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  • Easy to Use: With a simple PASS or FAIL, the KCD-1000 makes it easier to use then counterfeit pens or UV light scanners saving your business time and money.
  • All Way Orientation: The counterfeit money detector allows bills to be inserted in any orientation when checking for fraudulent bills.
  • High-Level Detection: The money checker utilizes UV, MG, IR, Size, and Double Note to detect any fake counterfeit bills that may be circulating.
  • Infrared Light: Most counterfeit pens and UV lights can only protect against a small number of fake bills. The KCD-1000 uses IR technology ensuring top-notch protection.
  • Efficient: The process of checking a currency bill with the money detector takes less than 2 seconds and it will safeguard your business. Only reads US Currency. Includes 1-year warranty.
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Ensure only genuine currency goes into your cash register with Kolibri’s KCD-1000 Counterfeit Money Detector. It features ultraviolet, magnetic ink, infrared, thickness, size and watermark detection, allowing it to detect various discrepancies and counterfeiting techniques. The fake money detector also reads bills inserted in any of the four possible orientations, reducing false rejects. This also saves time and effort and makes the unit simple to use with minimal training. A digital readout displays a clear Pass or Fail result with each scan. Scanning is also quick and efficient, with bills passing through the money checker machine in as little as 0.5 seconds. Its compact and lightweight design makes the unit conveniently portable for use at different merchandise stands, restaurants or other point-of-sale locations. The streamlined dimensions conveniently fit a counter-sharing space with cash registers and other equipment.

Reviews (97)

97 reviews for KCD-1000

  1. Liam

    Rapidly verifies bills, guarding our store against counterfeit trouble.

  2. Aiden

    Bye bye worries, welcomes legitimate transactions with open arms.

  3. Maya

    Swift and reliable counterfeit checks, an indispensable addition for us.

  4. Christopher Adams

    Swift check, helps prevent fake bill incidents. Great tool for businesses.

  5. Ellie

    Speedy check, upholds the authenticity of our transactions.

  6. Arsene

    Solid counterfeit detection, quick process. Satisfied with this investment.

  7. Olivia

    Validates bills rapidly, keeps the line moving and safe.

  8. Grace Lewis

    Detects various counterfeit signs, easy operation. Happy with this purchase.

  9. David

    Takes control of counterfeit risks, no-nonsense and hassle-free.

  10. Mia

    Infrared tech adds extra security to our money-handling routine.

  11. Oliver

    Rely on KCD-1000 to ensure our cash is genuine every time.

  12. Lucia Fernandez

    I rely on this tool every day for my business. It’s a real lifesaver when it comes to finances.

  13. Wyatt

    Smart addition to our business, guarding us against counterfeit threats.

  14. Jackson Walker

    Fast and accurate, boosts confidence in cash transactions. Recommended for businesses.

  15. Hannah

    Dependable safeguard against counterfeit notes, quick and efficient.

  16. Lily

    Ensures genuine bills, seamless and trustworthy counterfeit detection solution.

  17. Evan

    Quick detection, keeping our business protected from counterfeit threats.

  18. Isabella Turner

    Fast, accurate, and simple to use. Happy with this purchase.

  19. Charlotte

    Smart investment for secure transactions, trustworthy detection capabilities.

  20. Caleb

    Superior counterfeit detection technology, making transactions secure.

  21. Ethan

    Detects even the sneakiest fakes, no more uncertainty at checkout.

  22. Mahmoud El-Sayed

    Detecting only one counterfeit bill is enough to make up for the cost of this product. It’s user-friendly and won’t damage the money.

  23. Isabella

    Checks in all directions, feels secure against counterfeit bills.

  24. Harper

    No-nonsense detection, guards against fake bills without delay.

  25. Aurora

    Swift verification, ensuring our dealings are always genuine.

  26. Victoria Walker

    Detects fakes in a snap, convenient for businesses. Pleased with its performance.

  27. Victoria

    Unmatched detection, identifying counterfeit notes with speed and accuracy.

  28. Paige

    Efficient check, adds security to cash handling. Impressed with its performance.

  29. Olivia Lee

    Quick verification, peace of mind for transactions. Good investment.

  30. Jackson

    Multilayered detection keeps us protected, no-nonsense approach to security.

  31. Eliana

    High-level security, guaranteeing only genuine transactions occur.

  32. Ethan White

    Efficient detection, hassle-free operation. Solid protection against counterfeit bills.

  33. Grace

    Practical tool for any business, keeping us safe from fake money.

  34. Andrew

    Effective and efficient, keeping us away from counterfeit risks.

  35. Mark Johnson

    Detects fakes easily, no more hassle with pens or UV lights.

  36. Leo

    Spot-on detection, gives confidence in our currency handling process.

  37. Mia Thompson

    Solid counterfeit detection, quick verification process. Impressed with its performance.

  38. Tariq Bakr

    It’s great how quickly you can verify the authenticity of your bills

  39. Scarlett

    Modern solution to age-old problem, trust the KCD-1000 with our money.

  40. Elijah

    Fast 2-second check, peace of mind for my business.

  41. Emma f

    Fast verification, saved us from potential counterfeit issues. Worth the purchase.

  42. Benjamin

    Detects fakes swiftly, ensuring we’re not losing money. Smart investment.

  43. Patricia Silva

    The device went offline, so I rang them up and they promptly resolved the issue.

  44. Isaac

    Dependable and efficient, a key player in our security measures.

