of the upgrades on the machine that I was unaware of. The note expressed gratitude for my purchase and listed features such as UV, magnetic, and infrared detection, among others. I had only wanted a basic bill counter, but ended up receiving much more than I anticipated. I am extremely satisfied with the machine’s speed and accuracy, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it included both an external display and a larger screen. Nice!

  201. Vahe ShakhgeldyanVahe Shakhgeldyan

    Much to my surprise. When I recieved my order and opened the box. The first thing i noticed was a note stating all the upgrades on the machine I didnt know about. I posted the pic of the note from Kolibri, thanking me for the order and stating all the upgrades, such as UV, Magnetic, Infrared detection and more. I just wanted a simple bill counter and got more than I expected. I’m very happy with this machine. It’s very fast and accurate. It actually came with an external display and a larger display screen as well. Nice.

  202. Lidia Guerrero

    If you’re running a cash-based business, then this counter is a must-have. It’s speedy, efficient, and automatic, snatching bills right out of your hand. With two home businesses during the pandemic, this machine has been a lifesaver and even a bit of fun. The Kolibri money counter with counterfeit detection bill counting machine is a game-changer, with a large LED display that provides an exact count. You can easily organize your denominations, and the quantity is stackable to the max. At 1,500 bills per minute, this bill counter is lightning-fast and saves you heaps of time. Plus, you don’t have to handle dirty money as much – just sort it by denomination, and you’re good to go. The machine is highly accurate and can count up to 1,500 bills per minute. The hopper and stacker capacity is 200 bills each, so you can just let it do its thing. Although you do need to pre-sort the bills, it’s still faster and more accurate than counting by hand. The machine has multiple modes, including automatic, manual, count, add, batch, and add + batch, making it super easy to use for all your money counting needs. It also has powerful detection methods to detect suspect counterfeit notes, ripped or damaged bills, and eliminate any doubt in the correctness of the count. Overall, this machine is a game-changer for any cash-based business.

  203. JamieJamie

    Awesome money counter! I was upgraded to the newer Kolibri bill counter. The counterfeit detection is great and the machine is so easy to use. I’ve spent a lot more money on bill counters in the past that weren’t as good as this one. Definitely recommend for anyone trying to get a solid product for a great price!

  204. Anya Volkova

    Super simple and precise. Totally worth the money.

  205. RandyRandy

    Very easy to use and accurate. Well worth the investment.

  206. Quincy Davis

    I’ve been browsing the internet for a reliable money counter and I’ve finally stumbled upon the perfect one! The only catch is that it doesn’t calculate the total value, but it does count bills with ease. You just need to do the math to determine the total value, which can be a bit of a pain. Nonetheless, considering the cost in comparison to other pricey money counters available, I believe it’s definitely worth the investment.

  207. Jess

    I finally found the one! The downside is that it doesn’t count value but it counts all of the bills pretty smoothly, you just have to do the math to figure out the value which is a hassle. However, for the price that it is, I think it’s pretty worth it, comparing to all the expensive money machines out there.

  208. Wei Zhang

    Got this as a Christmas present for my sis. Works like a charm and saves time.

  209. Ziad Naser

    Simple to operate and simplifies tallying substantial amounts of cash. Previously, we would always mess up the count when depositing funds, causing inconvenience for the bank and aggravation for us. However, with this tool, verifying our count is now a piece of cake.

  210. Grace hquez

    Easy to use and makes counting large sums of money much easier. We used to screwup the count every time we would make a bank deposit which was annoying for the bank and frustrating for us.. this makes it a breeze to just double check ourselves.

  211. Kristymorrell

    This money counter machine isn’t accurate. The counts are different most every tine. I’m getting good at gauging it. It’s usually 1 or 2 off. Has various options for counterfeit bills. It was decent for the price I guess. I’d purchase a different brand in the future.

  212. Viktoriya Petrova

    For my purposes, it’s acceptable. The only issue I have is that it shows the number of bills but not the balance. For example, if you put in 10 one-dollar bills and one five-dollar bill, it won’t tell you that you have $15. Instead, it will say that you have 11 bills. It’s perfect for my needs because I only need to count one-dollar bills. However, if you want it to show the balance in bills of different amounts, I don’t recommend it because it won’t show the balance, only the number of bills. That’s the only issue I have. I imagine this is due to the price since I saw much more expensive options.

