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  • Have a lot of U.S. Coins on hand? Easily organize your coins in a cost-effective way with the Kolibri Coin Tray .
  • Sort your pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins with our 6 different molded columns.
  • Each compartment within a column holds exactly five coins of the denomination.
  • Each line designates how many coins are need to fill an ABA and Federal standard coin wrapper.
  • Ideal for bank tellers, farmers markets, retail businesses, and coin collectors.
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Reviews (134)

134 reviews for COIN TRAY

  1. Logan Fernandes

    This coin counter is fantastic! It’s speedy, simple, and above all precise. You’ll own it for life. It’s a must-have.

  2. Tomasz Nowak

    I enjoy how effortless it is to load and count with this product. It feels robust, and the angle provides a convenient viewing experience.

  3. Samuel Carvalho

    Great performance.

  4. Ugo Moretti

    Rolling my spare change is stress free with this product.

  5. Aria Chung

    This gadget is awesome! No complaints here. It surpasses my coin sorting machine.

  6. Taro Yamada

    The item precisely counts coins and is constructed from sturdy plastic. Regrettably, the container for coins doesn’t stay level with the surface where it’s put and wobbles.

  7. Vera Kuznetsova

    Incredible! Pleasing craftsmanship and user-friendly. Simplifies the process of wrapping coins.

  8. Xavier Hernandez

    Being a bank teller, I adore utilizing a coin tray, which proves to be immensely advantageous!

  9. Beatrice Martin

    I’m really happy, thanks a lot!

  10. Ulrike Schmidt

    I utilize this for low-stakes poker and adore its functionality. Although it takes a few moments to configure, it’s definitely worth the effort. Regrettably, most games at other individuals’ residences employ poker chips. Personally, I prefer cash, but some folks are apprehensive about legal ramifications. I suppose that varies depending on your locale, but in Florida, it’s permissible as long as it’s not accessible to the general public. Moreover, it’s ideal for emptying a coin jar when you’re ready to exchange your change for cash at the bank. I highly endorse this product.

  11. Zhang Wei

    Before, it was a mess, but now I’m able to gather coins effectively, which is a nice little bonus in my daily routine haha.

  12. Chen Li

    Awesome item! No cover included though.

  13. Wang Jie

    Counting coins one by one used to be a hassle, but this tool makes it 10 times simpler. I still tend to double-check out of habit, but it’s accurate and a big help for my partner and me, considering the number of coins we deal with.

  14. Layla Ma

    Love how this gadget tallies my cash for me. I’m a bit of a slacker, but I enjoy snagging coins off the pavement. This device makes it seamless to count coins and stash them in those annoying paper rolls. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

  15. Zoe Lee

    Super simple to utilize. Purchased this for the purpose of rolling my coins. Unlike those cheap plastic trays, this one is quite sturdy. The letters are legible against the background. What I find convenient is that it can accommodate two rolls of each coin denomination, allowing me to work on two rolls simultaneously. Clever use of the board’s space. I highly recommend this product.

  16. Hanako Saito

    Exactly what we required. Had enough of tallying currency at the job on a daily basis.

  17. Priya Kapoor

    I can find exactly what I’m looking for without any trouble. The layout is simple and straightforward, making it easy to use even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend the Tray to anyone looking for a user-friendly online shopping experience.

  18. Qiang Li

    Image replicated precisely. Strong construction.

  19. Rosa Martinez

    Very practical

  20. Joseph Dubois

    It performs its intended function.

  21. Lucia Fernandez

    As advertised, the product performs well and is user-friendly.

  22. Giovanni Mancini

    Counting coins is so good with this product, making it a cinch to wrap and bring to the bank.

  23. Yasmin Ali

    I’ve got a lot of coins to wrap, so I purchased this item to keep my 9-year-old occupied during the summer holidays. I had her put the coins in the tray and when she had collected them all, I asked her to wrap them up. It also helped her recognize the various types of coins. It was a fantastic purchase!

