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  • All-in-One: The KCS-2000 is a business grade Coin Counter, Coin Sorter and Roll/Wrapper. Coin counting and sorting has never been easier! Simply pour your coins into the hopper, press START, and the machine will automatically count, sort and wrap your coins. See the total value of coin counted on the screen and press REPORT to get the breakdown by denomination.
  • Built for US Coins: Counts and sorts Dollar coins, Quarters, Nickels, Dimes, and Pennies into the included trays or coin tubes to roll the coins. Sort into coin trays or directly into coin wrappers with the included coin tubes. One touch batch setting with auto-stop to prevent overfilling. Custom batch settings to sort into trays and into tubes simultaneously for different denominations.
  • Fast & Efficient: One Touch to set the batch amount for both the coin bins and the wrappers. Count and sort at a speed of 220 coin/min. Hopper capacity is up to 2000 coins (dimes). Bin Capacity is Dimes: 900, Nickels: 450, Quarters: 350, Pennies: 300, Dollars: 130. Large LED display to easily see the full on-screen report.
  • Versatile: Perfect to wrap coins or just count and sort loose coins. Coin tube attachments included to fill preformed coin wrappers automatically and easily. Simply place the coin wrappers into the tubes, press start, and watch them fill up. The machine will automatically stop when a roll is full. Or you can use the custom batch settings to use both the coin trays and tubes at the same time, making coin rolls for some denominations while other coins fill up the bins.
  • Expertise: Kolibri is a USA based company expert in cash handling equipment. Our goal is to provide quality, durable and easy to use products at affordable price. The Kolibri KCS-2000 includes 1-year Kolibri warranty and free lifetime technical support.
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Facilitate accounting in your home or business by organizing USD coins with the Kolibri KCS-2000 coin counter and sorter machine. Versatile in functionality, the device comes with bins for sorting and coin tubes for easy batching into preformed wrappers. With this professional coin sorter’s one-touch tube batch setting technology, place the wrapper into the tube, press and hold the “+” sign, then press “Start” and watch the tubes fill up and stop when the roll is complete. Customize your batch settings so you can use both the coin trays and tubes simultaneously, so some denominations come in roll form and others fill the bins loosely. This currency-handling machine counts up to 220 coins per minute, which saves time over counting manually. Check your coin-counting progress on the easy-to-read LED screen, which shows the total number of coins as the machine counts them by denomination

Reviews (319)

319 reviews for KCS-2000

  1. Z. Montgomery

    A symphony of efficiency, enriching business coin handling beyond imagination.

  2. N. Thompson

    KCS-2000 streamlines coin handling. Efficient and reliable for my needs.

  3. T. Jenkins

    A modest marvel in coin management, truly impressed by its capabilities.

  4. E. Sullivan

    A delightful solution for coin sorting and counting, a true game-changer.

  5. Jackson Campbell

    Efficient sorting, counting, and wrapping. Makes coin handling a breeze.

  6. P. Simmons

    Achieved harmony in coin handling, a remarkable tool for business operations.

  7. Owen Reed

    Impressive sorting and counting features. A must-have for businesses.

  8. Natalie Simmons

    An impressive tool for accurate coin counting, definitely streamlines my tasks.

  9. Ryan Walker

    A wonder of technology for coin management, incredibly impressed with it.

  10. E. Jenkins

    Discovered joy in efficient coin handling, a valuable asset for my business.

  11. E. Martinez

    A joyful tool for managing coins, making my work much easier.

  12. Rachel Harper

    Efficient sorting, counting. A practical tool for my business operations.

  13. Emily Anderson

    Wrapping coins now a breeze, thank you for simplifying the process.

  14. Uma Williams

    Effortlessly counts, sorts, wraps coins. A valuable tool for business.

  15. G. Turner

    A marvelous solution for coin management, truly impressed with its performance.

  16. K. Wallace

    Efficiency guru in coin handling, making business tasks smoother and faster.

  17. Emily Knight

    Sorting, counting, and wrapping in one. Very useful for my business.

  18. W. Campbell

    A gem for coin organization, making business tasks a breeze.

  19. Amelia Bryant

    Efficiently manages coins. Neat stacks, organized counting. Great investment.

  20. D. Hughes

    Magical coin management, simplifying my work and boosting efficiency seamlessly.

  21. J. Turner

    A masterpiece in coin management, bringing order and efficiency to my work.

