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  • Protects Your Business: The Kolibri Bishop counterfeit bill detector uses advanced ultraviolet, magnetic ink and infrared detection methods to defend against potential counterfeit bills.
  • Takes Security Further: Counterfeit detector machine clearly and automatically confirms the authenticity and the denomination of the bills on its LCD screen to protect against bleached bills.
  • Easy for anyone to use: includes a clear guide for the needed direction for bills to be inserted. Fits easily near crowded cash registers thanks to its compact, lightweight design. Perfect for cashier, driver and small stores.
  • Works with Limited Space: Fake cash detector fits easily near crowded cash registers or in small stores, thanks to its compact, lightweight design measuring only 6.3″ x 5.7″ x 2.7″.
  • Purchase with Confidence: The cash handling equipment is backed by a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support to eliminate any risk for our customers.
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Protect your business from counterfeit money with the Kolibri Bishop 2-in-1 counterfeit bill detector. The Bishop uses many detection methods to ensure the cash your business receives from customers is authentic. More effective than a simple pen or UV lamp, this counterfeit detector machine features systems that check the bill for ultraviolet, magnetic ink and infrared security features. The large, LCD display shows the denomination of the bill to defend against bill bleaching schemes that may try to pass off a $1 as a $100. In addition to counterfeit detection, this cash handling machine also counts the number of bills and displays the count clearly in the lower right corner of the screen. Measuring just 6.3″ x 5.7″ x 2.7″, this compact counterfeit detector fits easily in many space-limited environments. For fast and easy defense against counterfeit money, the automatic counterfeit detector includes a clear guide for the orientation of inserted bills. The money detector comes backed by a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support from our US-based team.

Reviews (97)

97 reviews for BISHOP™

  1. Carlos Gutierrez

    A great device

  2. Victoria L.

    Kolibri Bishop assures counterfeit defense in a compact, easy-to-use package.

  3. Christopher R.

    Compact defender against counterfeit bills. Kolibri Bishop is essential for stores.

  4. Isabella M.

    Kolibri Bishop boosts our confidence against counterfeit threats. Simple operation.

  5. Brigitte Dupont

    Very useful

  6. Lucas H.

    Kolibri’s UV, MG, and IR detection is impressive for its price.

  7. Eliana C.

    Valuable addition to stores. Kolibri Bishop ensures trustworthy currency authentication.

  8. Clara N.

    Easy-to-use essential protection against counterfeit money. Fits well on counters.

  9. Sophia M.

    Practical companion for stores. Kolibri Bishop offers peace of mind against fakes.

  10. Elijah C.

    Compact and efficient security solution for businesses. Protects against fakes.

  11. Henry S.

    Simple and effective solution against counterfeit money. Fits anywhere easily.

  12. Grace S.

    Dependable counterfeit checker. Kolibri Bishop enhances our store’s security.

  13. Olivia R.

    Compact size fits well in our store. Trustworthy defense against fake money.

  14. Daniel S.

    Compact Kolibri Bishop boosts confidence against counterfeit threats. User-friendly operation.

  15. Zoey K.

    Kolibri Bishop simplifies counterfeit defense with its user-friendly design.

  16. Leo S.

    Affordable and effective security solution against counterfeit bills. Good buy.

  17. Emily B.

    Trusted authentication for currencies. Kolibri Bishop is an effective defense.

  18. Alex M.

    The Kolibri counterfeit bill detector is effective and straightforward. Impressive security features.

  19. Erik Andersen

    The quality of this product is impressive! I am very happy with my purchase on the platform. I would definitely recommend it to other online shoppers.

  20. Darya Smirnova

    Good bills don’t always get recognized as such, even after being submitted multiple times. It’s frustrating and time-consuming.

  21. Leo C.

    Store security made easy with Kolibri Bishop. Compact and efficient tool.

  22. Ellie G.

    Defends against counterfeit bills confidently. LCD display adds reassurance.

  23. Guillermo Diaz

    The product was able to read only some bills, and couldn’t cooperate with old bills

  24. Jackson R.

    Effectively prevents fake bill mishaps. Compact design fits well.

  25. Ethan B.

    Kolibri Bishop offers peace of mind with its advanced counterfeit detection.

  26. Nathan W.

    Easy and effective counterfeit checks with Kolibri Bishop. Store essential.

  27. Fiona Wang

    Impressive. Works fast and reliably.