  24. Dina El-Mahdy

    The numbers on this coin holder are easy to read, and there’s a line for dividing the rolls. The plastic is durable and robust. We purchased a pair for our shop and are extremely satisfied with the product.

  25. Takahiro Saito

    Compact and neatly arranged.

  26. Abdullah Al-Ahmad

    Looking for a solution to manage my coin piles, I stumbled upon this nifty tool that helps me easily sort them into sets. Instead of shelling out hundreds for an automated machine, this little gadget does the job perfectly. Needless to say, I’m thrilled with my buy.

  27. Ursula Meier

    Awesome for organizing and rolling coins!

  28. Igor Ivanov

    It offers a tray that simplifies the manual coin counting process. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed using it. It’s fairly durable and provides an accurate coin count.

  29. Blanca Perez

    I highly recommend the product, it functions really well.

  30. Scarlett Bianchi

    Does the job as expected.

  31. Mohamed Hassan

    The perfect thing to inspire me to finally tally up my coins. Simplified the job and saved me loads of time. Strongly suggest for counting coins since banks no longer provide machines!

  32. Grace Liew

    I bought a few different coin sorters before, but they weren’t precise and I had to send them back. This one is user-friendly and you can tell right away that the amounts are correct. The only problem is getting the hang of filling the coin wrappers, but once you do, it’s a piece of cake.

  33. Yara El-Sayed

    Rolled over $500 worth of coins using this bad boy. Made the task super easy

  34. Isabel Silva

    I am really happy with this item.

  35. Benjamin Escobar

    Simple and precise to utilize. I include my coins as I receive them instead of putting them all in a container. This way, I can determine when I have accumulated enough to deposit at the bank. Fantastic!

  36. Ali Al-Salem

    The ideal device for making change, nice to operate and gather loose coins in your pocket.

  37. Zhen Wang

    Durable, user-friendly, superior to bank alternatives, accommodating 2 FULL quarter rolls with ease!

  38. Ximena Garcia

    Got 4 pieces for work, the coins fit like a glove, saves time when counting coins, and quality is top-notch.

  39. Erik Nilsson

    If you need a coin tray or something similar, Kolibri is the way to go. It’s the best. I have a lot of coin-filled buckets waiting to be cashed in at my nearby bank, and this item has been a big help. If you’re considering purchasing it, don’t hesitate. Just do it. You won’t regret it.

  40. Johannes Bauer

    I purchased this tray to sort, count, and roll a large amount of miscellaneous coins from various jars. The tray is exceptional for these purposes. The slots are labeled with the total value of the stack, making it easy to count out any odd-roll sized remainder. I discovered that by taking a small stack of identical coins (about 6-8) and positioning them over the sort slots adjacent to the last coin inserted, the coins sort themselves into the proper slots, making for quick work if one pre-sorts into batches of identical coins. The individual stacks of five make for a quick visual verification that the proper number of coins are in each compartment. I am very satisfied with the sorting tray. It will have a lot of usage over the next few weeks and will make an excellent place to store loose change until enough collects to roll it up and deposit it.

  41. Valentina Mancini

    I’ve been eyeing an electric coin sorter for a while now since we always have an excess of change to dump, sort, and wrap. However, I stumbled upon these trays and thought I’d give them a shot. I’m thrilled to say that they’ve exceeded my expectations! No more dumping the change bucket onto the table, sorting and stacking piles of coins, and then wrapping everything. Now, I can simply toss all of it into the tray and wrap it up once a column is filled. This system is much simpler and efficient.

  42. Oscar Hernandez

    Glad I bought this item. Thick plastic material. Super handy! Needed a way to count coins quickly and accurately, and this does the trick. No issues at all.

  43. Hiroshi Tanaka

    An easy and efficient way to keep your extra coins in order. Performs admirably.

  44. Natalia Petrova

    Works great for quickly counting coins. At first, it seems strange when stacking coins for wrapping, but the counter on the right side accurately counts odd numbers to create even stacks.