  213. Bashir Al-Noor

    Works very fast

  214. Xavier Mercier

    Flawless cash generator. Totally faultless.

  215. Jason Graybeal

    This is really better than I thought it would be.. even though it only counts bills and doesn’t distinguish them… very fast and accurate! If you’re looking for one of these units I would recommend at 100% for the price. It’s very heavy and well-built.

  216. Brandon Morris

    Had it for 2 years before it went out on me. Well worth the money.

  217. Kumiko Kawasaki

    Use it daily, this item is fantastic to own. Highly precise and extremely sturdy.

  218. Elena Vasileva

    It’s very practical and user-friendly

  219. Stacy

    Works good wish it could sort the denomination on its own for a cheaper price

  220. Bilal Farooqi

    Exactly what I needed! So effortless to operate and spot-on precise. Worth every cent!!

  221. don m

    Its exactly what I was looking for, very easy to use and extremely accurate. Worth every penny!!

  222. Franco Ferrari

    Fast and precise device.

  223. Satoko Miyazaki

    Assisted in faster counting of store funds.

  224. Joe55

    Good device for money

  225. Nawaf Al-Harbi


  226. Camila Mendoza

    Super simple! Calculates quickly.

  227. Priya Mehta

    In our office, this currency counter has been fantastic. It’s been a genuine aid!

  228. Wanli Zheng

    Our trusty money counter finally gave out, but since we only used it about once a week, I decided to try out this new counter. So far, it’s been great – no constant jams like the old one, and it’s user-friendly. Only time will tell how durable it is, but it seems well-built and I expect it to outlast its warranty [I’ll update if I’m proven wrong].

  229. Peter

    Our grand olde money counter finally bit the dust, but as it was only used roughly once a week, I figured we’d give this counter a go. It’s been excellent so far, none of the frequent jams that plagued it’s predecessor and it’s easy to use. Time will tell how long it lasts, but it feels solidly constructed and I anticipate it will live well past it’s warranty [will update if I’ve been overly optimistic].

  230. kevin green

    The unit works great. My only concern is that UPS delivered and claimed they got a signature.

  231. Dragan Jovanovic

    My business got a huge boost of help because of this product

  232. Nawaf Al-Mutairi

    The content couldn’t be loaded. This counting device is fantastic, even though it’s my first time using one. I’ve read reviews on various machines, so I have a general idea of what to anticipate. At this point, I haven’t come across any issues.

  233. Kuma

    This is a great counting machine even tho I never had one before, but I read lots of comments on different machine. I know a bit what to expect. So far I cannot find any flaw.

  234. Valeria Kuznetsova

    I’m a big fan of this device. It’s well-built and sturdy, not flimsy like some cheap plastic models. It’s actually quite weighty. I’ve used it multiple times since purchasing it, and it has performed flawlessly, without any issues. It only gets stuck or stops counting if the bill is extremely creased. In such cases, I simply remove the bill and start the counting process again. This little gadget is speedy and precise. The only disadvantage, if you can even call it that, is that it can’t distinguish between different denominations of money. It counts pieces of paper, not dollar amounts. At around $80, it’s a fantastic bargain. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it again.

  235. Obicorey

    I love this machine. It is solid and sturdy, not cheap plastic, in fact it’s almost heavy. I’ve used it several times since I’ve purchased it and it has worked perfectly, 100%. It only “jams” or stops counting if the bill is extremely wrinkled. When this happens, I just removed the bill and start the counting process over. This little machine is fast and accurate. The only drawback, if you can call it that, is it cannot differentiate between denominations of money. This machine counts pieces of paper, not dollar amounts. For approximately $80, it’s a great deal. I would buy it again in a second.

  236. Kyoko Suzuki

    As a small business owner, I’ve had my fair share of miscounts when depositing cash to my bank, especially with dollar bills. It usually takes me 5 minutes, but the bank teller always needs to recount and confirm, which ends up taking 10-15 minutes. I’ve been thinking about getting a money counting machine to help me out, and I finally did it. This is my first counting machine, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I’m pleased with its performance. It has features like an error alert, auto and visual alert system, and can count, add, and batch. However, it doesn’t identify different bill types or provide a total dollar amount, so I still need a calculator on the side if I want to know the total amount of bills with the same face value. The LED display allows me to quickly read the total number of bills, and it has an auto start and stop function. I’ve had this machine for over a week now and have been using it every week. From what I can tell, it counts accurately and reliably every single time I use it. Not only that, but it’s also fast. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty, which gives me peace of mind knowing that it can be repaired or replaced if something goes wrong. I definitely recommend it!

