2-in-1 Counterfeit Money Detector and Bill Counter with UV, MG and IR Detection

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  • Protects your business from counterfeit money! Uses advanced ultraviolet, magnetic ink and infrared detection methods to defend against potential counterfeit bills.
  • Takes security one step further: clearly confirms the denomination of the bill on its LCD screen to protect against bleached bills.
  • Counts in addition to defending against fake bills. Included Add mode keeps a count of the number of bills checked.
  • Easy for anyone to use: includes a clear guide for the needed direction for bills to be inserted.
  • Fits easily near crowded cash registers thanks to its compact, lightweight design.

Protect your business from counterfeit money with the Kolibri Bishop™ 2-in-1 Counterfeit Money Detector! The Bishop™ makes use of a multitude of detection methods to ensure the cash your business receives from customers Is authentic.

Far more effective than a simple pen or UV lamp, the Bishop™ features systems that check the bill for ultraviolet, magnetic ink and infrared security features to ensure it is authentic US currency.

The large, LCD display also shows the denomination of the bill on its screen to defend against bill bleaching schemes that may try to pass off a $1 as a $100. In addition to counterfeit detection, the Bishop™ also counts the number of bills that have been scanned and displays the count clearly in the lower right corner of the screen. Measuring just 6.3”L x 5.7”W x 2.7”H, this compact counterfeit detector fits easily in any point of sale environment.

For fast, easy defense against counterfeit money, add the Kolibri Bishop to your business!

Kolibri Bishop is designed to be reliable and to work right out of the box. That being said, as with all devices that have mechanical parts, making sure to regularly remove dust from the sensors will prolong the unit’s service life and ensure smooth sailing and accurate operation.

Take an air duster and insert its nozzle about 1/4 inch through the front bill insertion slot, then blow away whatever dust or dirt may have accumulated inside the device. Take care not to insert the nozzle further than 1/4 inch into the Bishop as that risks damaging the sensor mechanisms.

Yes. The Kolibri Bishop comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and device-related failures that happen during normal use while following the guidelines specified in the user manual.

The warranty doesn’t protect against errors and failures that occur due to tampering, improper use, mishandling, unauthorized maintenance, and unauthorized disassembly. Kolibri Bishop warranty also doesn’t cover damage from accidents such as falls, spilled drinks, improper transportation and storing, and foreign object damage. Finally, the warranty doesn’t cover the cost of shipping to Kolibri’s Technical Service Center.

The Kolibri Bishop product box contains the Kolibri Bishop counterfeit detector, the DC power converter with AC power cord, and a printed user manual.

Plain and simple, the counterfeit detector pen is not a valid test for fake bills so you may be faced with false results. If you are still interested in buying the counterfeit pen, we want to give you a deeper insight into how the pen works and what its downsides are so you can make an informed decision.

    • Modern banknotes have a number of complex anti-counterfeiting security features. Take the recent $20 bills as an example. The number 20 in the bill’s lower right corner is written in color-change ink. There’s also the watermark, the extremely closely spaced lines behind Andrew Jackson’s face, micro-writing, and the security strip embedded in the paper.
    • The counterfeit banknote detector pen is a fairly simple device that utilizes an iodine solution and creates a black stain when it reacts with the starch in wood-based paper. Some people might consider it a convenient solution for counterfeit-detection purposes. However, nowadays, counterfeit bills are made using starch-free paper, which renders the pen ineffective.
    • Of course, the best way for a store clerk to check for all security features is to use the Kolibri Bishop money counter and counterfeit detector, or a related product such as the Kolibri Knight bill counter, the ACE bill counter or perhaps the Rook bill counter with counterfeit detection.

Counterfeit detector pens require no special training to use. Just place the bill on a flat, hard surface, remove the safety cap from the pen, and draw a line on the bill’s surface. If the banknote is counterfeit, the iodine will immediately react with the starch and leave a visible mark.

A word of warning before you go out and buy a detector pen: these pens are only effective against low-quality, low-effort counterfeit bills that are printed on basic paper like the one used in photocopiers.

If the banknote is real, no mark will appear. However, if the counterfeit banknote uses fiber-based paper, the detector pen will be unable to detect it. Because of this, it’s advisable to use money counting machines that can detect counterfeit bills, such as the Bishop bill counter.

There are many reasons why you should have a counterfeit bill detector. As a business owner, you want to protect your company, and this includes safeguarding your employees, your customers, and your profits.

In order to do so, you need to minimize the risk of fraud – by relying on the right counterfeit technology. To accurately detect advanced counterfeits, you will require a tried-and-true money counter and counterfeit note detector such as the Kolibri Bishop, the Rook bill counter with advanced counterfeit detection or our Signature mixed denomination bill counter with a variety of features you can depend on.