  45. Daniel Kowalski

    Over time, I’ve experimented with different coin sorters, ranging from cones to battery-operated ones. Unfortunately, they all fell short in terms of accuracy, often resulting in a miscount of a coin or two, and difficulties with stacking coins neatly in the tubes. But then, I discovered the amazing Kolibri tray. What sets this tray apart is its ability to hold exactly 2 coin rolls for each denomination – quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies – unlike other trays that can’t quite accommodate 2 full rolls. The sharp white print is much easier to read, and the tray is lightweight. I prefer using sturdier coin rolls with crimped ends and quickly fill the tubes with 5 coins at a time. This method works much better than cones and ensures my counting accuracy.

  46. Fadi Hassan

    My kid was occupied with it and learned how to handle cash correctly, now she’s rolling in dough haha.

  47. Rosa Ramirez

    I dig how the cents increase to a whole dollar.

  48. Leila El-Sayed

    Got this for my mother and it fulfilled her desires. Ecstatic!

  49. Julia Jensen

    I was under the impression that rolling my change would be a hassle, but this product made it effortless. With a jar full of coins, it was a simple to handle. Truly exceeded my expectations.

  50. Victoria Kaur

    Got this for my bro, and he’s totally into it.

  51. Matteo Guerra

    Ordered this tray to assist with sorting coins. It’s a sturdy and effective tool that gets the job done!

  52. Ella Ito

    Enjoyed the compactness of the coin arranging device.

  53. Elizabeth Vargas

    It’s crucial to make an effort to familiarize children with coins and counting them. Having a basic understanding of the penny, which is one hundredth of a dollar, can be incredibly beneficial when they start learning about decimals. Not only does this skill help kids grasp the value of money, but it also encourages them to save and make wise purchases. If you want to give your children a head start, consider investing in a coin counter!

  54. Sofia Volkov

    I’ve been searching for a coin sorting machine of this quality and affordability for years. The construction is sturdy and the labeling is clear, making it user-friendly.

  55. Greta Schneider

    This item came in handy for organizing loose change prior to rolling. It proved to be quite practical and effective. The build quality was solid. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

  56. Sho Nakamura

    Awesome for organizing and aligning your loose coins.

  57. Oscar Vasquez

    Absolutely adore this item! Rolling coins has never been simpler thanks to this little product.

  58. Kenza Ziani

    This tray came in handy when counting change after a Penny War at my daughter’s school. It was convenient and helped us keep track of our counting while chatting. I appreciated that it tracked the count by multiples of five, making it simple to roll coins and count partial rolls. While an automatic machine would have been simpler, this tray did the trick and made things much more efficient.

  59. David Nogueira

    A perfect product!

  60. William Santos

    The markings on this coin tray are crystal clear, allowing for easy coin counting. Its offset design simplifies stack tracking. I rolled over $400 worth of change using it and highly recommend it.

  61. Elena Fernandez

    What an amazing gadget for coin wrapping! No more counting required. Simply insert coins into the designated slots, grip, and wrap. Adore the simplicity of this tool!

  62. John Rodrigues

    Works for me, way better than manually counting…

  63. Mohammed Al-Khalifa

    The white markings on the black background allow for quick reading. It’s quite durable. We’re big fans!

  64. Luna Khan

    Love it, very useful.

  65. Avery Navarro

    The digits are a convenient to peruse and the level openings match them impeccably! I’m fond of having room for dollar and half-dollar currency as well. As a bank teller for half a dozen years, I regret not purchasing this earlier. Delivery was speedy and it arrived securely. The only drawback is the absence of a bottom grip to prevent the tray from sliding.

  66. Zoe Papadopoulos

    The bank teller proposed swapping my pen for hers.

  67. Madison Leblanc

    Simple to operate, highly durable. Outstanding item.

  68. Xavier Morales

    The dark colour is fantastic. Simple to peruse and durable.

  69. Chloe Choudhury

    The item met its description and proved durable, simplifying the process of sorting loose coins.

  70. Sebastian Tanaka

    This tray for coins is amazing to peruse! The edges boast a pleasing, crisp 90-degree angle. The coins appear tidy and appealing in the tray. I procured it for office use and have received numerous compliments from colleagues and patrons alike.