  237. EmilyD

    Please cover up the package before send it out! It is sensitive item. Otherwise all good.

  238. Quincy Davis

    Functions as expected. Purchased for our firemen’s festival to aid in counting the copious amounts of cash we handle. Previously, I manually counted everything, which consumed most of my day. The counter is more precise and quicker than myself, counting nearly all types of bills. Occasionally, I must run them through twice due to jams, but it’s infrequent. I have discovered a technique to prevent jams. This is my most valuable investment, as I no longer have to restart counting if interrupted. I double-check the machine’s accuracy by running each batch twice. It occasionally malfunctions, but my bank deposits were always exact. This product saved me a significant amount of time, and I highly recommend it.

  239. Kristina Popova


  240. Devi Patel

    This money counter is of good quality. It boasts a variety of useful settings, allowing you to count a specific number of bills at once. With numerous counting options, it performed accurately and without issue. I’m pleasantly surprised by the high quality and satisfied with my purchase.

  241. JoshuaJoshua

    This a good quality money counter. It has a lot of good settings. You can use it to count a select number of bills at a time. It has lots of counting setting to choose from. While using it didn’t skip bills and did well counting the bills without problems or jamming. Overall this is better quality then expected. I’m happy.

  242. Raymond

    Excellent buy for the money

  243. Pietro Russo

    This product is a game-changer. It helps me save up a lot of time

  244. Smurk

    Not a bad buy

  245. Uzma Khan

    We manage a large amount of inexpensive currency and this device is ideal for our needs. It’s compact, effective, user-friendly, operates swiftly, and was reasonably priced. We’ve been utilizing it frequently without any issues. It’s definitely worth the investment.

  246. GaryGary

    We handle a lot of the low value currency and this machine is perfect for us. It is small, efficient, easy to operate, runs quickly and was very affordable. We’re been using it regularly with no trouble at all. Worth every penny.

  247. Tiago Fernandes


  248. Ana Sofia Fernandes

    Functions as stated, easy to operate, arrived on the day of purchase!

  249. Pia Schmidt

    There isn’t a single reason why I don’t like this item. I’m absolutely in love with this automatic bill counter. All you need to do is connect the power cable, turn on the switch at the back, and you’re ready to go. No assembly required, just plug and play. The machine counts my money so quickly, it’s unbelievable! I put in 50 $100 bills, and the machine counted all of them in 2-3 seconds with 100% accuracy! The machine has never miscounted my bills. It also keeps my bills neat and tidy without folding, wrinkling, or damaging them. It keeps them crisp! I’m amazed by this product and how well it performs. I highly recommend the Kolibri Automatic Bill Counter to everyone! I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your purchase!

  250. Starla ParsonsStarla Parsons

    There’s not one single reason as to why I dislike this item. I absolutely love this automatic bill counter. All you have to do is connect the power cable to the machine, turn the switch on the back of device to on, and your ready to go. No assembling anything.. just plug and play. The machine counts my money so quickly it’s ridiculous!! I inserted 50 $100 bills, and the machine counted all bills within 2-3 seconds, with 100% total accuracy! Not once has the machine miscounted my bills. It also keeps your bills nice and neat, and does not fold, wrinkle, or ruin your bills. It keeps them nice and crisp! I’m just amazed by this product and how well it works. I definitely recommend purchasing the Kolibri Automatic Bill Counter to anyone and everyone! I promise you will be satisfied with your purchase!!

  251. V.V.

    Unboxing and getting this setup was a cinch. With my daughter helping unbox we pretty much got this thing up and running and less than a minute. Just plug and stick bills in it. We ran 11 bills thru it with accurate results for testing purposes as in the vid. U can batch bundles in 25, 50, and 100 stacks… we run a small business so this will make counting our deposits a breeze.!.