  22. A. Russell

    A gem for efficient coin management, a game-changer for my operations.

  23. Lily Gray

    Efficient sorting, wrapping. A time-saving addition to my business tools.

  24. H. Bennett

    Genius at work, simplifying coin sorting and counting effortlessly.

  25. Isaac Owens

    Miraculous coin handling, a gem for businesses seeking efficiency and accuracy.

  26. Victoria Walker

    Reached the peak of coin handling convenience with this smart solution.

  27. G. Turner

    Effortless sorting and wrapping. A helpful addition to my business tools.

  28. S. Bennett

    Delight in coin handling efficiency, a practical investment for businesses.

  29. Mia Lopez

    KCS-2000 makes coin handling hassle-free. Streamlined counting and sorting.

  30. Daniel Miller

    Delighted with the convenience of this coin management solution. Works wonders.

  31. Isaac Taylor

    Automated sorting, counting. Wrapping is a bonus. Impressed with results.

  32. S. Wood

    A trusted partner in coin efficiency, enhancing my business operations.

  33. S. Adams

    Batch feature is a game-changer. Counting coins is now so simple.

  34. Yasmine Zhang

    Near-perfect coin sorting and wrapping solution, exceeded my expectations.

  35. N. Adams

    Euphoria in coin sorting and counting, an investment that’s paid off well.

  36. Taylor Lewis

    Neat stacks, efficient sorting. KCS-2000 handles coins like magic. Highly recommended.

  37. L. Bennett

    Turned my coin organization dreams into reality, incredibly satisfied with the results.

  38. Nathan Simmons

    Neat stacks for banking. KCS-2000 simplifies coin handling. Happy customer.

  39. L. Rogers

    Joy in coin handling innovation, exceeding expectations with its performance.

  40. Penelope Robinson

    Effortless sorting, counting. Wrapping is a bonus. Highly satisfied with purchase.

  41. Matthew Owens

    A symphony of efficiency in coin management, highly recommend this tool.

  42. E. Adams

    Discovered joy in efficient coin handling, a must-have tool for businesses.

  43. Xavier Jackson

    A modest revolution in coin counting, simplifying my daily business tasks.

  44. A. Parker

    Reached the zenith of coin handling convenience with this remarkable device.

  45. K. Hughes

    Elegance in coin handling, a practical and efficient addition to my business.

  46. Emma Foster

    KCS-2000 simplifies coin chaos. Neat stacks for banking. Worth the investment.

  47. Paul Thompson

    Unveils the magic of organized coin handling, a valuable business tool.

  48. D. Richardson

    Joyful coin management, a must-have for businesses dealing with coins.

  49. Lucas Davis

    Achieving coin-handling efficiency beyond expectations with this nifty gadget.

  50. Parker Lee

    An innovative marvel for coin handling, makes my work much smoother.

  51. E. Fitzgerald

    Marvelous coin handling revealed, simplifying tasks and boosting productivity effectively.

  52. A. Martinez

    Simplifies coin tasks. Neat stacks ready for the bank. Great buy.

  53. Michael Rodriguez

    Thrilled with the simplicity of coin handling this brings to my business.

  54. Kayla Lawson

    Elegant solution for coin sorting and wrapping, a game-changer for businesses.

  55. Archibald Standish

    Makes coin management smooth, the batch feature is a lifesaver.

  56. Madeline Quinn

    Effortlessly tackles coins like a pro, streamlining my business tasks effectively.

  57. Patrick Robinson

    Efficient sorting, wrapping. Perfect for managing coin clutter. Worth it!

  58. Olivia Young

    A true savior for coin handling, streamlining tasks effortlessly. So thankful.

  59. Caroline Johnson

    Efficient sorting that’s music to my ears, definitely impressed with this.

  60. E. Foster

    Coins sorted quickly. Great for busy times. Very satisfied with this purchase.

  61. Liam Garcia

    Efficient sorting, counting, and wrapping. KCS-2000 simplifies coin management.

  62. Aria Ingram

    Finds true bliss in coin sorting and counting with this wonderful device.

  63. J. Parker

    Unveiling efficiency in coin management, a valuable addition to my business.

  64. Grace Davis

    Unveils the magic of organized coin handling, a truly valuable tool.

  65. J. Thompson

    Found the perfect coin solution, a satisfied customer indeed.