  71. Kyoko Suzuki

    The print is precise and well-placed. The slots for coins fit snugly and keep them secure. Purchased for every workstation at our bank.

  72. Viktoria Schmidt

    Super user-friendly, awesome to keep handy for daily coin deposits.

  73. Shin Tanaka

    The item is simple to operate and all currency fits tightly. It’s a clear time-saver for tallying funds and also serves as a convenient storage option for spare change. I own a different tray, but this product surpasses it.

  74. Khaled Al-Hashemi

    This is aiding my closing team in swiftly and precisely tallying coins at shift’s end. We did observe that the slots in the tray for nickels are quite snug, necessitating a check to ensure they hold 5 coins. Occasionally, coins are slightly warped and do not fit properly. It would also be preferable to have an overnight storage cover.

  75. Luca Romano

    Great! It’s user-friendly and helps you arrange your coins. It provides a rough count (you do the actual counting and then do some multiplication). It’s quite durable. I rated it 4 stars for durability. If it were made of metal or thicker plastic, it would have earned 5 stars. Nonetheless, it will likely endure for a long time, unless it falls on a hard surface like concrete or tile. All in all, I’m satisfied with it and give it 5 stars overall.

  76. Vladimir Petrov

    Adore the coins, they arrived just as I anticipated. Despite owning a coin counter, it miscalculated a few coins. The bank teller used a tray to demonstrate that some of my dimes were not counted accurately. Hence, I purchased a coin sorter, and it’s precisely what I required.

  77. Mason Almeida

    Great performance!

  78. Juan Carlos

    This tray is useful for organizing a significant quantity of coins, or when operating a snack bar at a gathering. It’s a valuable supplement to your cash container – you’ll be pleased with it.

  79. Dimitar Petrov

    At first glance, using this tray seemed like it would be a hassle. However, it’s actually quite intuitive and user-friendly. Personally, I found sorting coins to be a satisfying activity during these pandemic times. The tray’s design definitely helped with that.

  80. Olivia Garcia

    I’m pleased with how it stands at an angle. The precision is spot-on, user-friendly, and arrived in great condition. Overall, I’m very content with my purchase.

  81. Ethan Martinez

    Reasonably priced, using it is nice and it’s super handy.

  82. Wei Liu

    The tray for sorting functions excellently. Its durability is impressive and the digits are easy to read. We utilize it to educate a 5-year-old about the worth of coins. My only desire is for it to have a lid to secure the coins in position after our sessions. Apart from that, I strongly suggest this item.

  83. Wei Liu

    Adore it, although deducted one star due to warping. Doesn’t render it useless, yet it generates some noise when it scrapes against the surface. Nonetheless, it’s simple to operate and tally, and the coins are great to extract for rolling. The lines and print are remarkably sharp and distinct, unlike other similar products available.

  84. Irina Sokolova

    This item is easily one of my top purchases. It rapidly sorts, tallies, and arranges all standard US coins. (Keep in mind that it counts coins in groups of five, not four.) It doesn’t permit additional coins in the tally, so it’s incredibly precise when rolling them. Just separate the foreign coins ahead of time. It pushes five coins to the left and five to the right, making it simple to grab them without any guesswork. The labels are clear and legible, even without my reading glasses. It counts five coins at a time, and each row can accommodate two rolls of coins.

    This item is pretty sturdy but not heavy. It’s not made of super-thin, brittle plastic like some others I’ve seen. Instead, it’s made of molded plastic that’s about as thick as a quarter. It’s not irritating when you put coins in, and it feels like it’s worth a lot of money.

    It pays for itself quickly. Even when it’s only half full, it can hold $17.50 in pocket change. I wish I had purchased this earlier, and it would be ideal for retail when counting coins at the end of a shift or day.

  85. Michael Patel

    I adore a product that is foolproof. No parts that budge or wear out. Its precision never wavers. That’s exactly what this item embodies. What’s not to appreciate?

