ACE Counterfeit Money Counter

Counterfeit Money Scanner With UV, Magnetic and Infrared Fake Bill Detection

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  • Fast And Precise Counting with 1,500 bills per minute at no expense of accuracy.
  • Easily detects counterfeit money with ultraviolet and magnetic ink detection systems. The large LED screen clearly displays suspected counterfeit bills.
  • Advanced system of infrared detection delivers an accurate count every time. Able to detect any chain, double or half note issues.
  • Includes modes such as Automatic, Manual, Count, Add, Batch and Add plus Batch which make them the best money counters for small business.
  • Buyer Protection Guarantee: Ace is covered by a one-year warranty.

Kolibri Ace Bill Counter machines are powerful business allies that helps you count all the money you generate with speed and accuracy!

Meet The Best Money Counters For Small Businesses

Business owners can rest assured their money will be counted to the dollar thanks to ACE bill counter machines with a fake money detector built in. During the counting process, this counterfeit money scanner uses magnetic ink and ultraviolet detection to halt the counting process and display the possible counterfeit bill warning on the display.

This counterfeit money scanner can rapidly alternate between manual and automatic modes to suit your particular purpose. It also features 4 operational modes to accomodate all the various business needs. The count mode will provide the sum total of all the bills fed to the hopper. The Add mode lets the machine give a running tally of all the cash counted on the LED screen. The Batch mode will deduce the selected number of bills to help divide a stack into the amount the owner needs. Finally, Add Plus Batch divides the desired batch amounts while keeping count of all the bills it counts.

The Ace bill counter machines are covered by a one-year warranty.

The Kolibri Ace counterfeit money coutner is often demed one of the best money counters for small businesses due to its 1500 bill per minute counting speed. With its 11.3 pound and compact dimensions of 11 x 10 x 7 inches, it is appropriate for most small businesses. You can also order the Kolibri Ace online. Follow the Buy Now button to our account where you can purchase these bill counter machines.

All bill counter machines come with a stacker where individual or stacked bills are put. The machine then pulls the bills in one by one as it processes them. As it pulls them in, the bills interrupt a beam of light inside the device. This sensor enables the machine to create a count of the banknotes.

Counterfeit money scanner machines come with a UV money detector scanner. It relies on the fluorescent symbols and inscriptions bills found on money throughout the world to tell real from fake bills. This prinicple allows Kolibri Ace to discern fake bills.

Counterfeit money counter machines have made counting banknotes and detecting coutnerfeits one easier, faster and safer than ever before. While advanced mixed denomination bill counter and sorter models may offer more features for advanced users, Ace is one of the best money counters for small business as it offers advanced features such as the automatic counterfeit detector that can catch a coutnerfeit bill using magnetic and ultraviolet ink scanners. This money machine counter counts all bills, regarless of the country.

This is the best way to ensure your money is counted correctly with zero risk of a mistake or a counterfeit bill slipping past your employees. It is an absolute necessity for a small business.

With the Kolibri Ace money counter machines you can quickly and easily count stacks of 1500 bills at a time per minute. It offers additional features such as infrared, magnetic and UV counterfeit detection scanners.

Kolibri Ace offers a quick and easy way to shield your business from coutnerfeit money that is very present danger in today’s time. With its compact dimensions, retractable handle and durable build, you can carry the money counter wherever you need it, without worrying about damaging it. Finally, we offer a 1-year warranty to give you an extra layer of security.

The warranty we offer with every purchase of our Kolibri Ace automatic money counter covers any defects that occured during the manufacturing process. as well as any issues that occur during regular use, provided the users followed the written guidelines found in the manual.

However, if the performance issue occured due to improper use, tampering, mishandling or maintenance done by an unauthorized pary, the warranty will be void. The warranty doesn’t cover any issues related to foreign object damage (coins), improper transportation or storage and spilled liquids.

Kolibri offers a wide array of professionaly crafted products aimed at improving the productivity and security of your company.

One of our flagship models is the Kolibri Signature, a business-level mixed denomination bill counter and sorter equipped with advanced counterfeit detection sensors. It uses powerful ultraviolet and magnetic sensors to accurately identify any counterfeit bills that might find their way into the system. This can save your business from a lot of trouble and losses in the long run.

Kolibri Signature can count up to 1200 bills per minute and comes equipped with a batch mode that lets users batch the money in stacks of 10, 20, 25, 50, and 100 bills.

If you want to learn more about this and other products we offer, feel free to browse our website or contact us if you have any questions about our products, how they work and which one suits your needs the most.