  252. Lorenzo Ricci

    Setting up and unboxing this product was a piece of cake. My daughter and I unboxed it together and had it up and running in under a minute. Simply plug it in and insert the bills. We tested it with 11 bills and the results were precise, as shown in the video. You can group bills in batches of 25, 50, or 100 stacks. As we own a small business, this will make counting our deposits effortless!

  253. Zoe Papadaki

    One of my buddies was getting married and what better way to celebrate than throwing him an epic party? This little gadget was a lifesaver and saved me a lot of time and hassle. It rapidly and accurately counted thousands of dollars, even if the bills were covered in Victoria’s Secret-scented lotion, glitter, and who knows what else. Additionally, the fraud detection feature caught some counterfeit bills trying to slip through. Trust me, the last thing I wanted to do was argue with the ladies of the night and the hangover from hell. Anyway, it was definitely worth the cost.

  254. Mike A

    One of my close buds was tying the knot and what better way to celebrate his self inflicted suicide other than throwing him a party of epic proportions… this lil device here was a LIFE SAVER and saved me a lot of time and headache. It quickly and accurately counted thousands and thousands of dollars. Even if the bills were covered with Victoria’s Secret scented lotion, glitter, and only god knows what else. Further more the fraud detection feature caught some funny money trying to cycle thru. Believe me, the last thing i wanted to do is argue with the ladies of the night paired with the god of all hangovers. Anyways, for the price it was well worth it.

  255. KevinKevin

    Very reliable billcounter. I tested it many times with 100 1 dollar bills I got for Chinese New year and it’s fast and accurate everytime. At only a hundred dollars it’s an amazing value. I love that it is no set up required

  256. JJ

    I got this to count the tips for the restaurant that I work in. We got a lot of dollar bills. This money counter make my life easier. It counts money very fast and accurate. It will be great if it can sum the total value. But everything else works great for me.

  257. Liliana Martinez

    Setting up and using the Kilobri Money Counter was a breeze, saving me loads of time compared to counting by hand. The accuracy is spot on too!

  258. Jacob Nielsen

    Works incredibly! This tool is crafted excellently, and it’s quite weighty. Perfect for small businesses. The counting feature is also fantastic. It doesn’t mishandle my bills or miscalculate. The design is simply amazing! Overall, it’s fantastic.

  259. Grace Wang

    Wow, this is a must-have for business owners! Initially, I didn’t consider this when I started my business, but with all the small bills, counting them would take me forever and consume a lot of time. Eventually, I decided to buy this to reduce stress, and it sure did! It works fast and accurately! Setting it up and using it was easy. I haven’t tested it on counterfeit bills, so I can’t speak to that feature, but everything else is a must-buy! I love it. Check out my video to see how quickly it counts.

  260. ThuyThuy

    Wow this is a must for business owner ! I didn’t think about this when I first had the business but with all the small bills, it would taking me forever to count them and it took so much time. Finally I gave in to buy this to hopefully help me take off the stress and this thing sure does ! It works so fast and so accurate !! It was easy to set and to use. I have not tried on fake bills so I can’t vow for that function but everything else is a must buy !!! I love it. My video will show you how fast it counts

  261. Ulrich Schmidt

    Everything is running smoothly with the money counter. The package it came in was impressive and it’s user-friendly. It has significantly simplified our tasks, making it a perfect fit for our small business.

  262. YvetteCYvetteC

    So everything is going well. This money counter come with a good package. Easy to to use. it’s made our task so much easier. We use for a small business so it’s so perfect fit.

  263. ant

    The machine counts bills as you put them in, it DOES not sort them , you’ll have to enter the denominator manually, it also does NOT detect fake bills, overall I am happy with how quickly the machine counts , its very quiet and has not jammed up.

  264. Yuki Takahashi

    I’m employed at a laundry mat where patrons pay with one dollar bills. Counting them at the end of the week is a tedious task, but this counter comes in handy. It’s effective, equipped with a counterfeit bill detection system, and has yet to jam despite processing $2000 worth of singles three times. Although it doesn’t provide a total amount, it’s ideal for separating bills. Overall, I’m impressed with this product.

