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  • Accurate and Efficient: Kolibri Domino Mixed Denomination Bill Counter ensures precise counting, reducing error and saving valuable time.
  • Advanced Counterfeit Detection: Equipped with 2CIS, UV, MG, and IR detections, it ensures protection against fake bills, and offers reassurance for both businesses and individuals.
  • Tailored for Diverse Needs & Situations: Whether you’re in a bustling retail store, a busy event venue, or managing cash flow in your office, the Kolibri KBR-1500 is designed to adapt. It excels at detecting and sorting bills with MIX, ADD, BATCH, ADD+BATCH, SORT, FACE, ORIENT, COUNT modes, providing the flexibility needed for a range of cash handling needs.
  • Trusted Quality: Designed and engineered in the US, backed by a 3-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. Customer service number: (877) 898 8750.
  • Versatile Multi-Currency: Supports all North American currencies USD, CAD, MXN. Designed and engineered in the US with Kolibri Expertise in cash handling equipment.
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Experience seamless cash handling with Kolibri Domino Mixed Denomination Bill Counter & Sorter. Trusted by small businesses and individuals, it excels in accuracy, speed, and counterfeit detection (2CIS, UV, MG, IR). Say goodbye to jams and embrace effortless operation with its intuitive display and user-friendly UI. Whether for business or personal use, it adapts to your needs effortlessly. With lifetime tech support and a 3-year warranty, it’s a long-term investment in efficiency and reliability. Domino provides multiple modes (MIX, ADD, BATCH, ADD+BATCH, SORT, FACE, ORIENT, COUNT) to cater to all business requirements, from drawer preparation to bank deposits. Elevate your financial management today.

Reviews (206)

206 reviews for DOMINO™

  1. D.F.

    Essential tool for businesses; efficient counting and sorting tasks simplified.

  2. L.M.

    Impressed with the counterfeit detection; a solid solution for business security.

  3. H.W.

    Reliability extends to support; US-designed with a reassuring 3-year warranty.

  4. Arabella

    Kolibri Domino’s efficient design enhances our cash handling process, worth every penny.

  5. Noah

    Kolibri Domino’s user-friendly interface saves time and effort, great addition to business.

  6. J.S.

    Smooths business operations; versatile modes cater to diverse cash handling needs.

  7. Ethan

    Kolibri Domino with lifetime tech support, reliable companion for our cash handling.

  8. M.J.

    Trustworthy money handling; advanced sensors ensure authenticity with every bill.

  9. A.H.

    Invested in time-saving efficiency; a must-have tool for effective cash management.

  10. Ava

    Impressed by the exceptional performance of Kolibri Domino, reliable counterfeit detection.

  11. Leo

    Kolibri Domino – a game changer in cash management, highly recommend it.

  12. Lily

    Trusted currency counter; ensures financial accuracy in a reliable manner.

  13. E.C.

    Accurate and swift counts; a valuable addition to our cash handling.

  14. Grayson

    Kolibri Domino is our reliable counting companion, simplified cash handling operations.

  15. Alex

    Seamlessly manages money; detects, counts, and sorts with precision.

  16. E.R.

    A time-saving solution that elevates our cash handling procedures.

  17. Aurora

    A time-saving solution that enhances our daily cash handling operations.

  18. Olivia

    Reliable counting with Kolibri Domino, accurate sensor technology, perfect for businesses.

  19. Liam

    Smart investment, Kolibri Domino’s multi-currency compatibility is a game changer.

  20. L.P.

    Simplifies day’s end tasks; ADD+BATCH functions save valuable time.

  21. Zoe

    Counting cash made easy with Kolibri Domino, versatile modes and accurate results.

  22. O.G.

    User-friendly display; on-screen reports enhance usability and functionality.

  23. Harper

    Kolibri Domino proves to be a reliable investment, efficient counterfeit detection, and sorting.

  24. Owen

    Our operations streamlined by Kolibri Domino, accurate and hassle-free money counting.

  25. Isabella

    Kolibri Domino’s accurate batch counts streamline our end-of-day settlements effectively.

