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Money Counter with UV Counterfeit Detection and 1-year Warranty

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  • Warranty: A full 1-year warranty means you can purchase with confidence.
  • Detection: UV, half, double, and chain notes are all detected by the Kolibri money counter while counting 1,000 bills per minute.
  • Quality: durable metal construction makes this bill counter easy to clean and maintain, and a straight bill path means fewer jams than the competition.
  • Ease of use: automatic start, stop, and error clearing functions make money counting simple. High quality sensors and motor mean no continuous run time limits.
  • Size: 9” x 11” x 5” – a compact, powerful, and robust money counting machine. Be sure to check out our video on the left, under the last image!

Money counting made easy with with the Kolibri automatic bill counter.

This money counter will count up to 1,000 bills per minute and features batch mode, allowing you to batch in units of 10, 20, 25, 50, or 100 bills. The Kolibri will also detect half, chain, double, and counterfeit bills with built in sensors, including UV. We are one of the only low-cost bill counters to offer a one-year warranty on parts and labor, not 30 days like most of our competition.

The Kolibri automatic bill counter comes in easy-to-open, high quality packaging and won’t smell overpoweringly of used tires like some other low-cost money counters.

If you’re looking for a reliable money counter for your home or business, you can choose the Kolibri bill counter with confidence.

Historically, people used all sorts of make-do methods to figure out if the money they received was authentic or a forgery, even biting down on a silver coin or cutting a little notch in it to see if the material was genuine. In today’s world, however, most cash transactions are done using printed banknotes which, although convenient, are harder to inspect for authenticity that it might seem.

These days, the most frequently used counterfeit money detection method involves using UV lights and UV-powered scanners. UV sensors come in different shapes and sizes, from a compact pen to a large machine. Today, best money counters come equipped with UV-powered counterfeit money detection features. A UV-powered counterfeit detector can reveal any imperfections hinting that it might be a fake and detect whether the money is printed on fiber-based paper (real money) or wood-based paper (fake money).

Modern banknote counter machines such as the Kolibri Bill Counter come equipped with advanced detection systems that instantly halt the count the moment they spot a suspect bill. The UV scanner, for example, illuminates the passing banknotes with an ultraviolet sensor, checking them for symbols or text printed using a special dye that is only visible under UV light. As these dyes are specially made by governments, they are impossible to replicate by counterfeiters, enabling an UV automatic counterfeit detector to instantly spot a fraudulent bill.

Money counters have made counting currency much easier for professionals and small business or store owners alike. You operate a money counting machine by inserting a stack of bills into the designated area. The counter will then pull the bills out of the stack one by one at an incredible pace. With the help of a light-powered sensor, the machine detects how many times the beam has been interrupted. The best money counters on the market are also able to detect any counterfeit bills using an advanced UV scanner.

  • A robust and compact bill counter, Kolibri Bill Counter is designed to count money at high speeds and it is simple to use.
  • The more sophisticated money counters with multiple modes achieve optimal efficiency, high functionality and pinpoint accuracy while cutting down on money processing time. Still, this money counter is good value for money because it has an automatic start feature and few limits in terms of length and frequency of use.
  • Combined with an extra large cash box or a cash drop safe, the Kolibri Bill Counter is a decent money counter choice that can boost overall productivity if you’re running a business such as a restaurant, dispensary, nail salon, convenience store, and so on.

The Kolibri Bill Counter manual cleaning process is designed to be straightforward and to require no previous experience. Before you begin cleaning, locate the ultraviolet sensor by checking for the purple/blue (UV) light. Turn the device off and unplug it before locating the two counting sensors beneath the display panel.

Each sensor needs to be cleaned separately. First, wipe the dust off using a soft bristle brush or a microfiber cloth. Then clean the sensors with a can of compressed air. Finally, lightly moisten a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol, and gently wipe the sensors with it. For a more detailed guide (with photos), visit the FAQ section.

Keeping your money counter pristine also requires some regular maintenance and that you follow a few basic rules. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t use any objects other than bills in your professional money counter. Make sure there are no coins, clips or rubber bands in the stack of money before using the money counter. Another rule of thumb you should follow is unplugging your money counting machine when it’s not in operation, as it will significantly prolong its lifespan. Finally, when not in use you should put a protective cover over the counting machine to prevent any dirt or dust from getting in.

If you frequently deal with large amounts of paper bills, you need a trustworthy commercial bill counter to make your business run smoothly. There are many manufacturers offering different money counter machines and durable drop safes, but the choice ultimately lies with you. So before you pick, do a little research and learn as much about you can about the company manufacturing professional money counter machines.

Here at Kolibri USA, we harness our advanced understanding of automated bill counting and counterfeit detection technologies to manufacture state-of-the-art bill counting and forgery detection products like our ACE Counterfeit Money Counter that satisfy a broad range of business needs. Our inventory includes mixed denomination bill counters and other devices that are engineered to be easy to use, durable, dependable, and competitively priced.

As further proof of how devoted we are to bring you the absolute best value for your money, all Kolibri mixed bill money counter and counterfeit detector machines come with a one year warranty. This warranty shields you against both manufacturing defects, and unit-related issues that occur during normal use while following the guidelines outlined in the product manual. Feel free to get in touch with us today if you’d like to learn more about us and our products.

If your business demands a quick and easy way to count all the money you earn on a day-to-day basis, you need a fast and reliable money counter machine. But with the market saturated with these devices, how do you choose the best money counter for your business?

The most important thing is to identify your exact needs based on where you plan to use the money counter and what for. An exchange office will need a more sophisticated, professional money counter. On the other hand, a convenience store will benefit from a portable money counter instead.

Weight And Size

Depending on the available space, the first thing you need to determine is the size and weight of the money counting machine. If your office space is very narrow and you don’t have enough of it to move around, you might want a portable bill counter. Moreover, if you are going to need to frequently move the counter from office to office, consider getting a light-weight counter and portable cash storage box.

Money Counting Speed

If you are frequently dealing with large amounts of money, you will definitely need more speed. Speed is one of the money counting machine staples and will largely influence both the quality and the price of the money counter. If you need to count big volumes of cash in a short time, you will definitely need a faster counter. Some modern counters come with variable money counting speed so you can choose the one that fits your purpose. Kolibri Bill Counter has a max speed of 1000 bills/minute, which is more than enough to satisfy even the most demanding businesses.

Does It Detect Counterfeit Money?

Counterfeit money detector is a worthy and irreplaceable addition to any money counter. The United States Department of Treasury estimates that there is around $200 million in counterfeit bills in circulation, meaning that for every 4,000 genuine bills there’s a counterfeit one. Therefore, an addition of a UV scanner will help you root out any bills that might be counterfeit from your circulation. Pair this with a money counter machine’s base functionality and you’ll have an ally every business should have.