All-In-One Coin Counter, Sorter and Roll Wrapper

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  • Durable and accurate the KCS-2000 counts, sort, and batches, your coins into preformed wrappers or sorts them into bins. With a hopper capacity of 2,000 coins, a bin capacity of 900 coins and a speed of 300 coins per minute, you can count on this counter to get the job done.
  • Accurately counts and sorts Dollar coins, Quarters, Nickels, Dimes, and Pennies. Sort into the included coin bins or coin tubes to roll the coins.
  • One-Touch tube batching technology. Simply press and hold "+" then start and watch the preformed wrappers fill up. Customize your batching to fill bins or wrappers at specific quantity and denomination.
  • In-Depth count details. Displaying the total value of the counted coins on the large LCD screen during the count. Denomination summaries can also easily be viewed on screen.

All-In-One Coin Counter, Sorter and Roll Wrapper

Economical and dependable, the KCS-2000 is a business grade coin counter, sorter, and wrapper. Easy to use and very effective when dealing with a lot of mix coins. Simply pour up to 2,000 coins into the large hopper and watch as the KCS-2000 counts and sorts them into appropriate bins or into preformed wrappers.

Operating at a speed of 300 coins a minute the machine accurately counts and sorts your coins while displaying the total value counted along with the quantity of each coin type on the screen during the count. Built to support US currency, the KCS-2000 counts Dollar coins, Quarters, Nickels, Dimes, and Pennies. Allowing for a bin capacity of 900 Dimes, 450 Nickels, 350 Quarters, 300 Pennies, and 130 Dollar coins.

Versatile in functionality the machine comes with bins when sorting is needed and coin tubes for easy batching into preformed wrappers. With the One-Touch tube batch setting technology, simply place the wrapper into the tube, press and hold the “+” button then start and watch the tubes fill up, the machine will automatically stop when a denomination reaches its designated wrapper capacity. Customize your batch settings so you can use both the coin bins and coin tubes at the same time, making coin rolls for some denominations while other coins are sorted into bins.

The KCS-2000 is backed by a one-year warranty, and comes with coin bins, and coin tubes.

All Kolibri products are supported by a dedicated team of technicians to assist you with any product related questions.

The Kolibri KCS-2000 is offered exclusively on our seller page through Amazon. View the latest information and sales page here: Kolibri KCS-2000.
The Kolibri KCS-2000 serial number is a string of numbers and letters unique to your unit that helps us identify your product and look up information regarding this specific product. Please look to the underside of your unit for the serial number.

An example serial number is shown below. The format will always be the same, 6 numbers, followed by β€˜KCS3’ and ending in 5 numbers: ######KCS3#####

The below cleaning guide is available as a printable document listed in the Documents section of this page.

KCS-2000 Cleaning Procedure

Kolibri suggests that the user cleans the unit at least once per week. For heavy use locations and operations, the user may clean the unit daily to avoid heavy buildup that may cause improper operation. When the unit is not in use, Kolibri suggests that the user covers the unit with a dust cover.

There are 2 main reasons why a unit would jam:

  • There are too many coins in the hopper, or a foreign object block the paddle drive to rotate. In this situation, turn off the machine and remove manually the coins from the hopper and the foreign object if any.
  • There is a foreign object on the distribution plate inside the machine. To resolve it, turn off the machine. Remove the three housing screws and carefully lift up the housing (refer to section 3.1 of the user manual). Remove any foreign objects or coins from the distribution plate (refer to section 3.1 of the user manual). Turn the unit on and restart counting.

The KCS-2000 coin tubes allow you to sort coins directly into preformed paper bank roll wrappers. To use the coin tube attachments, perform the following steps:

1. Press and hold the β€˜β€™+’’ button for three seconds until β€˜β€™L’’ is shown on the display to program automatically each coin denomination for bank coin roll amounts.

2. Remove the coin tray(s) for the denomination coins that will be using coin tubes.

3. Insert the appropriate preformed paper wrapper completely into the tube with the crimped side on the bottom.

4. Attach the coin tubes to the KCS-2000 by gently sliding each tube into the proper slot in the base of the machine.Β For more details look at the section 2.6 of the user manual.