  26. Bella

    Kolibri Domino simplified cash handling, efficient and reliable for our business.

  27. S.W.

    Streamlines cash management with ease; different modes cater to various needs.

  28. Jackson

    Kolibri Domino a must-have tool for businesses, versatile modes, and trusted performance.

  29. Emma

    Kolibri Domino’s top-notch quality enhances our cash management efficiency.

  30. Lucas

    Impressive features in Kolibri Domino, UV, IR, MG detection for bill authenticity.

  31. Mia

    Investment in Kolibri Domino is worth every penny, makes counting effortless.

  32. E.M.

    Reliable sorting; aids in drawer preparations and efficient bank deposits.

  33. N.C.

    Reliable cash counting; plays a vital role in maintaining precise records.

  34. A.M.

    Smooth cash handling experience; accurate detection adds to its appeal.

  35. I.T.

    Embracing cutting-edge technology; safeguards against counterfeit currency with ease.

  36. S.H.

    Technologically advanced solution; simplifies cash handling with finesse.

  37. A.B.

    Essential for businesses; superior counterfeit detection and versatile modes.

  38. O.W.

    Enhances currency management; accurate counting streamlines operations effectively.

  39. J.R.

    Kolibri Domino is fast and reliable, a game-changer for cash handling tasks.

  40. A.P.

    Effective bill verification; invaluable for maintaining trust in transactions.

  41. M.R.

    Convenient daily tasks; simplifies cash handling for smoother operations.

  42. Aiden

    Kolibri Domino offers exceptional value, compatible with multiple currencies, and accurate counting.

  43. Sophia

    Kolibri Domino simplifies our accounting, precise mixed value counting is a boon.

  44. Max

    Hassle-free counting; an invaluable asset for businesses of all sizes.

  45. Rajeev Kumar


  46. E.G.

    Confident in authenticity checks; shields against counterfeit threats effectively.

  47. Sebastian

    Kolibri Domino’s lifetime tech support is great for any troubleshooting needs, highly recommend.

  48. Emma Green

    Enhances currency management; accurate counts streamline operations efficiently.

  49. Jelle

    A remarkable addition to our operations, simplifies cash handling beautifully.

  50. Valentina

    Kolibri Domino is a time-saver, efficient counting for businesses.

  51. Jaxon

    Kolibri Domino is an effective currency solution, versatile and dependable.

  52. Ismail

    A must-have tool, keeps our cash handling super organized.

  53. Zaynab

    Kolibri Domino – great investment for accurate cash handling and sorting.

  54. Matylda

    Seriously awesome, love the accuracy and ease of use.

  55. Diesel

    Impressed beyond words, this tool is a game-changer.

  56. Jakub

    Obsessed with how efficient and accurate this thing is, a game-changer.

  57. Olivia White

    Simplifies day’s end tasks; ADD+BATCH functions optimize end-of-day operations.

  58. Chiara

    Mind = blown, this tool is on a whole new level.

  59. Yara

    OMG, this thing is so cool, it counts and sorts like magic!

  60. Yukito

    A remarkable addition to our business, accurate and efficient.

  61. Ioana

    Top-notch performance, makes counting cash a breeze, love it!

  62. Emiliano

    WOW, just WOW, it’s like magic for counting cash!

  63. Cameron

    Beyond satisfied with this tool’s accuracy and ease of use.

  64. Emily Clark

    Kolibri Domino is efficient and trustworthy, a must-have for businesses.

  65. Qingyu Wang

    I appreciate its precision, although it can be overly responsive to worn or folded bills.

  66. Lucas Perez

    Invested in time-saving efficiency; a must-have for managing cash effectively.

  67. Matias

    A life-changer for cash management, highly recommend for accurate counts.

  68. Fatima Al-Saud

    It’s pricy, no doubt, but still more affordable than alternative choices. It swiftly performs cash calculations with counterfeit identification as advertised. It’s a fantastic item that simply gets the job done. My only minor concern is that occasionally banknotes may become jammed if they’re crumpled or damaged. Apart from that, I rate it 9.5 out of 10.