  28. Amelia P.

    Reliable protection against fake bills. Compact size is a plus.

  29. Levi G.

    Compact assurance against counterfeit bills. Kolibri Bishop is user-friendly and efficient.

  30. Sofia L.

    Provides value for small businesses with essential counterfeit defense features.

  31. Ava C.

    Compact Kolibri Bishop fits well in tight spaces. Convenient for cashiers.

  32. Elena T.

    Trustworthy protection against counterfeit money. Kolibri Bishop proves its worth.

  33. Avery E.

    Kolibri Bishop efficiently authenticates bills. Valuable tool for businesses.

  34. Leo K.

    Defends business against counterfeit money effectively. Compact design is handy.

  35. Isaac B.

    Impressive defense against counterfeit bills. Kolibri Bishop is a reliable tool.

  36. Alejandro Gomez

    Small, speedy, user-friendly. Occasionally refuses valid currency.

  37. Violet L.

    User-friendly and practical counterfeit detection. Kolibri Bishop is a great buy.

  38. Harper F.

    Easy-to-use counterfeit detector with effective UV, MG, IR checks.

  39. Lily W.

    Reliable protection against counterfeit bills. LCD display adds extra reassurance.

  40. Penelope M.

    Handy companion for stores. Effective counterfeit detection for peace of mind.

  41. Daniel H.

    Convenient and efficient bill checker for businesses. Recommended for cashiers.

  42. Stella M.

    Compact solution for counterfeit defense. Kolibri Bishop offers peace of mind.

  43. Oliver M.

    Compact and reliable counterfeit defense with Kolibri Bishop. Easy to use.

  44. Grace L.

    Essential tool for cashiers. Handy size and advanced detection features.

  45. Samuel W.

    Dependable counterfeit protection with Kolibri Bishop. Compact design suits businesses.

  46. Mia G.

    Trustworthy bill detection with UV, MG, and IR methods. Suits busy places.

  47. Matthew P.

    Reliable prevention against counterfeit bills. Compact Kolibri Bishop is efficient.

  48. Jack D.

    User-friendly Kolibri Bishop enhances store security without complications.

  49. Sofia S.

    Reliable currency verification with Kolibri Bishop. Confidence booster for cashiers.

  50. Gabriel S.

    Solid build quality with reliable UV, MG, and IR checks for security.

  51. Olivia G.

    Efficient solution for counterfeit issues. Kolibri Bishop is a valuable asset.

  52. Mia H.

    Efficient detection of fake bills. Kolibri Bishop ensures secure transactions.

  53. Christian H.

    Practical solution for counterfeit threats. Compact and efficient Kolibri Bishop.

  54. Chloe A.

    A must-have for any cashier. User-friendly and effective counterfeit protection.

  55. Caleb T.

    Trustworthy counterfeit protection made user-friendly. Compact size is practical.

  56. Liam H.

    Easy currency verification with Kolibri Bishop. Compact and efficient protection.

  57. Scarlett A.

    Reliable currency protection against counterfeits. Kolibri Bishop is an asset.

  58. Chang Hu


  59. Nikolai Petrov

    There is nothing complicated, you just insert the banknote as indicated and you get fast results.

  60. Rohit Patil

    Received a pre-owned device that was in a less than desirable state upon inspection – unclean and aged. Clearly it had been utilized for an extended period. Opted to initiate a return process.

  61. Hana Kim

    Great detector! It not only verifies the authenticity of bills, but also reads their value. I’m a big fan!

  62. Mohamed Hassan

    Spot Fake Bills on the Platform.

  63. Xin Zhou

    Having this gadget at the cash register is ideal. It consistently verifies the authenticity of each bill and offers the choice to count the number of bills or both the number and value. This item is essential for any cash-handling business.

  64. Olivia Jensen

    Compact and straightforward bill counterfeit detector. Placing a bill in the slot and watching customers’ reactions as it scans is priceless.

  65. Talia Shapiro

    Received my purchase today and I’m excited to give it a try. It’s an improvement from my previous one. This device detects fake money and immediately rejects it without dispensing any value. Genuine bills are accepted and properly valued. I used to own a similar device that only beeped and returned bills, often rejecting legitimate ones, causing confusion. This one is much simpler to operate.

  66. Stavros Papadopoulos

    It is a decent product that only checks dollars, not euros. It would be ideal if it had a rechargeable battery so that it could be used without electricity.

