Kolibri Cash Counter Machine

Cash Counter Machine With A UV Counterfeit Detector Backed By 1-year Warranty

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  • Purchase With Confidence Our 1-year warranty guarantees a safe investment.
  • Quck And Efficient: Even at 1000 bills per minute, Kolibri is able to detect counterfeit bills, double notes and chain notes.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Its sturdy metal make allows for easier maintenance and cleaning. The straight bill path design will guarantee your bills don't jam mid-count.
  • Easy To Use: Contains features such as automatic start, stopand clear error to make counting easier. Superior motors and sensors ensure no limits in terms of runtime.
  • Compact: Its 9 x 11 x 5 dimensions make it a perfect fit for any business, but not at the expense of durability.

Kolibri Money Counters And Sorters Make Money Counting Easier Than Ever

The Kolibri cash counter machines can count at an incredible speed of 1000 bills per minute. They contain advanced features such as the batch mode that lets you batch the bills in units of 10, 20, 25, 50, or 100. When it comes to counting money machines like this particular model can detect chain, double and half bills as well as counterfeit money using its UV sensor. Unlike most of the competition, we offer a full year warranty on the labor and parts.

All of the Kolibri money counters and sorters come in durable, easy to open packages without any unpleasant odors characteristic to low-end counters.

There are a lot of companies designing and making money counters and sorters, and even more bank money counter machine designs available on the market. This makes the simple question of “where to buy a money counter machine” all the more complicated to answer. Your choice will ultimately fall on answering a couple of questions. Do you need a big money counter for a large organization or a portable one you can easily move around. Do you need a money counter machine that adds up total for you or just a simple one that will display the number of notes counted? If you are considering purchasing one of our Kolibri money counters and sorters you can find more information on them in our FAQ sections.

With a lot of offers on the table, it might get difficult to choose or find a bank money counter machine that is reliable, durable and meets all your needs. There are many websites that offer very little details regarding the functionality of the money counters and basic ones such as counting speed, display size, additional features and other important information you need to make an educated decision. This is why Kolibri not only offers all the details you need to find a reliable money counter that will fit your purposes but a one-year warranty that will help you rest assured you’ve made a good decision.

This cash counter machine was designed to ease the task of counting cash bills much easier for stores, professionals and small businesses. When you insert a stack of bills in the bank money counter machine, it pulls them out one by one at incredible speed. As it does, it subjects the bills to an array of sensors it uses to determine how many bills were counted or whether the bills are counterfeit. Advanced models offer additional functionalities which is ideal if you need a money counter machine that adds up total for you – for example if you run an exchange offce.

Some of Kolibri’s main features are:

  • Kolibri Bill Counter can count money at high speeds and is very easy to operate.
  • Advanced money counters and sorters can make your business more efficient by offering additional features, improved efficiency, accuracy and speed. Kolbri offers an automatic start feature that can speed up your money counting process.
  • Kolibri money counter will help increase your productivity no matter the industry. Any restaurant, store, or beauty salon could benefit from using one.

The process of cleaning a Kolibri bank money counter machine is very easy and intuitive. First of all, find the ultraviolet sensor by locating the purble or blue light beams it radiates. Make sure to turn the device off and unplug the device before proceeding. Next, find the counting sensors located underneath the display.

Make sure to clean the sensors one at a time. Using a microfiber cloth wipe off the dust off the sensors and clean the rest with a compressed air can. Last of all, use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the sensors. You can find the additional details in our FAQ or the user manual.

Any business that deals with large amounts of cash on a regular basis needs reliable money counters and sorters to help improve the efficiency of their business. A lot of manufacturers on the market offer various bank money counter machine solutions, but not all of them will suit your purpose. That is why we recommend you do your reasearch before choosing the money counter that will help you perform your daily tasks most efficiently.

Kolibri USA uses vast experience and expertise in terms of money counter machines and counterfeit scanners to create cutting-edge automatic money counters that can easily detect a forged bill. Our models are created to fit different types of businesses through features like mixed denomination money counters and are made so that they are easy to understand and use.

All our models are covered by a one-year warranty that will ensure your long-term investment is smart. This is a guarantee against manufacturing defects and operation malfunctions.