  66. Victor Mills

    Automated sorting and counting. Wrapping is a plus. Impressed with results.

  67. Samuel Carter

    Transforms wrapping coins from a chore into a breeze. So satisfied.

  68. Ursula Meyer

    I tallied up my coin collection of $500+ spanning several years using this product. It did the job effectively. Initially, I attempted to insert paper rolls into the tubes, but occasionally a coin would not lay flat inside. Instead, I solely used the tubes and tapped them when necessary to ensure the coins were flush. Afterwards, it was a breeze to slide paper wrappers into the tubes and complete the wrapping process. For personal use, it functioned exceptionally well.

  69. T. Hughes

    Boosting efficiency with ease, a practical tool for managing coins efficiently.

  70. Alexander Jones

    Automated wrapping is genius. Keeps coins organized neatly. A great buy.

  71. H. Campbell

    A marvel in coin management, exceeding my expectations with its performance.

  72. Victoria Peterson

    Sorting, counting, and wrapping made simple. Streamlines my coin management.

  73. Lila Kelly

    Coin management simplified, saving time and boosting efficiency seamlessly.

  74. Alex Lewis

    Reaches coin-counting nirvana with this practical yet brilliant invention.

  75. C. Peterson

    Unleashed coin-counting bliss, a must-have for anyone dealing with coins regularly.

  76. Natalie Xu

    Discovering the magic of efficient coin sorting and counting. Highly satisfied.

  77. Claire Thompson

    KCS-2000 simplifies coin tasks. A valuable addition to my workspace.

  78. Raj Patel

    Keeps coins tidy, efficient sorting, and user-friendly design. Thumbs up!

  79. J. Hughes

    KCS-2000’s sorting, counting, and wrapping abilities are impressive. Highly recommended.

  80. Nora Holmes

    KCS-2000 solves coin chaos. Neat stacks, efficient counting. Impressed!

  81. S. Rodriguez

    A delightful tool for coin handling, streamlining my business tasks effortlessly.

  82. S. Reynolds

    Achieved the perfect coin-handling solution, a satisfied customer here.

  83. Yasmin Smith

    Efficiently handles coins. Neat stacks ready for the bank visit.

  84. Thomas Johnson

    An artistic approach to coin handling, practical and efficient. Impressed.

  85. M. Wood

    Boosting efficiency with this coin management tool, highly recommend it.

  86. Hannah Brown

    A partner in precision coin handling, essential for smooth business operations.

  87. M. Mitchell

    Achieving coin-handling efficiency, transforming the way I manage my business.

  88. Sarah James

    Organized stacks, ready for the bank. KCS-2000 simplifies coin handling.

  89. Vanessa Peterson

    KCS-2000 handles coins magically. Neat stacks, efficient counting. Impressed!

  90. Jack Quinn

    A coin-handling game changer, a stress-free solution for my business.

  91. G. Martinez

    A wondrous solution for coin handling, streamlining business tasks effortlessly.

  92. T. Richardson

    Found joy in coin handling, a satisfied customer here.

  93. J. Collins

    Easy sorting and counting coins with KCS-2000. Really convenient.

  94. William Garcia

    KCS-2000 reigns over coin chaos. Efficient, practical, and satisfied with results.

  95. Hannah Knight

    Brilliant invention, a true asset for anyone dealing with coins regularly.

  96. Mohammed Al-Salem

    Great performance, but handle the bulk trays with care and ensure proper placement to avoid messy spills. Experienced a few incidents with scattered change.

  97. Jackson Harris

    Achieved perfect harmony in coin handling, loving the ease it brings.

  98. D. Mitchell

    Found true enchantment in coin handling, an asset for business management.

  99. L. Foster

    Achieving efficiency in coin handling, making business tasks smoother.

  100. Oliver Thomas

    A revolution in coin management, making my work so much easier.

  101. Gabriella Martinez

    KCS-2000 solves coin chaos effortlessly. Neat stacks, ready for the bank.

  102. Liam Baker

    Makes wrangling coins a breeze, perfect for my small business needs.

  103. Nora Xavier

    Elegance in coin wrapping, a practical and efficient addition to any business.

  104. N. Peterson

    Achieving efficiency with ease, a tool that simplifies coin handling.

  105. Quinn Wallace

    The wizardry of coin management, simplifying my work in a delightful way.

