Bill Counter with UV, Magnetic and Infrared Counterfeit Detection

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  • Counts quickly and accurately! Counts up to 1,400 bills per minute while eliminating any doubt in the correctness of the count.
  • Defends against counterfeits with ultraviolet and magnetic ink detection systems.
  • Advanced infrared detection ensures an accurate count every time. Catches any chain, double or half note issues!
  • Includes Count, Add, Batch and Add plus Batch modes for a wide variety of money counting needs.
  • Purchase with confidence: the Rook™ is backed by a one-year warranty.

Quickly and accurately count the money your business generates with the Kolibri Rook™ Bill Counter! Speed through stacks of cash in no time with its 1,400 bill per minute counting speed.

Never worry about the accuracy of a count again as the Rook™ utilizes infrared technology to ensure each count is correct.

While counting, the Rook™ automatically scans bills with both ultraviolet and magnetic ink detection systems to stop any potential counterfeit bills in their tracks. The Rook™ includes 4 operational modes to cover all of your business’s counting needs. The simple Count mode will give a total count of all bills passed through the hopper. Add mode makes use of the Rook’s second LED screen to provide a running tally of all bills counted. Batch mode will count out the selected number of bills to easily separate a stack into the amount needed. And Add plus Batch will separate out needed batches while also keeping a tally of all bills counted.

The Rook™ is backed by a one-year warranty.

A modern counterfeit bill detector, such as the Kolibri Rook bill counter, is a money counting machine equipped with modern counterfeit detection systems that instantly spot counterfeit bills during counting. The ultraviolet and infrared sensors work by illuminating the bills with ultraviolet or infrared light. This reveals text or symbols that have been printed on the bill in non-visible dyes. If the light fails to reveal some or all of these hidden symbols, it’s a sure sign that the banknote is inauthentic.

The magnetic ink detector checks for metal threads and special magnetic inks placed at certain spots on the bill. Again, if these are not present or if their position is incorrect, the money counter and counterfeit detector unit stops the count and alerts the user to the presence of a suspicious bill.

In an effort to make our products more user-friendly, we aim to provide sophisticated solutions that are simple to use, be they dependable mixed denomination bill counters or money counters and counterfeit detectors. We design our bill counters, including Kolibri rook bill counters, to be fully usable right out of the box. Aside from plugging in the device into an electric outlet, there is no setup necessary.

Likewise, Kolibri bill counters require no previous experience or in-depth training to use, and can be operated by individuals who have never used a cash sorter device before. Everything you need to know to use the machine or to quickly train an employee in its use can be found in the user manual.

First, place the wad of bills into the top compartment of your Kolibri Rook money counter and counterfeit note detector, press start, and watch as it counts at the impressive speed of 1400 bills per minute. Your cash will come out in the stacker, neatly sorted and counted. Should a counterfeit banknote come up during the count, the Kolibri Rook bill counter will stop the count and display an alert on its LCD screen.

Kolibri currency counters for banks, stores, dispensaries, and other businesses should be repaired only by the Kolibri technical service center staff. All our bill counters come with a 1-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects, as well as machine-related failures that happen during normal use as outlined in the product manual.

The warranty does not protect against problems and failures induced by mishandling, mishaps, improper use, or unauthorized opening, tampering, or maintenance. Issues caused by foreign object damage, improper transportation or storing, spilled drinks, or other types of external damage are also not covered by the warranty. It also doesn’t cover the cost of shipping the unit to the Kolibri technical service center.

The Kolibri Rook is designed to be as easy to clean as it is to use. First, turn off and unplug the device. Second, locate each sensor. The hopper sensor can be found at the top of the unit, in the compartment where the money is put for counting. The 2-part stacker sensor is seated in the stacker pocket, where the cash is placed after counting/sorting. The two counting sensors and the magnetic sensor are located beneath the display panel.

Once you’ve located the sensors, use a soft microfiber cloth or bristle brush to wipe dust. If that doesn’t work, clean them using a can of compressed air. Lastly, wipe them with a cotton swab lightly moistened with isopropyl alcohol.

Here at Kolibri, we take advantage of our superb expertise in cash counting and counterfeit detection systems to supply you with state-of-the-art products at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for an automatic counterfeit detector or a durable cash drop safe box, rest assured our extensive catalog contains solutions that fit any need and price range. Want to know more about us or our products? Feel free to call us today.