Point-of-Sale Drop Safe with All-Steel Construction and Under Counter Installation

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  • Discretely and securely store the cash your business generates at the point of sale– easily within reach while out of your customers’ sight!
  • Cash drops easily into the safe with the pull of the lever. Innovative spring-loaded receiver avoids jams for quick retrieval at the end of the day.
  • Included bracket installs easily under the counter. Safe slides smoothly into the shelf bracket before being securely locked in place.
  • Strong, all-steel casing ensures your money is well protected– with no weak plastic parts!
  • Two-step security system: safe must be first unlocked and removed from shelf bracket then opened in rear to access cash. Includes 4 keys.

Safely and securely store the cash your business generates right at the point of sale with the Kolibri Point-of-Sale Drop Safe. This drop safe includes a shelf bracket to install right under the counter near the cash register or any area where cash is collected.

When ready to add bills to the safe, just drop them in the cash slot and push the lever– it’s now securely stored in the safe and out of the line of sight of customers.

The Kolibri Point-of-Sale Drop Safe is designed with an innovative spring-loaded receiving system to ensure dropped bills are stored cleanly and without jams.

An all-steel construction ensures that money is stored with the utmost security.

The two-step security system provides an additional layer of protection: the safe must first be unlocked from the installed shelf bracket, then the rear lock must be opened to access stored cash. Includes shelf bracket, drop safe and four keys.