  69. Elias Santos

    Finally, a solution to my money counting woes! As a jewelry store owner, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  70. Blanca Morales

    Great cash counter! Highly precise. The only problem is that it halts counting when the bills are wrinkled.

  71. Priya

    Kolibri Domino impresses with accurate performance, counterfeit detection adds security to cash handling.

  72. Kenji

    Kolibri Domino – precision counter with advanced detection, perfect for accuracy.

  73. Hiroshi Nakamura

    Functions perfectly.

  74. Cheng-Lin Wu

    Counting money has become a breeze with this currency counting device. You can now count bills of different denominations without sorting them first, thanks to its versatile counting feature. Additionally, it comes equipped with a counterfeit detection system.

  75. Malika

    The ultimate tool for cash handling, makes counting effortless and accurate.

  76. Morgan

    Unbelievably accurate, this tool has made counting cash a breeze.

  77. Guillaume Leblanc

    Used it constantly with no problems. Really like the counterfeit detector and accuracy. No problems at all. Faster and more dependable than previous bill counters. Strongly suggest this product.

  78. Jason

    Top-notch performance, precise counting with ease.

  79. Koli

    Unmatched accuracy, this tool simplifies cash management.

  80. Tariq Al-Sayegh

    The ease of use for this item is impressive. Simply plugging it in and turning it on is all that is required. The product includes both a quick start guide and user manual, which I found to be very helpful. I followed the quick start guide before utilizing the machine and it was very straightforward. Although I purchased it primarily for counting mixed bill stacks, I discovered that it has many other useful features. The sort mode is great, but my personal favorite is the ability to identify the serial numbers of bills.

  81. Kian

    This thing is so freakin’ good, accurate and efficient, love it!

  82. Deepika Iyer

    Super user-friendly and great for tallying cash.

  83. Sophia Harris

    Confident in authenticity checks; shields against counterfeit threats reliably.

  84. Kazuki Yamazaki

    It’s been a month since I began using this money counting machine. Thus far, I’ve encountered no problems with using it for heavy daily work. It’s amazing how much time it saves me and makes my life easier. The machine itself is of high quality and sturdy on my desk. The instructions are helpful and I had no difficulty operating it. As for accuracy, it’s correct 99% of the time. I recall one instance where it had an issue, which may have been due to a damaged bill. The most significant feature is its ability to count different denominations simultaneously, eliminating the need for sorting. Simply place them on the holder. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase.

  85. Uche Obi

    I enjoyed the product’s design. Counting my bills was a breeze. It’s speedy and dependable, with a counterfeit bill detector that’s perfect for small businesses. Plus, it prints receipts. Printing out my daily bills for accounting is a snap. It simplifies my days and frees up my time.

  86. Antonin

    A must-have gadget, elevates our cash handling and record-keeping significantly.

  87. Ethan Miller

    An essential tool for businesses; advanced counterfeit detection and flexibility.

  88. Amina

    Kolibri Domino makes cash handling better, accurate counts and quick.

  89. Pierre

    Incredibly accurate tool, elevates cash handling efficiency.

  90. Efe

    Counting bliss with this tool, efficient and precise for businesses.

  91. Zhihao Li

    Great performance, extremely happy with my buy.

  92. Marcus Brix

    This money counter is of good quality and provides accurate results. I’m thrilled with how easy it is to use; it’s accurate, smooth, and fast. The incorporation of QR scan codes for additional information and instructional videos makes learning how to use it more accessible. The display offers extensive information about the bills, including the option to detect potential counterfeit money and wrinkled bills. It can read a mixed stack of money at a rate of 1,200 bills per minute, classify them by denomination, and deliver a total value count. Modes like mix, sort, Vsort, auto, and manual, add, batch, and add and batch functionalities cater to all business money counting needs. These features provide peace of mind by simplifying intricate and time-consuming cash counting operations while maintaining accuracy. It’s a professional-grade machine that protects businesses from counterfeits. With 100% accuracy, it meticulously scans notes for authenticity, providing maximum security using innovative 2CIS, ultraviolet, infrared, magnetic, sensors, half, chain double bills detection, and serial number recognition. The interface is easy to navigate, with a big TFT display that shows a complete on-screen report that can be printed and saved for future reference. Additionally, a data report is provided that includes the overall count, total rejections, and total number of jams. Overall, it’s a good money counter with many options, especially the mix mode, which is highly precise and saves a lot of time that would have been spent counting and sorting dollars. I recommend it.

