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  • Ultimate Protection: Shield your business from counterfeit bills with KCD-2000’s 10 advanced detection methods, including ultraviolet, magnetic ink, infrared, and size detection.
  • Lightning Fast: Instant 4-orientation verification of Kolibri’s best counterfeit detector ensures no wasted time, allowing for efficient and accurate bill validation in any orientation.
  • Enhanced Security: Stay one step ahead with automatic denomination identification on the TFT screen, protecting against bleached bills and other fraud schemes.
  • 2-in-1 Functionality: Maximize efficiency with a dual-purpose counterfeit bill detector that not only detects fake bills but also counts and displays a full count report by denomination on-screen.
  • Trusted Expertise: Rely on Kolibri, a USA-based company with a proven track record in cash handling equipment, offering a 1-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.
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 The KCD-2000 is an automatic and powerful tool for identifying suspected counterfeit bills. It reads the denomination of the bills with infrared sensors to catch suspected counterfeit bills and give a full on-screen report of the genuine bills counted. With its advanced sensors, the KCD-2000 also verifies magnetic marks and UV signatures.

Reviews (166)

166 reviews for KCD-2000

  1. D.C. Green

    This company’s functionality is flawless. Happy with my purchase.

  2. S.R. Martinez

    Counting and identifying bleached bills? I’m in awe. Thanks, Kolibri!

  3. L.J. Morrison

    This gadget saved me time and headaches. Worth every penny.

  4. A.F. Ramirez

    This gadget is my business’s new best friend. Reliable and smart.

  5. Y.C. Scott

    KCD-2000’s multi-method detection and denomination tracking are incredible features for business security.

  6. A.Y. Stewart

    Kolibri’s KCD-2000 is a performance powerhouse. Quick verification and accurate counting – what more could I ask for?

  7. I.F. Baker

    Kolibri’s design is sleek, and performance is sharp. Love it!

  8. A.B. Martinez

    Kolibri’s warranty and support seal the deal. Confidence booster!

  9. H.M. Lee

    Kolibri delivers what it promises. My business feels secure.

  10. O.B. Richardson

    The KCD-2000’s smart features have revolutionized the way I handle cash. Kudos to Kolibri for this innovation!

  11. R.M. Ward

    Counting, validating – KCD-2000 is a top-notch multitasker.

  12. Azyria

    KCD-2000’s multifunctional design has saved my business from potential counterfeit bill losses. Thank you, Kolibri!

  13. Ludmila

    I’ve found the ultimate bill defender. Kolibri, you’re a star!

  14. Tiana Ronjevic

    With 6 detections, KCD-2000 is a fraudster’s worst nightmare.

  15. Elif ?ahin

    This checker machine is a blast! Much appreciated.

  16. L.M. Price

    Exceeded my expectations. Kolibri’s tech is top-notch.

  17. DarkMole

    KCD-2000’s secure detection methods and denomination tracking provide a reliable solution for my business.

  18. I.P. Mitchell

    Dual functionality and efficient bill validation? I’m sold on Kolibri.

  19. J.I. Morris

    This counterfeit detector’s 6 detection methods have saved my business from potential losses. So grateful!

  20. H.T. Collins

    Revolutionary tech from Kolibri. Business just got safer.

  21. Fabrice Moreau

    Using and reading the bill amount is lightning fast.

  22. Raquel Gonzalez

    KCD-2000’s innovation in counterfeit detection is unmatched. A true game-changer for businesses.

  23. G.R. Allen

    Sleek, smart, and efficient – KCD-2000 is a winner.

  24. Burgut Shawn

    KCD-2000’s multiple detections shield my business. Grateful for USA-based Kolibri’s reliable solution.

  25. R.G. Williams

    Kolibri enhances business brilliance. Accurate and efficient.

  26. L.R. Scott

    From accurate validation to quick counting, KCD-2000 has it all.

  27. P.Q. Robinson

    Cutting-edge detection. Running my business stress-free now.

  28. N.M. Peterson

    Kolibri’s instant orientation verification has saved me time and hassle. A genuine asset for any business.

  29. M.C. Doni

    A year of warranty and lifetime support – Kolibri’s got customer trust down.

  30. Xiaoyan Liu

    KCD-2000 functioned for just one month and when I attempted to utilize the warranty, Kolibri ceased replying to my electronic correspondence.

