All-Orientation 2-in-1 Counterfeit Money Detector and Bill Counter with UV, MG and IR Detection



  • Uses advanced ultraviolet, magnetic ink, infrared and size detection methods to defend against potential counterfeit bills.
  • Easy for anyone to use thanks to the 4-orientation counterfeit detection: Can verify a bill in any of the 4 orientations possible for instant verification.
  • Takes security one step further: clearly confirms the denomination of the bill on its TFT screen to protect against bleached bills.
  • Counts and defends against fake bills and displays the full count report by denomination on-screen.
  • Fits easily near crowded cash registers thanks to its compact, lightweight design.

Protect your business from counterfeit money with the KCD-2000 2-in-1 Counterfeit Money Detector

The KCD-2000 makes use of a multitude of detection methods to ensure the cash your business receives from customers Is authentic. Far more effective than a simple pen or UV lamp, the KCD-2000 features systems that check the bill for ultraviolet, magnetic ink, infrared and size security features to ensure it is authentic US currency. In addition to powerful counterfeit detection capabilities, the KCD-2000 offers simple user-friendly operation. The KCD-2000 can verify bills in all 4 orientations to save time and eliminate the frustration of false rejects due to an incorrect orientation insertion.

The large and clear TFT display with the intuitive control panel make the KCD-2000™ the perfect product for efficient cash counting and counterfeit detection.

The large, TFT display also shows the denomination of the bill on its screen to defend against bill bleaching schemes that may try to pass off a $1 as a $100. In addition to counterfeit detection, the KCD-2000 also counts the number and the value of bills that have been scanned and displays the full count by denomination on a specific on-screen report. This compact counterfeit detector fits easily in any point of sale environment. For fast, easy defense against counterfeit money, add the KCD-2000 to your business.