  93. Yuki

    Kolibri Domino is accurate and practical, makes cash counting effortless for businesses.

  94. Isla

    Kolibri Domino simplifies record keeping, a smart addition to businesses.

  95. Leonel

    Super impressed by the accuracy and ease of use, highly recommend.

  96. Arslana

    Flawless execution in cash handling, accurate counts every time.

  97. Aiden Parker

    Smooths business operations; versatile modes cater effectively to diverse needs.

  98. Olga Sokolova

    Great item! It offers various modes to suit your needs. The display allows you to view detailed bill information. I particularly appreciate the feature that identifies potential fake or crumpled bills. It also has a different currency mode. The fact that it comes with a cable to connect to your printer is a plus. I’m thrilled with it – it saves me a lot of time for my small business.

  99. Vivienne Santos

    This is my initial currency counter purchase and hopefully my last. I sell customized bracelets at my local farmers market and it’s difficult to keep track of cash on hand at the end of the day. I always bring my portable power bank, so I plug in this counter – which uses a standard three-pronged plug – and it works perfectly. The Count function is useful for me to see how many bills I have, and the Mix function shows the amount and number of bills being counted. Since I deal with a lot of customers, I’m never sure if the cash I receive is real, so I use the machine to verify it. So far, I’ve had no problems. From my experience, I’ve found that having the feeder wheels positioned with the grip facing up makes it easier for my bills to go through. Lastly, sometimes I’m left with small bills like 1s and 5s, so this counter has a batch feature that allows me to count out 10 or 20 ones to pay my helpers. It’s much faster and easier, especially when they watch the machine do it in front of them.

  100. Jackson Wilson

    Dependable counterfeit detection; enhances business security remarkably.

  101. Eleonora

    Brilliantly designed for efficient cash handling, user-friendly interface, and accurate counts.

  102. Bourne

    Effortlessly efficient, this tool simplifies cash management tasks.

  103. Taylor

    A must-have tool for businesses, streamlining cash handling effectively.

  104. Emma Davis

    Simplifies daily tasks; ADD+BATCH functions optimize end-of-day operations.

  105. Laila Abdullah

    I got another Kolibri device for my shop, and just like the first one, I’m completely satisfied with my decision. The device operates smoothly, and I mainly use the mix mode, which is precise and saves me loads of time that I’d otherwise spend counting and sorting bills.

  106. Jordan

    An incredible tool that has transformed our cash handling efficiency.

  107. Ethan Davis

    Hassle-free operations; a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes.

  108. Casey

    Outstanding performance, simplifies cash handling with precision.

  109. Noah Carter

    Trustworthy money handling; advanced sensors ensure authenticity with precision.

  110. Mono

    This tool has completely transformed our cash handling!

  111. Bianca

    Kolibri Domino makes life easier, hassle-free cash counting solution.

  112. Amir

    Kolibri Domino’s dependable sorting, essential for efficient cash operations.

  113. Rushana

    Impressed beyond measure by the accuracy and efficiency.

  114. El??as

    OMG, so efficient and accurate, saves us so much time.

  115. Miguel

    Streamlines operations with precision, a must-have tool.

  116. Vin

    Exceptionally efficient tool, accurate counts with ease.

  117. Daniel Flores

    Seamlessly handles money; detects, counts, and sorts with precision.

  118. Sophia Hernandez

    Kolibri Domino ensures efficient cash handling; a must-have for businesses.

  119. Alexander Hernandez

    Convenient daily usage; simplifies transactions for smoother operations.

  120. Isla

    Effortless accuracy, this tool is a game-changer.

  121. Wen Huang

    I had to return my device twice, and the second time was after the warranty period. The company repaired it for free and sent it back to me. I own 5 of their devices and will be a loyal customer for life.