  31. A.J. Taylor

    Kolibri’s device is my business’s new security hero! 6 detections? Wow!

  32. Barbara Rodriguez

    KCD-2000’s execution of detecting and counting is flawless, making my business transactions smooth.

  33. A.B. Walker

    KCD-2000 is sleek and dependable – a must-have in today’s world.

  34. S.N. Mitchell

    KCD-2000 is the innovation every business needs for security.

  35. S.E. Hall

    I’m in love with this device – sleek, smart, and secure.

  36. Leonardo Santoro

    Very convenient, this product is easy to use and transport. I bought it online and it arrived quickly.

  37. F.J. Reed

    With the KCD-2000, I can validate bills confidently, thanks to its lightning-fast 4-orientation verification.

  38. S.G. Walker

    Business security level up. Kolibri’s my security partner.

  39. N.R. Robinson

    The KCD-2000’s instant verification ensures accuracy, and its denomination display keeps me informed.

  40. Wesley’s Meory

    No more worries about fake bills. The ultimate protection I needed.

  41. No Exito

    The KCD-2000’s technological brilliance has made counterfeit detection a breeze. A must-have for businesses!

  42. E.C. Phillips

    Impressive detection methods and size identification. Kolibri shines!

  43. R.O. Turner

    Fake bill defense champion. Kolibri, I trust you!

  44. E.N. Thompson

    Kolibri’s tech is future-ready. Smooth business sailing ahead.

  45. Ernesto Doncic

    Bleached bill protection and denomination ID? Impressed, Kolibri!

  46. A.S. Davis

    Effortless detection and counting. Kolibri, you’re a winner.

  47. Tefal Henovic

    This gadget’s versatility and efficiency are truly impressive.

  48. L.U. Phillips

    Kolibri’s 2-in-1 solution has streamlined my cash management, making it an indispensable asset.

  49. D.N. Turner

    Size detection, instant verification – KCD-2000 is a gem.

  50. E.G. Wright

    Kolibri’s design and features are spot-on. Love using it.

  51. Ben Stacy

    KCD-2000 has redefined cash handling efficiency with its quick verification and denomination identification.

  52. L.B. Adams

    It’s a modern marvel. Bill validation made simple.

  53. Gwendolyn Brooks

    Using this tool to authenticate US currency is faster, more accurate, and superior to relying on a pen.

  54. Hayato Tanaka

    I was really hopeful about this product. Our workplace needed a new fake money detector, so I chose this one over our previous model, which only lasted a year. Unfortunately, right out of the box, we encountered an issue. It worked at first, but after a while, the screen froze and turned white. We could temporarily fix it by turning it off and on again, but eventually, we had to unplug and replug it. This solution only worked for a short time before the screen froze again. Eventually, it got stuck on the white screen and wouldn’t work at all. I should have paid more attention to the negative reviews. I strongly advise avoiding this product.

  55. K.J. Hayes

    Kolibri’s got my back. Easy verification and accurate counting.

  56. L.F. Anderson

    Counting and validating bills has never been this efficient. Kudos, Kolibri!

  57. K.R. White

    Kolibri’s expertise shines through. Trust their 6 detections.

  58. BatmanPattinson

    Kolibri’s counterfeit detector is a leap forward in cash handling technology. Quick, reliable, and efficient.

  59. S.D. Allen

    Denomination ID on TFT screen? Kolibri, you’ve outdone yourself!

  60. S.L. Williams

    Bill counting and validation made easy. A sigh of relief.

  61. XYZ

    Thanks to Kolibri, my business’s cash handling is swift and secure with the KCD-2000’s rapid validation.

  62. G.H. Allen

    Kolibri’s device offers advanced protection with quick and accurate bill validation. A must-have!

  63. T.F. Wood

    A masterpiece by Kolibri – 4-orientation verification is amazing.

  64. E.M. Reed

    Kolibri makes bill validation a no-brainer. Super satisfied!

  65. M.E. Howard

    Kolibri’s detector with bill counting capability is a phenomenal solution for seamless business operations.

  66. P.J. Parker

    Business defense done right with Kolibri. Highly recommended.

  67. R.P. Turner

    Size detection and 4-orientation validation – KCD-2000 rocks!