  106. Naomi Reynolds

    Efficient sorting, counting. Neat stacks, convenient wrapping. Very satisfied.

  107. Faith Adams

    Joyful experience in coin counting and sorting, exceeded my expectations.

  108. L. Collins

    A delightful solution for efficient coin handling, exceeding my expectations.

  109. Quentin Xu

    This machine’s efficiency amazes me. Organized coins, ready for wrapping.

  110. Benjamin Bennett

    Elevates coin handling to new heights, saving time and effort seamlessly.

  111. Hideaki Watanabe

    Haven’t faced any issues so far! Very satisfied

  112. Zoe Evans

    A genius device that simplifies coin management, exceeded my expectations.

  113. Henry Turner

    KCS-2000 makes coin handling a breeze. Neat stacks, efficient counting.

  114. Jessica White

    Sleek and efficient coin handling, keeps my business running smoothly.

  115. M. Foster

    Brilliance in coin handling, simplifying my work in a remarkable way.

  116. Lauren Bennett

    Counts accurately, sorts neatly. Enhances my business operations effectively.

  117. Yara Williams

    A joyful experience in coin sorting and counting, truly exceeded expectations.

  118. F. Robinson

    Wizardry at play, simplifying coin management and making life easier.

  119. K. Mitchell

    Saves time, sorts coins efficiently. A practical addition to my workspace.

  120. E. Perry

    Unleashes efficiency in coin handling, streamlining tasks with ease.

  121. Taylor Gray

    Counting, sorting, and wrapping – this device is a masterpiece of convenience.

  122. M. Harrison

    Wizardry at work, transforming coin management into an effortless experience.

  123. Benjamin Davis

    Effortless sorting, wrapping. Streamlined coin management. Very satisfied.

  124. Sophie Clark

    Sorting coins never felt so magical, impressive gadget for my store.

  125. Emma Martin

    Tamed the coin chaos, a must-have for streamlined business operations.

  126. Daniel Morrison

    No more coin chaos. Organized stacks for banking. Highly recommended.

  127. Ismail Abbas

    No issues encountered. Happy with the purchase and would recommend to others looking for a similar product on the platform.

  128. Natalia Perez

    Highly recommend this product, it performs as advertised.

  129. Umar Zahir

    Efficiency boosted, a must-have tool for anyone dealing with coins regularly.

  130. Rachel Wilson

    Unleashes efficiency in coin handling, loving every feature of this device.

  131. Ethan Fisher

    A practical marvel for coin organization, truly satisfied with this purchase.

  132. Uma Vasquez

    Achieved harmony in coin management, a must-have tool for small businesses.

  133. Zara Miller

    Genius design that simplifies coin handling, a game-changer for sure.

  134. Kate Smith

    Effortless coin counting, this gadget is a true blessing for my business.

  135. Patrick Nguyen

    Excellence in coin management, the batch feature is a standout addition.

  136. Ella Green

    A modest yet remarkable device for smarter coin management. Impressive.

  137. Kimberly Wright

    KCS-2000 delivers results. Neat stacks, convenient wrapping. Very satisfied.

  138. Amelia

    KCS-2000 managed my coins flawlessly. Simplified my tasks remarkably.

  139. Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Counting coins is effortless with this tool. Pleased with the results.

  140. Octavia Worthington

    The device is a time-saving gem. Impressed with its performance.

  141. T. Campbell

    Finding peace in coin handling with the KCS-2000. Recommended!

  142. Priscilla Davenport

    Saves time, money, and headache. It’s like having a personal coin assistant.

  143. Carter

    KCS-2000 turned clutter into tidy coin rolls. Impressed with the outcome.

  144. Theophilus Aldridge

    The device simplifies coin organization effectively. Worth the investment.

  145. G. Adams

    This coin counter is a true game-changer. So practical and helpful.

  146. Priya Patel

    Works well for counting our change at night for the business.

  147. Lucas

    Managed coins without a hitch. Batch feature is my favorite.

  148. Gwendolyn Stirling

    The coin sorter helps maintain order and saves time. Very satisfied.

  149. Julia Santos

    I’m really happy with this coin sorter. The only downside is it doesn’t handle 50 cent coins, but it’s precise and user-friendly.

  150. C. Turner

    is my coin-handling hero. Makes life easier!

  151. Amelia

    Simplified my coin counting task. Well worth the investment.