  122. Jasmine Patel

    The video couldn’t load. I figured this would be ideal for my business. It’s small and compact, making it suitable for any business. The digital display makes it easy for anyone to use, and I haven’t had any issues with it. However, if there is a problem, make sure the machine is properly closed before use. I find the recommended cleaning helpful since I handle a lot of cash daily, and the worn and dirty bills can cause the machine to get dirty. I suggest that customers follow the user guide to clean the machine after heavy use. I deal with a lot of cash every day, and counting bills one by one is tedious and time-consuming. This money counter came at the right time to help alleviate some of the monotony and stress associated with counting cash as accurately as possible. I didn’t expect much from this machine, especially at $100 when all other ones were at least double that price. At first, the money got stuck, but I realized there is a small adjustment button on the back of the machine. It’s easy to put together and understand, and it took less than 5 minutes to assemble. I also wanted one when I went to the banks, but I thought it would be too expensive. The price was reasonable for an automatic counterfeit detector. I tested it and was pleased with how easy it was to learn how to use. It’s fast and clear, and it’s working perfectly now. Some manual math is still required, but it’s infinitely better than sitting at the store and counting thousands of bills.

  123. Yelena Belova

    Amazing product and easy to use. The seller is very friendly and cares about his customers.

  124. Riley

    Reliable financial tracking; an integral tool for maintaining precise records.

  125. Jennifer Thompson

    A phenomenal counter, takes the stress out of cash management.

  126. Ayla

    Perfectly handy for our business, simplifies cash handling big time.

  127. Sven

    Kolibri Domino, a trusted partner for businesses, simplifies cash handling.

  128. Aubame

    A phenomenal tool that enhances cash management significantly.

  129. Cat

    Outstanding tool for efficient cash handling, impressive accuracy.

  130. Bonita

    A must-have addition for businesses, enhances efficiency.

  131. Harper White

    A time-saving solution that enhances our cash handling practices.

  132. Elijah Garcia

    Convenient cash operations; simplifies daily tasks for smoother transactions.

  133. Rodrigo

    An exceptional tool for accurate cash handling, impressive performance.

  134. Soren

    Beyond impressed with the accuracy and convenience, a must-have tool.

  135. Javier Lopez

    The device performs precisely as promoted. It’s quite handy when you possess a large amount of assorted currency and lack the time to organize it on your own. Additionally, it’s fairly simple to operate. The counter boasts numerous highly practical functions.

  136. Thierry

    Seriously genius, this tool takes the stress out of counting.

  137. Pia Nielsen

    Fast and accurate money counting, efficient to operate.

  138. Amelia Taylor

    Necessity for business operations; impeccable counterfeit detection and flexibility.

  139. Aarav

    Kolibri Domino performs flawlessly, elevates cash handling efficiency remarkably

  140. Olivia Clark

    Trusted currency counter; ensures financial accuracy with reliability.

  141. Wes Wes

    Seamless counting experience, this tool is exceptional.

  142. Mei

    Kolibri Domino is an accurate currency counter, ideal for global transactions.

  143. Avery Harris

    Very good

  144. Sarah Williams

    A total game-changer for cash handling, accurate and effortless counts.

  145. Mahmoud Salah

    Initially, I had trouble getting the product to function properly. I assumed it was faulty and planned to return it. However, while repacking the unit, I discovered two bill guides on the top foam. After installing them correctly and carefully reading the user manual, I decided to give it another shot. The bill guides made a significant impact, as the unit now operates seamlessly without any interruptions or errors. I am thoroughly impressed with this product and grateful for the improvement. Many thanks!

  146. Erik Nilsson

    Our brand new Kolibri performed flawlessly! Although, I encountered a few issues with crumpled bills, the solution was easy to find and implement. In general, this machine has significantly improved my work experience. There are times when I’m given thousands of low denomination bills to count. Previously, I had to count the money manually, which was time-consuming and often resulted in discrepancies. I had to double-check my counts to ensure their accuracy, and every month, I struggled with discrepancies until the bank deposit proved otherwise. However, this month, with the assistance of my new Kolibri, the count was precise, as it should be. It’s a great feeling. I left work feeling less exhausted and less grimy since I had to handle cash much less. Your product is fantastic!! Thank you so much!!