  265. Helina S.

    I work at a laundry mat and people come in to pay with one dollar bills. It’s hard and annoying to count them at the end of the week, that’s where this counter comes handy. It works great and has a fake bill recognizing system. It does not tell you the amount, so you can’t count mixed bills for the totals, but separated bills are perfect for it. Its accurate and so far has not jammed. And I ran 2000 dollars worth of singles through it 3 times. So I am impressed.

  266. Becky

    I love this product. I never thought I’d want one and now that I have it, I could never do without it. Always counts accurate very fast and once you get the hang of loading it, it is a breeze. Money rarely gets stuck and if it does it is easily fixed

  267. David PelayoDavid Pelayo

    Great machine super easy to use and very accurate makes closing at the end of the day a whole lot easier

  268. Petros Papadakis

    Awesome device, incredibly user-friendly and precise. Simplifies end-of-day closing significantly.

  269. cookies20095

    Say if you have 101 bills and you want the machine to count a batch of 100 bills. The 101th bill will be trapped so you have to make sure to click [S]tart to push it out. This machine only counts how many bills you have, not the total sum. So you have to sort the 1’s, 5’s, 10’s and 20’s beforehand. Sometimes I’ll have a $10 in the $20s pile and the machine will just count how many physical bills there are, which is exactly all I need. If you want the total sum, you’ll have to buy a pricier counter with more complicated features.

  270. Tina

    Although it’s a personal purchase, it looks good. Haven’t tried it as of yet I’m going to try it when I need to make use of it

  271. Felix Johansson

    Counts money quickly and effectively. Does not count plastic Mexican bills ($20 and $50) and the counterfeit bill detector is not very reliable. It only detects the basics and obvious bills, not suitable for detecting counterfeit bills. Its purpose is only to count money.

  272. Faisal Al-Jabri

    Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable solution. Kolibri delivered it quickly and the packaging was secure.

  273. Maria Santos

    Awesome store money counter!

  274. Anastasia Alisa

    Works good

  275. Jamal Ahmed

    Awesome! Simplifies my work a lot!

  276. Aiden Lee

    Adore this device. Contributed it to our place of worship to assist with tallying donations. The lone issue I encounter is when the bills are excessively creased.

  277. D. Dahlbeck

    About 90% of the time, this thing is awesome. Unfortunately, sometimes the plastic cover becomes loose, and then the money jams. A lot. Unless you know that you can just snap that back into place and it will work much better it can be very frustrating. I never use the Detection feature, so I cannot speak to that. But it counts money like it is supposed to.

  278. Arthur Gallo

    I like

  279. Olena Ivanenko

    Works great and lasts a long time.

  280. Johan Svensson

    Amazing! This product counts faster than lightning, which is a game-changer for my business. As someone who goes through a lot of singles, it saves me a ton of time. Highly recommend!

  281. Ricky

    Works well for personal stuff. Will not be the most convenient for businesses counting plenty of bills that aren’t very neat.

  282. Gul Bahar Hasan

    My colleague adores it. Simplifies her tasks significantly.

  283. Yara Al-Khalifa

    Great performance and its compact size makes it perfect for desk use.

  284. Ivan Sokolov

    The item is solid and matches the description.

  285. Davide Rossi

    Performs excellently, precisely as advertised. Purchased for use in a concession stand and adore it. Streamlines currency counting significantly. The investment is highly worthwhile and I would unquestionably make the purchase again.

  286. Sophia Martinez

    It’s a device that seems to have the right weight. It works by simply plugging it in, and it quickly helps you count without even needing to read the instructions. It hasn’t failed me yet, although sometimes it “catches” a bill, but that’s because the bill is not standard, which is actually a good feature. Now, I just need to see how long it lasts, but I can’t tell that yet. It seems like it will last for many years.

  287. Cao Wei

    Great item.

  288. hman

    Years later thankfully this guy is still working for me. It does not detect counterfeits well, but it did catch 1-2 fakes & let 3-5 other fake bills go undetected.Only issue is the display panel comes lose sometimes if you hold it incorrectly, making the wiring get disconnected. It is very frustrating to connect again. I had to cut a little plastic off so I could reconnect easier.

  289. Hee-Young Choi

    Amazing counter

  290. Zoltan Kovacs

    I expected a low price, but boy was I mistaken. The product exceeded my expectations!

  291. Qasim Khan

    Got this for my boyfriend who runs his own biz as a gift. He’s all over it and finds it super useful.