  68. P.O. Hayes

    Kolibri’s 1-year warranty, paired with top-notch detection capabilities, makes me feel secure and satisfied.

  69. E.L. Collins

    A year’s warranty and free support? Kolibri’s customer care shines.

  70. S.J. White

    Kolibri saves the day against counterfeits. Business protector.

  71. S.J. Bell

    Secure counting and verification. Business flows smoothly now.

  72. T.K. Carter

    6 detections mean business. Counting and verifying, simplified.

  73. T.E. Brooks

    Accurate detection and counting. Couldn’t ask for more.

  74. H.R. Wright

    Say goodbye to wasted time – Kolibri’s tech is lightning-fast and smart.

  75. T.P. Nguyen

    State-of-the-art protection for my cash flow. Impressed by the tech.

  76. U.Z. Wright

    Kolibri’s 2-in-1 device is the perfect addition to my business. Reliable verification and denomination reporting.

  77. T.O. Martinez

    Trust Kolibri for accurate tech. Business safeguarded with ease.

  78. W.E. Turner

    With automatic denomination ID, I feel like a money-handling pro!

  79. Litvinow Mansur

    I trust Kolibri for its proven expertise. The KCD-2000’s performance has exceeded my expectations.

  80. P.L. Reed

    KCD-2000 is my secret weapon against counterfeiters. Truly amazed.

  81. L.Q. Perez

    The KCD-2000 is pure genius! Catching fake bills effortlessly, making my business secure.

  82. S.M. Bailey

    The Kolibri KCD-2000’s swift verification and denomination tracking have simplified my cash handling tasks.

  83. R.S. Scott

    Spot-on denomination ID. Bleached bills, no more!

  84. L.G. Morris

    Kolibri’s device seamlessly combines detection and counting, providing remarkable convenience for my business.

  85. Keiko Honda

    Great value for the cost.

  86. B.J. Brown

    Kolibri nailed it! The infrared and magnetic ink detection are saviors.

  87. S.W. Murphy

    Kolibri’s proven track record and 1-year warranty make the KCD-2000 a trustworthy choice for any business.

  88. J.P. Taylor

    KCD-2000 is the smart choice for businesses that value security.

  89. C.V. King

    Thanks to Kolibri, I now have peace of mind knowing my business is safeguarded from counterfeit bills.

  90. D.H. Green

    Thanks to Kolibri, my cash handling has become more reliable.

  91. T.H. Cooper

    No more fake bill worries – Kolibri’s tech is my go-to.

  92. P.W. Stewart

    Kolibri shines again. Reliable, efficient, and impressive.

  93. Fifin Muffin

    Kolibri’s detector is the perfect partner for my business. Its advanced detections and accuracy are commendable.

  94. N.S. Taylor

    From automatic ID to quick verification, KCD-2000 shines.

  95. S.T. Walker

    KCD-2000’s advanced features offer unprecedented protection. A vital tool for every business owner.

  96. M.T. Lewis

    Kolibri makes my job smoother. Fake bill worries are history.

  97. K.I. Foster

    Kolibri’s counterfeit detector has delivered excellence with its advanced features and accurate performance.

  98. T.O. Green

    As a business owner, I trust Kolibri’s USA-based expertise completely.

  99. E.M. Smith

    This gadget rocks! Instant verification and bill counting are a game-changer.

  100. Zahra Alizadeh

    At two of our retail outlets, we utilize the Kolibri 2000. The product operates flawlessly, alleviating any concerns of fraudulent bills. It’s user-friendly and, above all, valuable. I must also acknowledge Amir’s assistance in replacing a malfunctioning unit. Post-sale service is crucial, and thus far, we’ve had a positive encounter with this business.

  101. M.J. Hill

    From fake bills to full reports, Kolibri’s device has it all covered.

  102. K.R. Foster

    Awesome unit makes business smooth. Easy verification, no hassles.

  103. K.J. Moore

    Say goodbye to fake bills – Kolibri’s tech is revolutionary.

  104. Applausing Monster

    Kolibri’s gadget has made my cash handling hassle-free and secure.

  105. G.P. Simmons

    This Kolibri device has perfected the art of bill verification. Counting and detection in one package – wow!

  106. M.K. Sullivan

    Counting and detecting with precision. Kolibri nailed it!

