All-Orientation 2-in-1 Counterfeit Money Detector and Bill Counter with UV, MG and IR Detection

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  • Uses advanced ultraviolet, magnetic ink, infrared and size detection methods to defend against potential counterfeit bills.
  • Easy for anyone to use thanks to the 4-orientation counterfeit detection: Can verify a bill in any of the 4 orientations possible for instant verification.
  • Takes security one step further: clearly confirms the denomination of the bill on its TFT screen to protect against bleached bills.
  • Counts and defends against fake bills and displays the full count report by denomination on-screen.
  • Fits easily near crowded cash registers thanks to its compact, lightweight design.

Protect your business from counterfeit money with the KCD-2000 2-in-1 Counterfeit Money Detector

The KCD-2000 makes use of a multitude of detection methods to ensure the cash your business receives from customers Is authentic. Far more effective than a simple pen or UV lamp, the KCD-2000 features systems that check the bill for ultraviolet, magnetic ink, infrared and size security features to ensure it is authentic US currency. In addition to powerful counterfeit detection capabilities, the KCD-2000 offers simple user-friendly operation. The KCD-2000 can verify bills in all 4 orientations to save time and eliminate the frustration of false rejects due to an incorrect orientation insertion.

The large and clear TFT display with the intuitive control panel make the KCD-2000™ the perfect product for efficient cash counting and counterfeit detection.

The large, TFT display also shows the denomination of the bill on its screen to defend against bill bleaching schemes that may try to pass off a $1 as a $100. In addition to counterfeit detection, the KCD-2000 also counts the number and the value of bills that have been scanned and displays the full count by denomination on a specific on-screen report. This compact counterfeit detector fits easily in any point of sale environment. For fast, easy defense against counterfeit money, add the KCD-2000 to your business.

Today, high-quality printers can be bought on the cheap in most computer stores. This enables even unskilled counterfeiters to print out basic fraudulent bills that still look authentic enough to pass cursory inspection. These counterfeit banknotes are then mixed with regular notes, making them impossible to detect without the aid of an automatic counterfeit detector and a reliable bill counter.

A counterfeit detection pen is a simple device that uses an iodine solution to spot these low-quality forgeries. When the iodine solution touches the starch in wood-based paper that is commonly used with consumer printers, it forms a visible black stain, which is a telltale sign of a counterfeit bill. However, the pen has major drawbacks, such as its inability to detect forgeries that are printed on non-wood based paper. Another one is that it’s only convenient to use if you’re checking a small number of banknotes.

On the other hand, an automatic money counter and counterfeit detector like the KCD-2000 is able to rapidly detect counterfeit banknotes, utilizing magnetic ink, ultraviolet, and infrared detection systems. This combination of dependability and convenience, when using both a quality bill counter and an automatic counterfeit detector like the KCD-2000, is vital to any business that receives cash payments on a daily basis.

Here at Kolibri USA, we draw on our expertise in counterfeit detection technologies and automated bill counting to bring you a catalog of top-of-the-line, competitively priced money counter and counterfeit note detector solutions. Whether you’re the owner of a small dispensary or a large convenience store, you will find a Kolibri counterfeit detector and mixed denomination currency value counter that fits your needs and price range.

You can buy it online! Just make sure that you purchase a top-quality device you can rely on. The Kolibri KCD-2000 is a premier counterfeit detector that adds extra convenience thanks to its ability to correctly scan a bill regardless of which side it’s inserted in. It weighs 1.3 lbs (0.59kg), and its dimensions are 6.9” x 5” x 3.2” (175mm x 128mm x 81mm). The KCD-2000 automatic counterfeit detector, which can also function as a bill counter, can be ordered online, via the Kolibri USA website. We will redirect you to Amazon.com so you can make the purchase.

It does. Like other Kolibri products, the KCD-2000 comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty protects the owner against manufacturing defects, and unit-related failures that occur during normal operation while observing the specific guidelines outlined in the product manual.

The warranty doesn’t cover errors and failures that happen due to tampering, mishandling, improper use, and unauthorized opening and maintenance. We are also not liable for any damage or malfunction that occurs as a result of mishaps such as spilled drinks, incorrect storing and transportation, or foreign object damage. The price of shipping the unit to Kolibri’s technical service center isn’t covered by this warranty.

    • Kolibri USA counterfeit detector devices are an effective and convenient solution for any business that regularly processes cash payments. These products boast attractive features, such as light weight and durable and compact design.
    • Combined with a cash drop safe or a large cash box in store, this automatic counterfeit detector from Kolibri is a product that promises lasting functionality. It’s all you need to successfully run a business such as a dispensary, salon, or restaurant of any size.

Not sure which product would be best for your business? Perhaps a Kolibri mixed denomination currency value counter with counterfeit detection would better serve your purpose? Reach out to Kolibri USA today and allow us to give you answer to these and other questions you may have. We will offer you a solution that fits your needs and price range.