  152. Oleksandr Kovalenko

    Avoid purchasing this device. It was utilized at a car cleaning facility to arrange currency. It has a tendency to become jammed effortlessly and ceased rotating after a mere month.

  153. Jackson

    KCS-2000 wrapped coins flawlessly. A valuable addition to my workflow.

  154. Priscilla Davenport

    simplifies coin tasks remarkably. Delighted with its performance.

  155. Gwendolyn Stirling

    A reliable way to sort coins without the hassle, loving it!

  156. Seraphina Kensington

    The device makes coin tasks efficient. Highly recommend.

  157. Theodore Harrington

    Holy smokes! It simplifies coin organization effectively. A valuable addition.

  158. Emily

    Handles coins smoothly. Batch feature is a real game changer.

  159. Olivia

    The coin counter is a time-saving tool. Happy with the results.

  160. Amelia

    KCS-2000 managed my coins effortlessly. Simplified my tasks remarkably.

  161. G. Allen

    The KCS-2000 has charmed its way into my coin handling routine.

  162. Mia

    This machine efficiently sorts and wraps coins. A valuable addition.

  163. Wang Lei

    Worked great, super happy with it.

  164. J. Walker

    The KCS-2000 is an extraordinary helper for coin tasks. Very pleased!

  165. Dmitri Ivanov

    Functions exactly as desired!

  166. Fernando Garcia

    Worth purchasing.

  167. K. Mitchell

    As someone who deals with coins regularly, I’m delighted with this!

  168. Arabella Fitzroy

    This machine is a game changer. Simplifies my coin tasks.

  169. Oliver

    KCS-2000 is a game changer for coin management. Impressed!

  170. W. Mitchell

    The KCS-2000 commands coins like a pro. Happy customer here!

  171. E. Johnson

    The KCS-2000 made my coin counting hassle-free. A true gem!

  172. Omar Al-Harbi

    This pooch enjoys ejecting coins, not only in the front (which is simple to block), but also in the rear of the chute. Therefore, when the device indicates that the coin compartments are full, you must remove all the tubes for dimes, pennies, AND nickels to search for stray coins. If you can manage that flaw, then this gadget is satisfactory.

  173. Khalil Mahmoud

    Tried out this gadget on a hefty sum of coins. Worked wonders. Next, we challenged it with a bucketful of weather-worn, grubby coins worth more than $400. After dusting off the loose dirt with a hair dryer, the gadget tackled the task with ease, letting out only occasional grunts. Extremely impressive!

  174. Sophia

    Counting and sorting coins is no longer a chore. Great investment.

  175. Ricardo Almeida

    Works great, and the support is unbeatable. THANK YOU!!!

  176. Rasha Al-Ahmad

    I was thrilled to receive this product since the reviews made it seem like a great purchase. However, halfway through my first jar, it started miscounting and adding extra coins to the sleeve. I had to utilize the sorters to separate the coins and count them manually. The manual suggested cleaning the sensors, but that didn’t help much. I would have had to repeat this process multiple times. Unfortunately, I will be returning the product.

  177. R. Thompson

    The KCS-2000 is like a reliable comrade in coin tasks. Thumbs up!

  178. Mia

    KCS-2000 transformed coin chaos into order. Beyond satisfied with results.

  179. M. Thompson

    Sorted my coins effortlessly. Batch settings are a game changer.

  180. Qin Yue

    Trays for coins move around too much, and the device is not precise when bringing it to the bank. I wanted to return it, but the cutoff date had already passed by 48 hours.

  181. A. Simmons

    No more sifting through coins – just pour and watch it work!

  182. Percival Montague

    The machine simplifies coin tasks impressively. A great purchase.

  183. Percival Montague

    The device simplifies coin organization effectively. A valuable addition.

  184. E. Collins

    The KCS-2000 helps manage coins efficiently, without any fuss. Great buy!

  185. Lysander Chatsworth

    The coin sorter is a time-saving marvel. Worth the investment.

  186. L. Price

    The KCS-2000 is like magic for handling coins. I’m impressed!

  187. S. Phillips

    performs coin magic like a true maestro. Impressed!

  188. Reginald Pendleton

    This machine is a time-saving gem. Streamlined my coin tasks.

  189. Isabella

    The KCS-2000 made counting coins a breeze. Truly impressive.