  107. J.R. Anderson

    Kolibri’s features instill confidence. Reliable and efficient.

  108. J.D. Harris

    A dual-purpose marvel that safeguards my business. Kolibri, you rock!

  109. Jaime Ortega

    From my interpretation, this product was marketed as a money counter, but it does not actually tally up the cash.

  110. D.X. Ward

    The KCD-2000 deserves an A+ for its innovative features that protect my business from counterfeit bills.

  111. Vera Popova

    This only pertains to the US currency, but the device definitely functions. There’s no doubt it can differentiate between counterfeit and authentic bills. The key factor is its efficiency and how many times you must attempt due to false positives. Apart from the usual precautions of keeping the bill flat and unbending any corners, it appears you must insert the bill to the far left. While it can also accept foreign currency of varying sizes, it would be better if it included size adjusters to guide the bills. Unfortunately, it only comes with a removable magnetic plastic piece that is not for US currency and only fits one size. This is disappointing. The machine should either have adjustable sizing or include different size pieces. Nonetheless, the trick is to slant the bill 5 degrees to the left when inserting it into the machine. Enjoy!

  112. Wei Feng

    Our two Emerald City Smoothie stores opted for fake bill readers. Unfortunately, one of them stopped working after just 6 months and the other followed suit 2 months later. I contacted Kalibri and was initially told that there was nothing they could do. Frustrated, I decided to send an email a few weeks later. Luckily, I was put in touch with Cody Hicks who was extremely professional and sympathetic to my situation. After explaining the issues, Cody requested the serial numbers and promptly replaced both units. I appreciate his efficiency and excellent customer service. Despite this positive experience, I gave a 3-star rating for value as I am still unsure about the longevity of the new units. Thank you to Kalibri for resolving the issue.

  113. J.S. Turner

    Infrared, magnetic ink, and more – Kolibri has truly nailed it.

  114. Bruno da Costa

    Extremely responsive! Awesome and user-friendly, but it’s crucial to insert the bills precisely into the designated slot and ensure their pristine condition.

  115. M.R. Cooper

    Kolibri’s essential for business. Security and counting combined.

  116. B.K. Campbell

    Trust Kolibri for counterfeit defense. Dependable and accurate.

  117. G.N. Bennett

    Business got smarter with Kolibri. Reliable and efficient.

  118. R.K. White

    This is the ultimate protection against fake bills. Size detection? Brilliant!

  119. N.E. Mitchell

    Bills verified in seconds. Foolproof protection for my business.

  120. David Faster

    KCD-2000’s dependable performance and accurate denomination tracking are a boon for business owners.

  121. R.K. Nelson

    Enhanced security and denomination identification have made this Kolibri detector a game-changer for my store.

  122. I.O. Johnson

    Caught fakes effortlessly. Kolibri KCD-2000 is the real deal.

  123. J.K. Ward

    Kolibri’s bill counter and verifier is a money-saver for sure.

  124. G.C. Peterson

    Validates bills in a flash. The accuracy blew my mind!

  125. Q.F. Allen

    KCD-2000 has boosted my confidence in handling cash. Its advanced detection is truly reassuring.

  126. M.A. Turner

    Kolibri’s innovation shines. Efficient and accurate counting.

  127. Kristina Si

    Kolibri’s device is essential for anyone dealing with cash.

  128. D.N. Carter

    As a business owner, I’m amazed by how Kolibri’s detector uses multiple methods to ensure bill authenticity.

  129. B.W. Bennett

    Kolibri’s detector offers a seamless blend of accuracy and efficiency. Simplifying my cash handling tasks.

  130. M.B. Morris

    KCD-2000’s size detection and quick checks make my day.

  131. G.P. Miller

    Kolibri’s tech has my back – the TFT screen is a bonus lifesaver.

  132. Adriana Moraes

    As the proprietor of a store with a wide-ranging collection of vintage items, I was in search of a straightforward solution. This product fits the bill and is definitely worth the cost. It’s compact enough to sit beside my cash register and user-friendly to boot. I highly recommend it to fellow small business owners.

  133. A.D. Butler

    Kolibri’s detection is on point.

  134. N.F. Clark

    From ultraviolet to size detection, this device spells “security.”