  45. Daniel Harris

    Swift verification, peace of mind in cash dealings. Glad I got it.

  46. Lucas

    We can count on this detector for reliable counterfeit prevention.

  47. Emma

    Reliable currency check, saved us from potential counterfeit trouble.

  48. James

    Protects with precision, a hassle-free way to prevent counterfeit bills.

  49. Noriaki Watanabe

    The device functions properly. I am capable of inserting various denominations, such as 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, and 100s. It operates at a high speed, so I recommend against inserting delicate bills that may tear. Nonetheless, I am thoroughly pleased with it.

  50. Josephine Foster

    Effortless check, prevents counterfeit troubles. Well worth the investment.

  51. Wan Jun

    Identifying counterfeit bills with this small and compact tool. It’s incredibly user-friendly, too!

  52. Sebastian Turner

    Swift and accurate, gives peace of mind for businesses. Highly recommended.

  53. Henry

    Every penny protected, meticulous detection in a matter of seconds.

  54. Emily

    Super easy, catching counterfeit bills effortlessly. A must-have for businesses.

  55. Benjamin Collins

    Effortless check, adds security to cash handling. Satisfied with the results.

  56. Unathi Moyo

    It’s great for recognising fake bills. I found everything I was looking for easily on the platform. Highly recommend it for anyone in need of a reliable search tool.

  57. Nora

    Provides certainty, verifying authenticity without slowing us down.

  58. Ximena Sanchez

    Love using this tool for my Pet Grooming Business. Provides me with peace of mind!

  59. Baloguno

    Detects various fake signs, easy to use. Happy with its performance.

  60. Zoey

    Seamless operation, ensuring only genuine bills pass through.

  61. Eve

    Fast check, immediate results, a practical tool for any business.

  62. Zoe

    Removes doubt, confirming genuine bills in a flash.

  63. Sebastian

    Keeps cash in check, guarantees authentic currency in no time.

  64. Daniel

    Efficiently wards off counterfeit threats, beneficial addition for businesses.

  65. Julian

    Smart solution, safeguarding us against counterfeit challenges with ease.

  66. Samuel Thompson

    Detects various fakes, convenient for any bill orientation. Recommended.

  67. Mia Stewart

    Accurate detection, hassle-free operation. A solid tool against counterfeit bills.

  68. Noah

    Vital for our business, safeguarding transactions with ease and accuracy.

  69. Anthony Green

    Streamlined process, adds security to our transactions. Satisfied with the results.

  70. Alex

    This detector is lightning fast and gives peace of mind.

  71. Carter

    Trustworthy technology, keeping us safe from counterfeit risks effectively.

  72. Sophia

    Simple pass/fail, making bill checking hassle-free and quick.

  73. Lily Taylor

    Top-notch detection, simple operation. Essential for safeguarding our business.

  74. Jack

    Trustworthy defense, ensuring we only handle genuine currency.

  75. Sophia Martinez

    Streamlined detection process, saved us from potential counterfeit issues.

  76. Aiden Martinez

    Reliable currency check, efficient and user-friendly. Happy customer here.

  77. Owen

    Genuine bills only, thanks to this trustworthy counterfeit detector.

  78. William

    Dependable detector, solid defense against counterfeit currency risks.

  79. Stella

    Detects fakes rapidly, offers a reassuring sense of security.

  80. Amelia

    Rapid 2-second check, preserving time and earnings effectively.

  81. Emily Rodriguez

    Swift verification, boosts confidence in cash transactions. Worth it.

  82. Yasmin Hussein

    Bought three units for various spots. They’ve all been fantastic!

  83. Sofia

    Swift bill check, a reliable shield against counterfeit troubles.

  84. Unathi Dlamini

    The product works effortlessly and accurately. To test it, I used a counterfeit pen marker and found the results to be consistent with the machine’s. Highly recommend it.

  85. Samuel

    With UV, MG, IR checks, trust this detector for authenticity.

  86. Ella

    Slim design, strong protection, and quick bill authentication.

  87. Wei Ling

    So far, everything’s running smoothly.

  88. Ibrahim Al-Salem

    To begin with, the cover for the battery compartment refuses to remain shut, rendering battery operation unfeasible without some sturdy tape. Additionally, when running on batteries, KCD-1000’s bill processing slows down significantly and consistently fails. Conversely, the same bills pass through much more quickly when utilizing electric power.

  89. Mohamed Ali

    Stopped functioning in just 4 days.

  90. Qiu Yan

    I use it for my business and it works great!

  91. Eliana Rodriguez

    Defective device designed to process bills by inserting them and returning them to verify their validity, but instead the bills went through the back of the device. I received a replacement unit, but experienced the same issue within an hour. I contacted the seller with no response.

  92. Sachiko Inoue

    Totally worth the investment!

  93. Olga Kuznetsova

    I’m loving this product! The verification process was speedy and accurate, making it a great tool for detecting counterfeit bills. Big thanks!

  94. Erin O’Reilly

    all my employees are using it now!

  95. Arjun Kapoor

    This product is amazing! It arrived quickly and was easy to set up. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it’s been a game-changer for my daily routine. The quality is top-notch and the price is unbeatable. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their productivity. The platform never disappoints!

  96. Hiroshi Saito

    Simple to operate and functions superbly.

  97. Isabella Moretti

    Highly recommend it, 1000% satisfied with my purchase

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