  67. Chao Liu


  68. Uchenna Eze

    This gadget brings tranquility and for its low cost, it’s a lifesaver. A single bad invoice and it’s already paid for! With the latest SUPER INVOICES out there, it’s the ultimate business investment.

  69. Reiko Fujiwara


  70. Oscar Svensson

    Wrinkled bills not accepted.

  71. Elias Karlsson

    No complaints whatsoever. Everything works smoothly and I am very satisfied with my purchase. The platform did a great job delivering it quickly and in good condition. Highly recommend!

  72. Belinda Smith

    We’re efficient and precise.

  73. Iker Martinez

    Functioned fine for the initial week, but now insists that all 50s are counterfeit. Would not buy once more.

  74. Nikhil Kapoor

    Up until now, it’s been fantastic. For three weeks straight, we were receiving bogus cash. But, now that we have the device, no more phony currency. Our staff feels much more at ease. It’s located right beside the cash register, and every bill is verified.

  75. Hina Sharma

    The device is nice to operate, as long as you insert the bill correctly. It’s speedy and quite precise. However, it struggles with detecting $50 bills. There were several occasions where it beeped an error tone for a legitimate $50 bill, and I had to reboot the device and reset the counter to zero before it would accurately identify the bill as authentic. Additionally, it cannot identify much older bills (such as those from the 1960s), but the likelihood of a customer presenting such a bill is low (it’s only happened once to us, and it was someone we knew, so it wasn’t a big deal).

  76. Zuzana Novakova

    No issues, gets the job done.

  77. Oleksandra Shevchenko

    We got a fake $100 bill without realizing it and only found out when we tried to deposit it. My staff doesn’t have the time to check each bill for authenticity, so we needed a quick and efficient solution. The Kolibri Bishop 2-in-1 Counterfeit Money Detector and Bill Counter with UV, MG, and IR Detection was just what we needed. It can help us catch any fake bills, potentially saving us from losing money in the long run.

  78. Fatima El-Sayed

    Great item!

  79. Qian Wang

    Product performs as advertised, user-friendly, and customer support exceeds expectations.

  80. Qi Xue

    The best, super reliable.

  81. Giovanni Russo

    We were amazed to discover that most counterfeit money detectors only verify the authenticity of the bill. However, this device also indicates the bill’s worth. This prevents anyone from laundering a low denomination bill and presenting it as a higher denomination bill. It has scanned every bill I’ve tested, and it definitely does the job!

  82. Viktoria Schmidt

    It works great, just as I imagined it would.

  83. Maria Luiza Sousa

    I had no trouble navigating the platform. Everything was straightforward and simple. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a hassle-free experience.

  84. Uchechi Nwankwo

    I recently made a purchase on the platform and I couldn’t be happier. The process was super smooth and the product arrived quickly. I highly recommend the platform for all your shopping needs.

  85. Wei Tang

    Works great! Super easy to use! Many customers come in with old $50 and $100 bills, but Bishop makes it simple because it reads the bill amount. If it doesn’t read it, then it’s not good…

  86. Priya Desai

    Awesome tool to detect fake bills.

  87. Dalia El-Amin

    Excellent seller, would definitely buy from again! The product arrived quickly and was exactly as described. Highly recommend this seller to anyone looking for quality products and great customer service. Thank you!

  88. Abdulaziz Al-Khalifa

    just pop in your cash and let the device do the rest. Since setting it up, I’ve already had three $20 bills successfully scanned. I highly endorse this product with an A+ rating.

  89. Sanae Tanaka

    Looks like the screen has been previously utilised.

  90. Jade Wilson

    Works great, happy with my purchase.

  91. Petros Antoniou

    I got this fake money identifier a few months back and it was all good for about a month. Unfortunately, it failed to detect 50 bills in the end. So, I reached out to the seller and they swapped it out for a new one. The replacement is doing its job well so far. I’ll update my review in a month or so.

  92. Vladimir Popov

    I’m impressed with the platform. Simple and efficient. Highly recommended.

  93. Xavier Dupont

    No comments

  94. Taro Suzuki

    Quick delivery! Functioning properly…up to this point, everything is satisfactory!

  95. Kenshin Sasaki

    Great performance and fast delivery.

  96. Yusuf Demir

    The checker works lightning-fast to identify if a product is fake or genuine. Ideal for cashiers.

  97. Zara Hussein

    Excellent way to prevent fake money. Discovered that it’s fast and effortless to operate.

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