  292. Eleanor Jenkins

    Adore this item! Awesome cost & SIMPLE to operate! It performs IDENTICAL tasks to other devices without the expensive markup! It tallies the currency, includes a forgery identifier, but lacks a total sum feature. EXTREMELY PLEASED with my acquisition! Organize the bills by denomination and you’re good to go!

  293. Wei Huang

    AMAZING! I’ve been using it for a while now and have only experienced one minor issue. FLAWLESS!

  294. Pantheress

    Great product. Works just as advertise.

  295. Mark

    If you are like me, you are probably buried in cash. Last week it took me 6 hours to count out all my hundred dollar bills. With this machine, it took 3 minutes and 35 seconds to count 5,555 $100 bills. I triple checked by running the cash through four times and each time it was perfect.This machine will save me from having to hire a human being to count bills. And machines don’t steal! Without this machine I’d have to pay a small fortune to some flunky. Instead, I get to keep all my money!It’s just SO sweet.But seriously, it IS a nice machine and so far the counts ARE spot-on perfect. It’s a little scary how fast it counts actually. The first count startled me it was so fast.

  296. Nkasper

    Very efficient and works without issue. I do not like the UV counterfeit feature and dont like that batch counting can’t be changed. Ultimately, the price versus value is a good proposition.

  297. Yasmin Ahmad

    Awesome deal for the cost.

  298. Aisha Khan

    Description matched the product.

  299. Kumiko Tanaka

    If you’re anything like me, you’re probably swimming in cash. Last week, it took me six hours to tally all my $100 bills. However, with this device, it took me only three minutes and thirty-five seconds to count 5,445 $100 bills. I verified the count by running the cash through four times, and each time it was flawless. This gadget will save me from having to hire someone to count my money, and machines don’t pilfer! Without this device, I’d have to pay a small fortune to some lackey. Instead, I get to keep all my money! It’s just fantastic. But in all seriousness, it is a terrific device, and so far, the counts are precise. It’s a little frightening how quickly it counts, to be honest. The first count startled me because it was so speedy.

  300. Sofia Fernandes

    Quite a useful tool that comes at an affordable price.

  301. Takashi Watanabe

    No errors or jams when counting bills

  302. Dafina Nikolovska

    Perfect for tallying cash.

  303. Wang Wei

    Great performance. Gets the job done!

  304. Xiomara Castillo

    Kolibri Kolibri is as sturdy as a tank. I suggest it for tallying your money before visiting the club. Afterward, shower the precise sum of cash and don’t let those ladies swindle you.

  305. Cooper

    This thing is built like a tank. I recommend it for counting all the dollars out before you hit the gentleman’s club. Then make it rain with the exact amount of cash. Don’t let those girls take ya for all your worth.

  306. Qi Chen

    Highly recommend this product for its affordable price and impressive performance. The math is simple, it gets the job done efficiently.

  307. Zeynep Y?lmaz


  308. RONI

    Works perfect just wish it actually counted 5s 10s 20s 50s and 100s all bunched up together. Other them that, it give you the number of bills you put into the machine.

  309. Umberto Moretti

    A real powerhouse! This machine is invaluable and of excellent quality. No errors since buying it!

  310. Eoin O’Sullivan

    Great item, arrived super fast!

  311. Vinicius Costa

    Affordable and efficient device that performs its function flawlessly without any glitches or interruptions. It has a straightforward and uncomplicated design that gets the job done without any hassle. No jams or technical issues to report.

  312. Carlos Santillan

    Purchased this item for our place of worship to tally weekly funds. Although it may experience paper jams with wrinkled bills, it’s considerably swifter than manual counting. Plus, running the bills through twice guarantees accurate figures, without the need for two individuals to manually count twice. A fantastic investment for the price.

  313. sss

    Bought this for our church to count weekly money. While it can jam on crumpled bills, it’s way faster than hand counting and simply running things through twice verified the numbers instead of two people counting them by hand twice. Wonderful addition for the cost.

  314. Igor Popov

    Exactly what I needed.

  315. Ulrika Persson

    Putting it together was easy to follow, just like in the picture

  316. Tendai Moyo

    Absolutely adore this product! The count is spot on and I haven’t encountered any problems. Will definitely purchase from this seller again. Plus, it arrived in just two days with the platform’s speedy shipping service.