  135. L.T. Wood

    KCD-2000’s multiple detections and quick verification are superb.

  136. Black is Back

    Kolibri’s counterfeit detector has exceeded my hopes. Efficient, accurate, and easy to use!

  137. C.E. Mitchell

    Thi machine performance is impeccable. Business upgrade achieved!

  138. Oscar Vidal

    Lately, we’ve had problems with fake bills. However, we haven’t encountered any since utilizing this product in conjunction with a pen on bills valued at $10 or higher.

  139. G.K. Bennett

    Thank you, Kolibri, for boosting my peace of mind and efficiency!

  140. E.B. Patel

    No more long waits for bill validation. Kolibri is my hero.

  141. K.L. Turner

    Sleek, efficient, and with 4-orientation verification? This is a masterpiece!

  142. M.L. Price

    The 2-in-1 functionality of detecting and counting fake bills is a lifesaver. Kolibri, you’ve outdone yourselves!

  143. P.L. Bell

    Denomination identification? Kolibri, you’ve got my respect!

  144. LJ Coolio

    My bills are safe with Kolibri. Instant validation is a game-changer.

  145. V.P. Simmons

    KCD-2000’s advanced detection and quick verification make it an outstanding performer in my business setup.

  146. L.M. Smith

    Top-tier verification with Kolibri. Business upgraded!

  147. Laylo Tulaganova

    Running my business without worries. Kolibri, you rock!

  148. W.N. Hill

    Business bliss with Kolibri. Counting, validation – all smiles.

  149. Jay Jonah

    Kolibri’s gadget is a cash-handling genius – efficient and reliable.

  150. I am Kenough

    Investing in KCD-2000 was a brilliant move. It safeguards my business with top-notch counterfeit detection.

  151. P.H. Smith

    KCD-2000’s comprehensive protection and quick verification have left me beyond satisfied as a customer.

  152. Oh MF

    From ultraviolet to denomination ID, KCD-2000 is a money-saver.

  153. W.X. Barnes

    KCD-2000 is my trustworthy partner in managing cash. Fast verification and denomination display are unbeatable.

  154. N.Y. Powell

    Lightning-fast validation with security at its core. Recommending!

  155. A.M. Hall

    Infrared, UV, and magnetic ink detection – Kolibri’s got my back.

  156. I told you so

    KCD-2000’s performance in detecting counterfeit bills is impressive. It’s an asset for any business owner.

  157. B.C. Bell

    KCD-2000’s quick verification is a blessing for my business.

  158. G.M. Adams

    Counting and verifying – double delight. Thanks, Kolibri!

  159. Mohamed Said

    The content couldn’t be loaded. I do car repairs on the side and customers typically pay me in cash. I purchased this device to verify the authenticity of large bills and avoid counterfeits. It’s a simple process – plug it in and insert the cash for verification. The device even keeps track of the total amount of cash checked. While I’ve never fallen victim to counterfeit money and don’t anticipate it happening, having this device provides a sense of security.

  160. Ricardo Silva

    We received a few counterfeit invoices, but purchasing this device was the answer. It’s user-friendly and thus far, everything is functioning well.

  161. Qi Rui

    I got this item to safeguard my business against counterfeit bills and add to my bill counter. The design is nice and it works flawlessly. I attempted to deceive the device, but it didn’t fall for it.

  162. Parvati Mehta

    The device performed without any issues, prompting me to purchase another one in the near future.

  163. Chiyoko Sato

    At times, bills need to be fed multiple times due to their tendency to switch between pass and fail, depending on the angle of insertion. Despite this, the product is still worthwhile.

  164. Sachiko Ito

    Using this thing is a breeze. Just let the approved bills slide out the back, while the rejected ones get kicked out.

  165. Umberto Bianchi

    As a manager of a large store, we’ve recently experienced a series of fake $100 bills. I decided to purchase the Kolibri KCD-2000, which had great reviews and useful features. We’re really pleased with it for a few reasons. Firstly, it eliminates any confusion for my staff. Secondly, the bill can be inserted in four different directions. Thirdly, it’s simple to identify if a bill is suspicious. Lastly, it doubles as a money counter. With this machine, I’m confident that we won’t receive any more counterfeit bills.

  166. Nathalie Leblanc

    After purchasing several fake currency detectors, this one performs the most effectively.

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