  86. Isabella Wong

    A real game-changer for those who struggle with math when handling coins + it’s simply convenient to have it

  87. James Janssen

    A great item

  88. Bianca Nunes

    For over two decades, my bank has relied on tan coin sorters that are pretty standard across the industry. Despite having 20/20 vision, I still found myself tilting and squinting at them. But then, I stumbled upon the Kolibri coin sorters by chance and quickly added them to my cart. Needless to say, I was not disappointed with my purchase. The numbers are clear and easy to read, providing a much-needed relief. My tellers and I are big fans of these coin sorters. While they may not be as heavy as our old ones, they are still sturdy and reliable. And finally, someone had the sense to create a coin sorter that can hold two full rolls of coins! Who needs a sorter that can only hold 85 cents anyway?

  89. Yasmine El-Sayed

    Not a mechanical sorter, but it counts/sorts coins and doesn’t jam!

  90. Camila Sato

    Simple to operate when closing cash registers.

  91. Qasim Khan

    Got here earlier than I thought. The slots fit the amounts perfectly. The quantities are well-defined, making this coin holder a wonderful buy. I can even sort while talking or watching shows.

  92. Amelia Novak

    Perfectly counts out your change with ease.

  93. Stella Nakamura

    I got what I was expecting! Great product!

  94. Muhammad Rossi

    Very pleased with how quickly they provided service.

  95. Harper Ivanov

    Arrived as described and on schedule.

  96. Ursula Braun

    Bought this for my grandson who is seven years old. He’s totally into it and it’s aiding him in valuing money, feeling accomplished about saving, and enhancing his counting skills.

  97. Wei Zhou

    Got this for my granddaughter who’s 6 to learn about money. It’s an awesome tool and she enjoys stacking the coins.

  98. Noah Kim

    Arrived ahead of schedule and does the job perfectly for what I need. Finally managed to organize and package all my loose coins.

  99. Tariq El-Sayed

    User-friendly. Ideal for rapid counting assistance.

  100. Elijah Abadi

    Perfect! 🙂

  101. Jackson Yoshida

    This is exactly what our new donut shop needs for our coins. Actually, I could use one more.

  102. Cheng Wang

    Coin tray’s is strong and performs admirably. To ensure that each slot is filled, you need to scrutinize the pennies and dimes closely. I purchased it to aid in coin wrapping, and it performs its job effectively.

  103. Sophia Ribeiro

    Great quality, numbers are easy to read, and it’s super sturdy. It might cost a bit more than other options, but definitely worth the investment.

  104. Nicolas Lemoine

    Working at a bank, the trays for coins that were given to us by the company never had enough room for two full coin wrappers. It used to drive me crazy! However, this tray quenches my OCD to a concerning extent.

  105. Priya Sharma

    The product was decent, but it didn’t quite meet my expectations. I ended up devising my own counting method that suited me better, but it could work well for someone else.

  106. Evelyn Barbosa

    Keeping track of change is awesome

  107. Emma Takahashi

    Exactly what I needed. Utilize this during work and it’s much easier to read compared to our current ones. Adore the black color. My colleague also enjoys it and might purchase one.

  108. Ava Andersen

    Not wanting a coin separator that runs on electricity, this was an ideal substitute. Separating coins into precise denominations is a feature I adore. It simplifies the process of sorting and rolling.

  109. Yasmina El Kadi

    Bought this to teach my kids about money. Coin Tray was perfect for my 5 year old to roll her change. It works really well!

  110. Guo Jing

    He’s a big fan of this product. It’s simple for him to tally and wrap his coins.

  111. Zainab Al Said

    Performs well in storing and securing coins. The only thing to keep in mind is that it counts change in intervals of 5 instead of 4.

  112. Fatima Zahra

    Awesome item… the cashiers are delighted with this user-friendly tray for reading.