  147. Amelia Martinez

    Essential for businesses; efficient counting and sorting tasks simplified.

  148. Harper Johnson

    Streamlines money control; versatile modes cater effectively to various needs.

  149. Aruba

    Reliable solution for accurate cash handling, highly recommended.

  150. Emmanuel

    Beyond impressed by this tool’s accuracy and performance.

  151. Ivy Chen

    Awesome money counter. Always precise.

  152. Liam Harris

    Counting with cutting-edge tech; safeguards against counterfeit bills effectively.

  153. Alejandro

    Kolibri Domino ensures a smooth workflow, MIX mode simplifies mixed denominations counting.

  154. Anouk

    This is an incredible tool, makes cash management stress-free and accurate.

  155. Avery

    Surprisingly impressive tool, simplifies cash handling and boosts efficiency remarkably.

  156. Djafar

    Innovative solution that streamlines cash handling processes.

  157. Xavier Pujol

    Great value for the price! I’m a big fan, especially of the mix and sort modes which work seamlessly. This machine gets the job done and saves me loads of time. Definitely worth the investment.

  158. Lana

    Essential addition for businesses, elevates cash handling efficiency remarkably.

  159. Cookie

    Incredible efficiency in counting cash, makes tasks easier.

  160. Mia Johnson

    Reliable bill sorting; aids in drawer preparation and bank deposits.

  161. Michael Rodriguez

    Exceptional efficiency in cash counting, versatile tool for businesses.

  162. Casper

    Incredible performance, simplifies cash management and end-of-day settlements.

  163. Jamal

    Kolibri Domino – a valuable asset, enhances our cash management.

  164. Aladdin’s fan

    A perfect investment for our business, reliable and accurate.

  165. Eline

    Seriously impressed by how accurate and versatile this tool is.

  166. Olivia Garcia

    Accurate and swift counts; expedite our cash handling efficiency.

  167. Natalie Black

    Domino is impressively stable, speedy, and precise. The interface is easy to use, with a touch screen and button options that make operation a breeze. As a perfectionist, I particularly love the face and orient modes, which keep my bills neatly stacked and facing the same direction. I highly recommend this machine to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to count bills.

  168. Doggy

    An essential asset for businesses, accurate and reliable.

  169. Jackson Smith

    Reliable cash counts; plays a vital role in maintaining precise records.

  170. Olivia Smith

    Efficient bill sorting; aids in drawer preparation and bank deposits.

  171. Elijah Rodriguez

    Smooth cash handling experience; accurate detection adds to its allure.

  172. Vera Novak

    Domino is great! With its various modes and features, it has made dealing with cash a lot easier for me. I appreciate that it can read mixed value bills and sort them by denomination and orientation, which keeps my stacks organized. I haven’t encountered any problems with this product, so I definitely suggest it.

  173. Thiago

    WOW! Makes cash handling a breeze, super user-friendly interface.

  174. Luciana

    Flawless execution, love the accuracy and versatility for cash management.

  175. Anushka

    Incredibly useful, a must-have for businesses, can’t imagine without it.

  176. Mia Robinson

    Asset for time-saving; empowers efficient cash management practices.

  177. Elijah Santiago

    Great mix denomination bill counter! Loving it.

  178. Nia

    Phenomenal tool for seamless cash handling, greatly impressed by its accuracy.

  179. Mateo

    Impressive tech features in Kolibri Domino, excellent counterfeit detection, reliable.

  180. Ava Brown

    Reliable customer support; US-designed with a reassuring 3-year warranty.

  181. Yasmine

    Impressed AF, this tool is a lifesaver for our business.

  182. Anais

    Beyond perfect for our needs, highly recommend to all businesses.

  183. Liam Martinez

    Embracing cutting-edge technology; safeguards against counterfeit currency effectively.