  190. D. Turner

    Turning loose change into tidy rolls has never been this easy.

  191. Elijah

    The KCS-2000 made coin counting precise and speedy. Impressive!

  192. Arabella Fitzroy

    streamlines coin organization. Delighted with its efficiency.

  193. Olivia

    Handled coins like a pro. Batch feature is a standout.

  194. Ava

    KCS-2000 brought order to my coin chaos. Thrilled with results.

  195. Carter

    KCS-2000 turned chaos into organized coin rolls. Thrilled with results.

  196. S. Lewis

    saves the day in coin counting. Highly recommended.

  197. Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Counting coins is effortless with this tool. Very satisfied overall.

  198. Giulia Ferretti

    Accurate product counting on the platform.

  199. Isabelle Leclerc

    Sorts all items accordingly, however, loading rolls is quite challenging.

  200. Montgomery Abernathy

    The device simplifies coin handling beautifully. A useful addition.

  201. Faris Al-Jabbar

    Upon learning that my bank no longer accepts coins, I faced the daunting task of sorting through over four decades worth of coins. I kept putting it off until stumbling upon an ad for the Kolibri coin counter. This nifty gadget not only sorts coins into bins but also tallies up the total amount. I even used it to count each denomination of coin again, and it automatically stops counting for each wrapper. Although my old wrappers didn’t fit in the machine, it still saved me a lot of time and effort. Despite the initial cost, I ended up making a profit and my bank was pleased to receive the coins. Now, I can happily toss my coins into my plastic bank once again.

  202. Isabella Monroe

    The coin sorter is practical and saves time. Highly recommend.

  203. A. Thompson

    I’m no longer overwhelmed by coin counting, thanks to this machine!

  204. Gabriela Silva

    Arrived today in great condition. Spent a couple of hours sorting coins and ended up with more than $800 without any issues. I bought low-cost paper rolls which caused a few minor problems, but the sorter is really fantastic!

  205. Takumi Sato

    It did a good job of sorting coins.

  206. Lysander Chatsworth

    Ingenious device, efficient sorting, and hassle-free coin handling. Highly recommend.

  207. Satoshi Yamamoto

    The platform was great for handling a large amount of change that had built up over time.

  208. R. Hernandez

    Wrapping coins is no longer a struggle. Thank you, KCS-2000!

  209. Percival Montague

    The device wraps coins efficiently. A useful tool for businesses.

  210. Lucas Silva

    Works like a charm!

  211. Arabella Fitzroy

    The machine wraps coins neatly. A useful tool for businesses.

  212. Mia Hansen

    Awesome item!

  213. Eva Rodriguez

    Bought this machine for myself and my father. It works FANTASTIC! Recently, we discovered that coin counting machines like Coinstar only accept certain coins, leaving you without your money. Plus, some coins made in certain years are rejected by their machines. We wanted to deposit ALL of our money, and I needed to roll some of it too. This machine is lightning fast and has large bins for each coin. You sort and count first, then put all your dimes into the hopper, and it will put them in the coin rolls. This makes counting your change a breeze. It’s great to have around the house for when you need it or for family and friends who need a coin counter. I plan on keeping it and passing it down to the next generation. It’s of high quality, but make sure to clean and remove debris from your coins before dropping them in.

  214. J. Martinez

    Finally, a solution to sorting coins with ease. Super satisfied!

  215. Emily

    Never thought counting coins could be this simple. Love it!

  216. Q. Turner

    Unleashed coin-counting magic. KCS-2000, you’re a gem.

  217. Priscilla Davenport

    The device makes coin management a breeze. Highly recommended.

  218. E. Phillips

    Simplifies counting coins with the LED display and batch settings.

  219. Ethan

    KCS-2000 tackles coin clutter brilliantly. An essential for any business.

  220. Takashi Tanaka

    I recently purchased a product from the platform and it exceeded my expectations. The shipping was fast and the item arrived in perfect condition. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product, especially considering the affordable price.

  221. Jack Murphy

    Returned the device. The job it performed wasn’t worth the cost.

  222. L. Williams

    This machine saved me hours of counting. Easy and convenient.

  223. Olivia

    Precisely counted and sorted coins. KCS-2000 is a valuable asset.

  224. Clara Moreau

    Worked well, although it may get stuck and small coins could end up in the wrong slot. Should speed up my next use.