  113. Adrian Popescu

    Bought this product to make counting coins for wrapping easier. The accuracy of the coin count is spot on. Before, I had a huge jar full of coins to wrap, which was slower than an automatic sorter and roller, but it was accurate. The automatic sorters that are cheap are exactly that, cheap and not accurate. If you regularly sort and roll large amounts of coins, then it’s worth investing in a commercial sorter/roller. Now that the coins are rolled, the plan is to put loose change in this tray. When there are enough coins of a particular denomination, I’ll roll them, which only takes a minute or two. Some reviewers mentioned that they don’t like the coins being grouped in fives. For instance, it may seem logical to group quarters in groups of four. However, the five-count group is a standard in U.S. banking. These types of coin trays were originally intended for businesses, not consumers. The tray is made of plastic, like everything else. As long as the tray is not mistreated, it should last. I can’t say anything about the $0.50 and $1.00 slots since I will likely never use them.

  114. Zara Rosy

    The tray is flawless! Don’t let people with small minds discourage you, who can’t comprehend that 40 quarters are the same as 40 quarters, whether they’re arranged in 10 sets of 4 or 8 sets of 5. The tray is also labeled! To sum up, purchase it! Bring your change to the bank, deposit it, and then either save or spend it.

  115. Leonardo Silva

    Adore it!

  116. Emre Y?lmaz

    Now my coins are organized instead of being in a messy pile on my dresser.

  117. Maria Petkova

    Half-dollar coins don’t fit neatly in the stack of five, as only four can fit without forcefully pushing them down. This defeats the purpose of efficiently rolling and counting coins. However, aside from that issue, the coin sorting tray is effective.

  118. Kristina Popova

    This product is exactly what I was looking for. It meets all of my requirements and has exceeded my expectations.

  119. Daria Ivanova

    Functions great and has a much more appealing appearance than the previous beige trays. Doesn’t display grime as prominently.

  120. Ivan Petrov

    Great for keeping track of loose change and organizing coins.

  121. Maha El Sayed

    I’m diggin’ the easy-to-read numbers on the coin tray, but the .50 cent compartments are a letdown. They can only handle four coins instead of five, which throws off the count. Gotta fix that, ya know?

  122. Olivia Jensen

    Sorry, but there is no text provided to modify. Please provide the text you want me to modify.

  123. Patricia Silva

    Love the fast shipping and wide selection of products. The prices are also very competitive. Will definitely continue to shop here.

  124. Erik Andersen

    The slots that have been increased can hold up to 5 coins and make it simple to verify the correct number of coins. I utilize a rotary sorter and then the tray to guarantee precise coin counts for every roll.

  125. Ahmed El Shafei

    Great tray for coins! Only issue is that it doesn’t fit 50-cent pieces perfectly…

  126. Fatma Kaya

    Great counter! Negative feedback about this item is completely inaccurate.

  127. Rana Al Hussein

    Rolling coins is awesome with this product.

  128. Olga Ivanova

    Sorting coins is amazing with this tray. It’s a popular choice among banks and financial institutions alike.

  129. Qi Fang

    I’m not a fan of the fact that the count level isn’t in standard denominations before the saw breaks. It means you end up with a 5-coin roll that costs $1.25 instead of a dollar.

  130. Guilherme Souza

    This coin holder resolved numerous issues we faced when tallying funds for our event sales. The holder’s quality is impressive and the printing is extremely legible. Coins fit perfectly into each compartment, making it easy to calculate the total. Previously, I would spend around 30-40 minutes counting coins, but that’s a thing of the past now as I can do it within 5 minutes.

  131. Peng Tao

    Clear differences between the denomination, amount, and fill indicators. Robust build quality. Must buy product!

  132. Hiroko Yamamoto

    I prefer the black trays over the tan ones I’ve come across. The digits are easy to read, and it does an applausable job of monitoring the coins.

  133. Daniela Fernandes

    This tray for sorting coins speeds up the rolling process. The only issue I had was with the quarter section, which was set up for 5 quarters per “slot”. It would make more sense to have 4 quarters per slot, so that each slot equals a dollar and there are ten slots per roll.

  134. Quincy Adams

    Arrived with some dings on the side rows, but overall a solid and compact product.

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