KCD-1000 Counterfeit Money Scanner

The Best Fake Money Detector Packed In One Portable Device

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  • WKCD-1000 is the easiest way to detect counterfeit bills with its pass or fail features.
  • Instert bills in any direction and orientation and this fake money detector machine will detect the counterfeit ones
  • Includes UV, MG, IR, Size, and Double Note detection to identify any fake counterfeit bills in circulation
  • The KCD-1000 uses IR technology that protects you from even the most advanced counterfeit bills.
  • In less than 2 seconds you will know wheter a bill is counterfeit or not.

KCD-1000 is a premier counterfeit money scanner equipped with UV, Infrared and Magentic sensors built to quickly and easily detect counterfeit bills. With its all-orientation input method, you can quickly and easily determine whether a bill is authentic or forged. If you work in a busy industry such as running a convenience store, knowing you can quickly and easily determine the authenticity of a bill with this fake money detector is priceless. This device can easily distinguish even the most advanced and thorough counterfeit bills. The device can identify all the common security traits built into most world currencies, including magnetic and infrared ink, metallic threads, color, thickness, size and the watermark. The best thing about KCD-1000 is that you need no training to use this counterfeit money scanner. You’ll forget all about coutnerveit pens and outdated UV lights with the most reliable business ally you can buy.

The rapid advancement in printer technology has allowed anyone to create couterfeit bills that look almost like the real thing. Someone working in a busy environment might easily be decieved into taking ofe of those bills. When these bills are mixed with regular ones, they are nearly impossible to spot without a reliable counterfeit money scanner.

Counterfeit detection pens are small devices using iodine solutions to detect any discrepancies in the bills. The counterfeit detection pen leaves a black stain on wood-based paper that counterfeit bills are commonly printed on. However, if the counterfeit bills were created by a professional forger and printed on non-wood based paper. Futhermore, the pen is only effective with small amounts of bills.

A fake money detector machine like KCD-1000 can quickly and easily detect counterfeit money with advanced sensors such as the UV and Infrared sensors, magnetic ink and others. These devices are convenient and reliable, making them an ideal solution for any business.

Kolibri USA takes pride in our counterfeit detection systems and automated counting to deliver state-of-the-art money counting and fake note detector machine designs meant for every business. No matter if you own a small store or a large supermarket, a Kolibri fake money detector is an irreplacable ally.

You can purchase our KCD-1000 fake money detector right here online and from the comfort of your home. This device adds an extra level of ease into your business practice due to its ability to scan any bill from all four sides. With its slick design, .95 lbs weight and compact dimensions of 6.29” x 5.12” x 3.62” this devce is perfect for any space. You can order the KCD-1000 online right here through our Amazon.com store.

We do! Just like any Kolibri product, KCD-1000 is covered by a 1-year warranty valid on the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing errors, work-related failures occuring during regular use provided the user followed the guidelines in the manual.

However, the warranty does not cover any accidents and defects caused by negligence, tampering, improper use, unauthorized repair or maintenance. The warranty also doesn’t cover spilled liquids, improper storage or transport. The user covers for any shipping cost to the Kolibri technical service.