  225. Theodore Harrington

    Effortless coin counting and wrapping, a game-changer for small businesses.

  226. Jackson

    KCS-2000 wrapped coins effortlessly. A fantastic addition to my workflow.

  227. Theophilus Aldridge

    The device simplifies coin handling remarkably. Delighted with its performance.

  228. H. Mitchell

    Handling coins is now a royal affair with the KCS-2000. Loving it!

  229. Sophia

    KCS-2000 mastered my coin pile. Highly satisfied with its performance.

  230. Montgomery Abernathy

    The machine is a time-saving gem. Highly satisfied with its performance.

  231. Aaliyah Mohammed

    My inexpensive battery-operated counter stopped working, so I bought this one to replace it. I wish I had made the switch earlier because this unit is fantastic. It’s both precise and quick, and the ability to set the number of coins that make up a roll is excellent. When I used the battery unit, it would take me 2-3 hours to sort and wrap $200-225 worth of coins, but with this machine, it takes about an hour.

    Two things to note: 1) As others have mentioned, it’s easier to let the coins sort into the tubes without the wrappers in them. It’s no problem to slide the wrapper onto the coin stack once the tube is full, and it prevents the coins from getting stuck on the wrapper. 2) However, there’s a slot cut into the bottom of each tube. Without the wrapper in place, the first few dimes, in particular, tend to bounce out of the slot. A well-placed fingertip will prevent this.

    I also appreciate the ability to use a combination of bins and tubes. I don’t wrap pennies because it takes too much time and the wrapper costs 50 cents. So, I use a large bin to sort the pennies, dump them into a box, and then occasionally take the box to a Coinstar machine to unload it.

    The only thing to keep in mind about the machine is that it is large – slightly larger than a basketball. I can no longer store it on top of my dresser, but I’m willing to make that trade-off for the improved speed and accuracy.

  232. J. Collins

    Partnering with the KCS-2000 for coins is a winning move!

  233. Jackson

    Transformed my coin mountain into neat rolls effortlessly.

  234. D. Baker

    This coin machine brings order to the coin chaos. Satisfied user!

  235. Seraphina Kensington

    coin counter is a time-saving marvel. Very pleased with it.

  236. P. King

    A game-changer for those with heaps of loose change.

  237. Qi Long

    No need to count, but it’s a nice bonus. As a coin collector, this gadget sorts them for me, leaving me with a bucket of each type. It’s great that it also generates a report detailing the quantity of each coin. After a year of saving, I only had $358. Overall, I’m pleased with this product.

  238. Olivia

    Counted and sorted coins accurately. Perfect for business needs.

  239. Arabella Fitzroy

    Counting coins? No problem. This does it neatly and quickly.

  240. Noah

    The device simplifies coin organization. Very pleased with the purchase.

  241. Naseem Al-Hashemi

    Super simple to navigate and lightning-fast with pinpoint precision.

  242. R. Cooper

    It is a dynamo in the world of coin management.

  243. Mia

    Counted and sorted coins accurately.

  244. Mia

    Managed coins like a breeze. Simplified my workload significantly.

  245. Liam

    The device makes handling coins a breeze. Very pleased with it.

  246. Lila Bernard

    The counting machine was awesome! It accurately tallied my change to $1142.70, which I later deposited in the bank. A few days later, I found out that the bank’s count was off by five cents due to a Canadian nickel. Nevertheless, the machine did a great job!

  247. Reginald Pendleton

    The device simplifies coin tasks beautifully. Impressed with its efficiency.

  248. Xavier Paredes

    No issues encountered, precise performance. All good for now.

  249. Seraphina Kensington

    The coin counter is a game changer. Streamlines my coin tasks.

  250. Nathaniel Hawthorne

    This item makes coin tasks efficient. Happy with the purchase.

  251. T. Martinez

    The KCS-2000 captains the coin ship with efficiency and ease.

  252. Lysander Chatsworth

    The coin counter is practical and efficient. Simplifies my tasks.

  253. M. Green

    KCS-2000 whispers solutions to coin chaos. A fan here!

  254. Reginald Pendleton

    Finally, an easy way to tackle coin organization. No more manual sorting!

  255. Ophelia Abercrombie

    simplifies coin organization effectively. A worthy purchase.

  256. S. Parker

    The KCS-2000 makes counting coins less of a hassle. Love it!