  317. Greg S

    Product works well. Very helpful in counting up bills for our business. A lot quicker than when we used to count by hand. Do wish I had paid a little more attention to the product description as it counts notes but doesn’t provide a total of the money which is what I really wanted but that’s on me, not this product. Counterfeit detection is helpful although have noticed that if you have a torn note repaired with sticky tape it stops and identifies as counterfeit. Overall a good time saver if you have lots of bills to count

  318. Megan Ortega

    A bit disappointed in this simply because i thought the money counter would show the exact money amount on the screen. I didn’t want the number of bills.I don’t like doing math and don’t like counting. I just was looking forward for a money counter to do all the work. It does a good job in the fact of counting the bills yes how many. It sometimes gets jammed with a bill but you can easily take it out and recount. Make sure all bills are stacked properly and folded properly 100%.Thought about returning it after my disappointment,but didn’t want to go through the hassle.

  319. Marie

    If this machine told you the dollar amount it would be better.

  320. Qi Jia

    This is the ultimate device. I’ve owned it for roughly a year and it only made an error once. It spares me a lot of time and effort. Adore all aspects of it.

  321. Brent Collins

    Great performance! Adore how it handles bundles of 10, 100, and more.

  322. Jin-Hee Kim

    Doesn’t properly detect counterfeit bills!

  323. Roxana Vasilescu

    This is awesome! Perfect for home-based enterprises. I utilize it every week and never encounter any issues. It’s dependable and precise, which I can always rely on.

  324. Fatima Abbas

    It’s alright for the price, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. The device occasionally gets jammed.

  325. Rasha Fayed

    My initial experience with a bill counter, and I must say, it’s quite speedy and user-friendly. As of now, it has been precise in its calculations.

  326. Astrid Nielsen

    Looking for a budget-friendly cash counter for our small biz, this one did the trick. No issues after a month of use, always spot-on when tallying. Reliable and affordable – can’t beat that combo! Definitely getting another.

  327. Victoria Rodriguez

    This is my initial tally machine and it’s speedy, although it has had a couple of miscalculations. My recommendation is to pass the cash through twice to double-check.

  328. LJS

    Bought it for my church. It counts the money extremely fast, but it has miscounted a few times. Maybe haste makes waste. I rather it be accurate than fast. I always run the money thru twice to be certain. It was a great deal. Can’t complain too much.

  329. Iris Papadopoulou

    I’ve spent a few months checking out bill counters as a nice addition to my business, but not a must-have. This is my first one, and I was skeptical because it cost 60% less than many others on the market. However, after thoroughly testing it out, I’m delighted with it. I was concerned about having to push the button each time I inserted a stack of bills, as another review had mentioned, and that it would beep loudly. But that’s not the case at all. You can simply put the stack of bills in the back and push them slightly, and it will instantly feed and count them with no beep, and it’s almost silent except for the sound of bills moving quickly. It’s also fast. I’ve counted over 100 bills at a time, quickly and accurately. I only had it jam once with an old stack of bills, but it notified me and even ejected a bill when I pushed the button again. The unit is small, fast, and efficient. The LCD display is minimal, but it does the job of counting my stack of bills. It also does bucket grouping, but I haven’t needed that. The only minor issue I noticed was that the AC cord could be a bit longer. It’s around 3 to 4 feet long, and if the outlet isn’t nearby or it’s on a remote table, it could be a problem. However, it’s easily solvable, and it appears to use a standard plug that can be replaced if necessary.

  330. Vladimir Smirnov

    Great so far! Operating smoothly and quietly with accurate results. Loving it! Hoping I won’t require any warranty.

  331. Shinichi Kudo

    Great value counter with batch and counterfeit bill detection. Easy to operate and saves time from manually counting soiled bills.

  332. Xin Li

    For the cost, this machine is fantastic! It’s been a huge time-saver for me since I operate a couple of little retail shops, and counting cash was a never-ending task. Nowadays, I simply divide the bills by value and let the device work its magic. I’ve been using it for three months now, and it’s been performing admirably!

  333. Giannis Papanikolaou

    Counter for bills works rapidly and precisely. Awesome cost for a dependable performing device.

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