  184. Sofia

    Trustworthy currency handling; advanced sensors ensure authenticity with precision.

  185. Mateusz

    This thing is a game-changer, makes counting cash actually fun!

  186. Daniel Perez

    User-friendly interface; on-screen insights enhance overall usability.

  187. Isabella Taylor

    User-friendly display; on-screen insights enhance overall usability.

  188. Szymon

    Beyond expectations, perfect for keeping our cash organized and counted.

  189. Ahmed

    Kolibri Domino’s a phenomenal counter, efficient and versatile for business.

  190. Matthew Richardson

    Impressed with the counterfeit detection; enhances business security remarkably.

  191. Alexandra Brown

    Streamlines money management; versatile modes cater effectively to various needs.

  192. Sienna

    Mind-blown by the efficiency and accuracy, perfect for our needs.

  193. Nyla

    A must-have for businesses, streamlines cash handling like a pro.

  194. Charlotte

    Efficient cash management with Kolibri Domino, multi-currency compatibility is a plus.

  195. Ethan Cross

    This device saves us a ton of time and improves accuracy compared to the old model, which only tallied the number of bills. The only thing it doesn’t do is sort out rejected bills, but that feature is only available on the more expensive machine (which is out of my price range). I’m thrilled with my purchase and extremely satisfied with it! I did notice some negative reviews mentioning jamming issues, but I’ve never experienced any of those problems with jamming or tearing, except with extremely worn-out bills that shouldn’t be put through the machine anyway. It’s highly responsive to folded or marked bills, which is exactly what you want it to do. If the scanner can’t see the entire bill, it can’t confirm if it’s genuine or the correct denomination. It stops so that you can personally inspect the “suspicious” bill and decide what to do next.

  196. Leila

    Kolibri Domino ensures smooth transactions, counts with precision and accuracy.

  197. Emilia

    A gem of a tool, counting cash has never been easier.

  198. Zara Fernandez

    As a Fruit and Vegetable store, we required a proficient money counting machine. The Kolibri Money Counter proved to be trouble-free and efficient, making it an excellent choice for us. Its usability and speed were impressive. We are grateful for this great counter and appreciate Kolibri’s efforts.

  199. Samuel The Seller

    As the owner of a food stand who handles a lot of cash, I requested a machine to count my mixed bills, and it fulfilled its purpose by providing a comprehensive breakdown. At this point, I am satisfied with its performance, but I will update you if anything changes.

  200. Luka Jovanovi?

    Purchased the Kolibri Domino recently as an investment for the eatery I’m employed at. Gotta say, it’s been a solid acquisition! It’s been a real time-saver when it comes to closing up shop at night. As we all know, time is money, and the quicker we can wrap things up, the more cash the establishment saves. Plus, it keeps everyone in high spirits. Experienced a minor issue with the machine, but nothing too concerning. It seems to struggle with crinkled bills, but hey, we’re dealing with money here. We just straightened out the wrinkled ones and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Overall, a fantastic product!

  201. Sofia Martinez

    This high-end device operates flawlessly upon initial use. It counts quickly and precisely, while also feeling durable. Even after extended use, it never experienced any jams. As individuals who handle large amounts of cash daily, this product has been a significant time-saver for us.

  202. Liam Anderson

    A cover would have been nice to have.

  203. Mauricio Lopes

    First time using this today and I’m thrilled! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

  204. Ngozi Eze

    I’ve been using this device for over a month now, and it’s had a few minor issues. However, nothing too serious. Overall, it’s been working well. It operates at a 95% success rate, with the remaining 5% requiring a reset to fix the problem. I’ve tried a few other machines, but this one was the best of the bunch.

  205. Johnathan Rivers

    Awesome machine and support from the manufacturer! Had an inquiry about usage, so I reached out to kolibri customer service. Got connected with a live representative in the United States who promptly resolved my concern. Ready to roll now!

  206. Lenka Kowalski

    This product is amazing! It’s a steal for how much time it saves us counting mixed bills. The price is unbeatable and we are extremely satisfied with our purchase. If you handle a large volume of cash, we highly suggest investing in one of these.

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