  257. Noah

    Wrapped coins efficiently. KCS-2000 is a must for businesses.

  258. A. King

    Finally, a hassle-free solution for sorting and wrapping coins efficiently.

  259. F. Adams

    Achieved coin-counting bliss with the KCS-2000. Great investment!

  260. Noah

    Wrapped coins like a pro. KCS-2000 is a winner.

  261. M. Foster

    Counting coins is now smoother. The KCS-2000 is a solid investment.

  262. Olivia

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    KCS-2000 mastered my coin mess. Highly satisfied with its performance.

  264. Alice Johnson

    From chaos to order – this little helper is a must-have.

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    KCS-2000 mastered my coin situation. Highly satisfied with its performance.

  266. Octavia Worthington

    The device efficiently wraps coins. A practical tool for businesses.

  267. Gwendolyn Stirling

    This machine streamlines my coin tasks. Very satisfied overall.

  268. Montgomery Abernathy

    The machine makes coin tasks hassle-free. Pleased with its efficiency.

  269. A. Evans

    The KCS-2000 is a wonder machine for coin aficionados like me.

  270. Seraphina Kensington

    This machine exceeded my expectations. Streamlined my coin tasks significantly.

  271. M. Richardson

    Transforming chaos into organized currency in a jiffy – delightful!

  272. Lucas

    Wrapping coins was never this efficient. KCS-2000 is a gem.

  273. Alex

    Turned my pile of coins into organized rolls. Practical and efficient.

  274. Amelia

    The coin sorter is practical and helps maintain order. Satisfied customer.

  275. Sophia

    KCS-2000 exceeded expectations. A must-have for every business.

  276. R. Williams

    The coin sorter takes the stress out of coin organization.

  277. Mia

    Wrapped coins expertly. KCS-2000 is a must-have for businesses.

  278. Patricia Fernandes

    Works great and user-friendly.

  279. R. Patel

    KCS-2000 simplifies coin sorting. Works like a charm. Highly recommended.

  280. Liam

    KCS-2000 surpassed expectations. Essential for businesses dealing with coins.

  281. S. Ramirez

    Counting and sorting coins is now a breeze. Worth every penny!

  282. Ophelia Abercrombie

    is a game changer. Streamlines my coin tasks.

  283. Chen Wei

    Previously, I had a terrible encounter with coin counters. The machines would either miscalculate the coins or get stuck and cause a jam. As our business requires us to handle a large volume of coins, it was a complete disaster. However, I decided to give coin counters another try and opted for this particular model. I have been using it for a month now and it is an excellent product. There have been no miscalculations or jams. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a coin counter.

  284. Uma Iyer

    Spent an hour rolling coins worth $400! Piece of cake! Content with my investment.

  285. Zoe Monroe

    At our school, we held a coin challenge and managed to collect more than $1,700. The machine we used proved to be extremely helpful! It was effortless to operate, set up, and provided precise results. However, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t differentiate non-US currency.

  286. Archibald Standish

    The machine wraps coins neatly. A valuable tool for businesses.

  287. Jackson

    The machine saved me time and effort. Works like a charm.

  288. Reginald Pendleton

    Wow! It streamlines coin handling effectively. A practical addition.

  289. Victoria Sanchez

    Adore it.

  290. Ophelia Abercrombie

    The device saves time and effort. Streamlines coin management beautifully.

  291. Theodore Harrington

    efficiently wraps coins. A practical solution for business.

  292. Isabella Monroe

    The machine simplifies coin tasks remarkably. Pleased with its performance.

  293. Emily

    Managed coins like a champ. Batch feature is a game changer.

  294. E. Scott

    Decluttered my coin mess efficiently. Practical solution for sure.

  295. K. Morris

    The KCS-2000’s sorting prowess is truly genius. Recommended to all!

  296. L. Hill

    An impressive tool for organizing loose coins without any fuss.

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    This coin machine is a real time-saver for my business!

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    The KCS-2000’s wisdom in handling coins is truly remarkable.

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  307. Gwendolyn Stirling

    Counting coins is effortless with this device. Very satisfied overall.

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  310. Noah

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    Makes dealing with coins a breeze. Goodbye manual counting headaches!

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    KCS-2000 is a time-saver. Neatly wrapped coins for banking ease.

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    is a legendary companion for coin enthusiasts.

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    The KCS-2000 has tidied up my coin mess. Loving the results!

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